Leg pain


I've had severe pain in my right calf and foot for the last 13 months .It only affects me after walking,initialy

it was about 300 yards now it comes on after about 100 yards.I have had tests for ciculation and an MRI

scan for stenosis both were negative. I was sent for a nerve conduction test where I was told I had mild

neuropathy and am now taking the maximum dose of gabbapentin which after 6 weeks is having no effect whatever on the pain it seems to be getting worse.I have now been referee to the pain clinic.but that's not for 2 months.I feel as though I've been abandoned.

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  • You do need to go back to your GP and ask to try a different pain medication just until your appointment comes through .


  • Hi Dee

    Thanks for your response.I have asked my GP to change my medication but as I have only been taking gabbapentin for 6 weeks he considers it not long enough for it to be effective. He's given me another month's supply 3600. mg per day.My big problem is I'm not convinced the leg pains are caused by neuropathy having been told I only have mild neuropathy.all I have read about neuropathic pain nobody describes the pain coming on after walking. My GP says if it is muscular pain the gabapentin at that dose would have eased the pain.So he won't refer me to a muscular clinic .I really don't know what to think.At the moment I feel like an invalid I really need to walk because I had a heart attack 12 years ago.

    Thanks again for your reply


  • I have a pain in my leg that started around 2 months ago when I have walked for around 100 yards on the pavement. True I usually go out in my 'chariot'. In me it is the tendon. I am sure of it. Massage helps and though I can't take any painkillers, I am trying to stretch it daily as much as I can. I don't know but am thinking the calf tendon Achilles, is trying to get shorter as that is what it feel like. I personally don't bother GP's as there is little they can do for me. Having said that, if you are suffering and can take meds then I advise to go back and let 'him' know.

  • Hi

    Thank you for responding.Yes you are probably right.Gabapentin are not working.hope you find some relief for your leg pain.


  • Aren't these classic signs for Sciatica? I'm no medic but sounds the same as happened to me, and acutely if held standing still in a queue. I drive, and had my car fitted with a hand control so that in situations when keeping the accelerator down (or repeated shifting accross to the brake in Town) became painful I can use my fingers instead. Made a great difference along with keeping shoe tied loose. The pain in my foot sometimes seemed as if my foot was in a scalding hot sock! Also had nerve block of doubtful advantage and prescription Co-codemol on hand if things get bad.

    I found the diagrams helpful in understanding that Sciatica follows one or more of several paths ...


    Hope it points you in the right direction.

  • Hi Stephen.

    Thanks for your comments.I had an MRI scan which ruled

    out spinal stenosis so they ruled out sciatica too.

    I do not have any pain in my everyday things I do ie around the house.My severe pains in my legs and feet only come on after I've walked about 100 yards.


  • Your symptoms are very similar to mine and I'm on Gabbapentin...which doesn't appear to make any difference. A year ago I was able to walk 5km a day, not without pain but with pain that was bearable. The pain was a caused by cludication or a lack of oxygen to the muscle causing lactic acid to build up. Initially A vascular blockage was suspected but subsequently ruled out, then a potential spinal problem but that too has been ruled out. Next stop neurology. The pain has progressed and moved to my lower leg and foot and I can't walk 100m now, and I've just bought a pair of crutches to help. There is numbness in my foot which can be bought on by laying flat or elivating my leg which to me indicates a physical cause. I was referred for physio, but in the absence of any diagnosis they simply don't know what to treat and came up with their own diagnosis of compartment syndrome...even I known it isn't that. My GP thinks peripheral neuropathy, I think not because while I have neurological symptoms, the primary cause of pain is a form of claudication which due to no treatment has resulted in additional nerve damage. The frustration in all of this is in not being treated as a whole person or as a complete system and the NHS approach to my MUPS situation simply isn't in joined up writing and my fear is that I will end up with permanent nerve damage due to the amount of time it takes to undertake the consecutive approach to diagnosis. There is a good chance that I may never get a diagnosis which also makes successfull pain management unlikely. I am looking at accupuncture now...it certainly can't do any harm.

  • Hello.

    Thanks for your comments,I'm sorry you've got the same symptoms as I have.I know exactly how you feel. You are the first

    person I've come across who knows what I have been going through.

    I went for my follow up appointment with the neurologist on Friday,he had my blood sample results.What he told me was

    that I am deficient in vitamin B12 and I will have some injections

    of the vitamin and this will substantially reduce the pains in my leg and foot although it may not completely cure it.I hope this helps you.It's the first glimmer of hope I've had.


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