seven years of hell

7 years ago I underwent ESWL (shockwave lithotripsy) and had a urethral stent placed for 2 weeks, for an abundance of large kidney stones on both the right and left sides..the procedure was repeated on the left side 30 days after the initial procedure. According to the urologist the stent was suposed to be somewhat uncomfortable.however it was unbearable! I could hardly walk..when i called the office they gave me antispasmotics and refused to remove it saying it was necessary. I was basically bedridden for two weeks!

After the removal of the stent I began to notice that the right side of my torso was more concaved than the left and that I had a pulling sensation in that area I asked the dr and he said he did not notice any difference and that there was most likely swelling still present from the procedure.

about a month after the initial procedure I also started noticing the muscle on the right side of my back looked different, instead of being smooth it was more like a chord bunched up alongside my spine. My dr advised PT I did 6 weeks with no improvement the only relief obtained was when the therapist pulled very hard on my right leg, at this point the right side of my body felt as though it was being squished upward into my chest cavity.

I was sent to GI specialists, Neurologists, Orthopaedics, another urologist and no time has gone on the symptoms have worsened and I now have bilateral SI pain, lower back pain, i feel as though my ascending colon is always bloated and full creating pressure on my side and in addition I have a constant pulling feeling of my intestines. Of late there has been a new feeling up under my ribs it feels as though someone is stabbing me, it lasts about 3 min. and happens several times a day with no trigger noted.

The first 5 years I was on 500 mg of tramadol which did nothing, I have been on gabapenten, lyrica, neurotin (i know they are all the same but the dr. tried them all anyway) effexor, cymbalta, I have had denervations, epidurals used TeNs machines, chiropractic (is helpful for about 1 day) numerous PT bouts all with no relief.

Has anyone else experienced this? and if so what was the solution? I'm just watching my life go by...I am now 50urs. old this started when 43! I have lost so much time with my children and grandchild...please someone help me get my life back!


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  • my goodness i see you wrote this 5 hours ago and not had anyone reply yet.although i cant say i have undergone anything like this i just thought i should say hello as you will probably be hoping for a reply from someone and im sure someone will be along soon who has undergone something similiar. . This all sounds so horrendous and i just wanted to say hello and welcome you to this forum. I do know what pain is like and not getting to the bottom of it as well. as i had an illness roughly 10 years ago that was very debilitating and my doctor said i dont know what you'v got but you'v got it bad and i was sent home with ibuprofren. my legs had all swollen up and has bright red dots all over them and my joints were purple. i could hardly walk or even lift my arms to get my coat on. i later found out from the internet after typing in my symptoms that i had cryoglobulinema. rheumatoid arthritis, and vasculitis It was a secondary illness caused by something else i had. this was a very painful and worrying period for me. i had hep c. once i started the treatment for that the cryo and everthing else cleared, although i still have arthritis but nothing like it was. It was a very worrying time for me to say the least and i was very angry and in terrible pain too. i do hope that they get to the bottom of this i can only wish you well and i hope someone will be along soon although i hate to think of more people being in your position. i wish you the very best. lots of love grace xoxoxo

  • See a sports massage therapist. You have symptoms of over contracted muscles. The over contracted muscles need to be lengthened out. Lengthening out over contracted muscles can be a painful process.

  • How do they do that? I will see if we have one in our area....thanks for the suggestion

  • Lisa

    I am unsure what constitutes medical negligence, but your experiences could possibly make interesting reading for a lawyer specialising in these cases.

    I am extremely loathe to suggest this as a course of action, but it may kick start a process which will lead to some resolution of your difficulties.

    Good Luck


  • from what I understand Jim, after 7 years there is no liability on the physicians part..and I'm not sure they would consider this negligence because the doctors have sent me to numerous specialist; just have not received any answers or solutions until a month ago when my regular doctor said that it is most likely due to the lithotripsy procedures...which is what I had been saying all along and she as well as the other physicians have said no...I find it frustrating that now that the window for legal action is closed all of a sudden it's due to that procedure

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