pain right side up rib cage

I have been having pain up the right side of my rib cage but it starts with an ache in the right side of my lower back . I have had a scan which says I have small gallstones but because the pain was awful I went to see a surgeon who says my symptoms was not typical of someone with gallstones and said it was connected to my back. That was about 2 years ago I still get this pain which can be very intense and even find it hurts to breath. I take pain relief to keep it at bay and find I have to relax in order for it to die off but it seems to be occurring more and more. I don't want to go back to the doctor as I am feeling a bit of a hypochondriac but I am starting to get worried about this situation as I never know when its going to happen

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  • try and keep a note of when the pain comes on. for instance is it after food. where exactly is the pain. is it between your shoulders? is it anywhere else at all? is it under the rib cage. you have to try to think of the symptoms and say as exact as you can. i'v had my gallbladder out but never had lower back pain . it was up between my shoulders and on the top of my shoulder and after i'd eaten to begin with then it was there most of the time. also felt a lot of nausea. have you looked at the symptoms of gallstones? does it sound like the same symptoms. and why hasnt the doctor sent you to see someone about your need to have it confirmed that you have back pain, have you asked him what you can do to find out what is causing this pain as there are people here on the forum who have had pain and problmes and were palmed of by their doctors and told to go on diets and things and many years later after all the doctors visits they have landed up in hospital with liver problems and gallbladder removal. so dont just be palmed of with a diagnosis of back pain. ask where you can go to get help for this back pain, its not right that you have had this for two years already and find it painful to breath you must get to the bottom of this. dont be afraid to ask your doctor to send you somewhere to find out about this pain. as another few years down the line it could be you next getting some kind of liver pain and gallstone removal. there are people who are shocked and very upset that they were not listend to and taken more seriously so please do not let this happen to you. if you can get rid of the pain by relaxing then thats good but get it checked out properly. all the best love grace xoxoxo

  • thank you for you time and advise its much appreciated

  • hi i just want to say that your not a hypochondriac and thats what the doctor is there for. all the best to you.

  • Pain on the right side of the chest can be an indication of gallbladder issues.

  • See a chiropractor for their take. Then see the doctor.

    Hope this is helpful.

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