Denervation. Worried like hell !!

Would really appreciate feedback a.s.a.p. I am due to go in for Day Surgery Mon for denervation on facet and sacroilliac joint (s). The pain I am in daily is indescribable though it is akways at its worst in bed. I am lucky if I get a full 2 hours sleep every night. As I have had over 20 operations for separate problems over the course of the last 25 years I get more and more anxious every time I need an Op. But this is worse - because I have to be awake !! I had the anti-infalmatory/steroid injections and despite Entinox I was in excrutiating pain having them. The Consultant performing the denervation has already told me this procedure will be much more painful than the first and that he has to do at least 10 injections so I am bricking it !!! I have already cancelled once but it was only this morning that I made my mind up to get it done otherwise I am going to stuck like this. I already suffer with Osteoporosis and Osteoporosis and suffer with alot of pain in all joints esp my legs. I don't want anyone to sugar-coat their response I just want to know how painful I can expect it to be although everyone is different. My pain threshold is usually v.high but the first lot of injections were agony so have left me v.v.anxious about Mon. My Consultant has also told me it's going to take at least an hour to complete the denervation. Pls pls let me know your experience. Forewarned is forearmed.

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  • Hi E, I think some of these consultants are actually sadists! I've had lots of these things done and the techniques used and results are very different! The last denervation I had WA in two parts. The first I had an anaesthetist present and he scared the bejesus out of me beforehand - so much I felt like running away! In the event he gave me so much sedation I didn't feel or remember a thing but got a great result ... The second time the consultant did a diy and gave me way too much juice so I zonked out completely with less of a result. 5 years ago I had just the injections done by a sadist who created so much tension in the theatre and hurt me so much I was out of my mind. Please know that you can DEMAND adequate sedation so that there is a balance between what you are able to tell the consultant to help him/her and the pain you feel! Once they have found the spot they should give you more sedation... You don't need to be on red alert for this procedure or suffer! Best wishes πŸ˜œπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanx SO much for reply. Made me laugh :-D !!! But has also reassured me. My consultant has said he cannot promise me sedation and even if he can it'd be minimal as they need my response when doing procedure. I take Morphine and Diazepam so have high tolerance to most drugs so nothing short of a Horse tranqilizer is going to knock me out !!! Where most be people go out with a little sedation, it'd take a huge dose to even make me relax. And Entinox is useless. I am wobbling again as thinking I can't go through with it. IF I do I can see me bolting off the table and legging it if the pain is too much !! Damn straight !!! But on the flip side I have suffered with this for a year and what with all my other health problems I find myself thinking about ways to 'top' myself daily. God, I can barely stand to press lightly on the lower right of my back - how the hell am I going to cope with the dude sticking a needle in it ?!!! The first diagnostic injections had me crying out in pain the whole time. These are going to be much worse. Wish I had the Drs u had. Apart from Dr.Sadism that is ;-) !!! Thanx tho for taking the time to reply. Feel better for knowing a bit more and what I can scream for !! :-D x

  • I really feel for you. It is so stressful going through all this and you don't even know what the result will be. They only need your attention when they place the needles via xray guidance and then they should offer sedation while they heat the nerves - use your slow breathing to try to stay more calm - easier said than done i know. It really shouldnt be any worse than what you had before.. Oh and drink a bit more water than usual the night before to keep yourself well hydrated. I was a bit stressed the night before so I might have had a sneaky glass of wine but that bit me in the arse as they had trouble getting the needle in... ;)

    I do hope it goes well for you - it is always worse in anticipation... keep us posted how you get on... and it may work! Oh joy... :)

  • I'm so sorry that you have to go through this but try not to bottle out. Just think, if it is effective then you will be so much more comfortable. I know it's easy for me to say (I'd be completely bricking it too). My suggestion would be to share your utter fear with the anesthetist. Perhaps they don't realise the full extent of your fear. Deep down they are clever people and let's hope they can give you some sedation. Ketamine could be an option. Just put your cards on the table and discuss it with them, they are pain specialists after all. Still, easy for me to say. Good luck! I will be thinking of you on Monday. Let us know how you get on x

  • The trick is not to get too tensed up as this will give you more pain. They will talk you through everything as they go along. Try to focus on something else while they're doing it and try to relax and let them take control. Just remember that they've done this procedure many times before. If your in excruciating pain already you may find that when it's all over it wasn't as bad as you thought. Just look forward to the possible relief you'll get if it works. Don't forget, keep calm and focus. You'll be fine. X

  • I ve had it 5 times all without sedation, I'm not gonna lie it hurts, but with my first one I got a full year without pain, so well worth it, sadly I never got any results with the rest , My leg was a it numb after, and it was sore to sit but were used to that aren't we

    Good look hope you get a good result

  • If there is time you could ask your GP for Valium which will help with the pain as being relaxed reduces pain.

    I had to have sedation as I couldn't manage all of mine due to not managing the pain. I am rather pathetic as far as pain goes though.

    Best of luck


  • I hope all of you wonderful people who replied can read this post. You are all wonderful caring people. Never forget that !! I feel much more informed and know what I can ask/demand forin terms of sedation. Both Consultants I've seen looked at me as if I had asked that a celebrity perform the procedure and not for just a little respite during it =-O !!! I have just oneore question to ask of you fab people. Did anything help u atall before u had this done ? I used to take Morohine SRT - useless. I may aswell have substituted them for tic tacs for all the relief I got , seriously :-D !!! Tramadol, same. No help atall. I take Oramorph but that only gi ves me temporary pain relief most times. I take regularly - Diazepam, Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Ibuprofen and Co Codamol. And yeah, I rattle :-D !!! Because I have Osteoporosis and Osteoarthritis, which is also present in my back, my Dr gives me nothing apart from Calcium tabs. Pain clinic were horrified but thats my Dr for u - he's a useless fool !! I asked him whether seeing a Chiropractor wld help. He said not. What do u think ? I am just looking for any other options that may help with this condition. Being a chicken is incurable I think :-D:-D:-D !!! Otherwise I am just going to have to bite the bullet snd pitch up Mon. But not before I've had at least 12-15mg of Diazepam. I'm not joking !! Big healibg hugs to you all. SO glad I came across this site. What a Godsend !! xxx

  • Hi E, I think you're going to have to wait and see how you are after the denervation. A lot of people here will tell you what drugs they take and you're going to have to try different things to find a good fit for you. Also, you may have to accept that some pain will remain. I still live in pain but after injections am more mobile but with pain... Also I would NOT recommend chiropractors. They might be good for acute short lived problems but in my experience can make things worse ... If you get a good result from this procedure - give yourself a full month to decide if it has helped and then think of some specialist movement programme and massage perhaps... You could google things like 'yoga for healthy backs', Alexander technique, feldenkreis, tai chi - these are all about getting back good movement with awareness thus reducing pain... And of course many people on here regularly practice mindfulness/meditation techniques to overcome the negatives of living with pain... Best wishes πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜œπŸ€•πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

    Oh and my personal fav is wine! πŸ€—

  • U crack me up BB :-D !! I'm tee-total now so unfortunately I can't have a glass of wine tho sometimes I think I cld quite easily clamber over a mountain of babies to get to one :-D:-D:-D:-D !! But ur advice, as per, is gr8. Think I've got to adopt a bit more P.M.A and grow a pair aswell !! If this works for at least 50% of the pain I will be a v.happy bunny. And then will look into relaxation and pain-coping strategies. I will look into the methods you've kindly listed. Def going to neck a few Diaz before I go in Monday. Big hugs to u. xx

  • E, my back bloke said to take some Diaz (not Cameron lol) before the procedure but not to say he told me so... big hugs - you don't have to grow a pair - sounds like you have plenty already! This IS stressful. πŸ˜œπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ·

  • Lmao :-D:-D:-D !!! Thanx for the advice. Ur Dr is safe. I normally take 10-12mg Diaz in a day but decided that I'm going to take that amount Mon a.m. Told my mum. She proper flipped. Says if they do sedate me, what I take may interfere or have complications with what they give me. But then she's not having it done. I'm so hardened to prescribed Meds that it'd take alot to cause me problems ! Besides if they give me naff all then I'm screwed so going to do it my way. Long as I'm able to bolt out of there shld it get too much then its all good. Watch this space ! Nxt post will probs be titled ' I killed a theatre full of Drs cos they proper hurt me ' :-D:-D:-D:-D:-D !!! Ur the best ! :-P. xx

  • Hi Ellekaye

    I'm really feeling your worries over this. I've had this done. Once without sedation, the second time was with sedation. There's no way you have to go through thus awake. Insist on a sedation. They have the medication there to help you in any way they can. I'd ring them asap and tell them you want a sedation and won't have it done without one.. If they cannot accommodate you on this, have it done at a different hospital. Please do not worry. You don't have to have this done fully awake

    Sarah xx

  • Thanx Sarah. Problem is that the 2 consultants I've seen (bottled out once and cancelled it !!!) have said they cannot promise sedation as I expressed this wish clearly, because it all depends on whether an anaesthetist is working at that time. Entinox is useless for relief. But so glad u put what u did cos if they say they can't then I will see if I can get it done somewhere else. They also seem anti sedation cos they keep saying they need me alert as poss so they know they're in the right place so I'm not holding my breath on them being particularly helpful. Maybe the ones I see just get off on seeing people in pain ;-) !! Decided to take a good dose of Diazepam b4 I go in. Won't tell them that tho. Thanx for ur advice. Big hugs. xx

  • Hi Ellekaye

    I'm pleased you're taking matters into you're on hands with the diazi's. I'd need about 40mgs to be happy about it. I've had two denervations. The first was under mild sedation but they didn't take into account the fact I'm on 200ml of morphine anyway so it takes a lot to sedate me, it was so horrific that I've got ptsd from it. The second one, they gave me four times the amount of sedation and I was happy as Larry :-). Very best of luck for Monday. Pop your pills and be happy :-)

    Sarah xx

  • Thanx Sarah. I'm like you. i have a v.high tolerance to most drugs. I was on 90mg of Morphine S.R.T a day. But weren't doing anything for pain so came off them in the space of a week !! The mire G.A's I have akways takes that little bit longer to knock me out each time. I take Oramorph aswell as Co.Cod so I think I am going to have to self-medicate b4 I go in Mon. Can't run the risk of them not being able to offer me anything other than Entinox. Ur words have been a BIG help. Will put a post up Mon night/Tues a.m to let all u gr8 people know how it went. Sending u big healing hugs hun. Moany Me :-D xx

  • Moan all you like hun. We're all here in the same boat. IN PAIN! No one thinks anyone is just moaning for the he'll of it. I'm glad I'm of some help and please do let us all know how you got on. Take your time to recover first though. Worry about us once you feel "better" hopefully. Best of luck πŸ€

    We'll be thinking of you

    Sarah xx

  • I have no experience of this but just want to wish you all the best for tmrw x

  • Thankyou SO much !! Means alot. I am like an emotional yo-yo a.t.m. But despite the nerves and being so afraid I just can't wait to be free of this God awful pain. Haven't had a proper nites sleep for a year so that alone will be a novelty. People on here have been fantastic witj their advice, experiences and support. SO glad I found this site. Will post an update soon as I am over the trauma of it all. Thanx again for the reply. Big healing hug for u. XX

  • Hi Ellekaye

    I don't expect you to be online tonight but I just wanted to send you some gentle hugs and best wishes for your back procedure today. I really hope it wasn't as traumatic as you were imagining and hopefully by the morning you will be up and about.

    Sarah xx

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