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Having Worse Pain After EMG & Nerve Conduction Test

I am 23 years old and have been suffering with chronic pain since I was 16 due to a bad car accident. I had a EMG and Nerve conduction study done two days ago and ever since I have been in even worse pain then before. The test itself wasn't all that bad, except when they did my right leg, but nothing is helping ease this pain. It is a bad shooting pain all on my left side from my lower back, to my hip, all the way down my leg. Has anyone experienced this and if so how can I get some relief? I have a pretty high pain tolerance since iv delt with pain for most of my life but pain medicine isn't even helping. Iv been laying on a heating pad but that isn't helping either..

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Not sure if this fits or not blove1993, but accidents that cause neck or head injury can sometimes bring on Low thyroid (Hypothyroidism) which in turn can cause chronic pain if the low thyroid is not diagnosed or if under treated.

Also taking a good safe high dose of vitamin D3 got rid of my lower back pain, hip and leg pains (and more) almost over night. 85% of us here in UK are either low or deficient in vitamin D and most do not know it.

Also you mention nerve pain any nerve pain I would also be checking out my vitamin B12 blood levels too.

Low thyroid, low or deficient Vitamin D and B12 often go hand in hand.


Thank you sooo much. I will try to get my doctor to order some test. Unfortunately he isn't a great doctor so he hasn't found why I am in so much pain. He is pretty much giving up.


An idea only blove1993,

Most 'Thyroid UK' members, here on another community on Health Unlocked, get into a habit of asking our Doctors for a printout of our bloods and ranges (for our own records.) We then post up the bloods result and ranges onto 'Thyroid UK' for other members to help us forward when their own Doctors have let them down. Thyroid UK has helped many in my family, we would still be ill if it wasn't for Thyroid Uk and a few other HU forums. I use to rely 100% on Doctors, but not any more.

Oh! and you can get private tests done easily and a nurse can even call at your home too, if you don't get any joy elsewhere. We have used these and it was well worth working it out ourselves in the end.


I have severe spinal and leg pain too and in all honesty nothing really helps that much. I am on SR morphine and oral morphine at night (technically I could also take it during the day but I'd be out of it mentally if I did). I do find massaging Ibuprofen gel into my legs and lower back helps a little - possibly more psychologically soothing than physically . It's not a solution just a tiny help. Alternating hot and cold packs also help a bit. Maybe it confuses the nerves!!

I hope and pray that you will have some relief soon.



I have had a nerve conduction test. It was painful. I am wondering that when you received the test you over contracted several muscles in response to the test. It is worth seeing a McTimony chiropractor to get help with any microcramps which are causing structures to press onto nerve roots. This causes referred pain.

Hope I have been helpful.


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