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Sacroiliac and hips.

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GP this afternoon for Xray results. Not good news.

I am worn out.

She was about to's age but fortunately thought better.

So.... severe wear on my sacroiliac joints plus hips too. Left worse than right. Losing my sight all those years ago has never caused any problems. Wrong. Posture has taken its toll

She offered me an appointment with the orthopedic consultant for replacement hip - certainly on the left side. Slight hiccup - we move in just 3 weeks. We discussed pain relief and for the moment I manage fairly well on cocodamol. So will stick with that but told me not to be in pain. I smiled! Too many years of living with David not to understand chronic pain.

We have already arranged for our last 3 years of medical notes to be printed out to take with us. Mine was very slim, David's a whole cupboard full.

She did say if it worsens before leaving not to hesitate to go back. I did remind her there is a 3 week waiting time. Tosh...make it an emergency.

Looks like I shall be enjoying a little therapy in the sunshine too!

Pat x

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Oh dear. Seen a number of cases on TV with ex Pats having having hip and knee replacement's done. They seemed to find some very happy customers. Ann, having served some time as a theatre nurse, seemed very impressed by the theatres and the surgeons.

Your doc sounds to be well on your side. It just amazes me that the number of GPs who have no control over their receptionists. The last two practices I have used have been the same.

Shame that you are to late to have had a hip done and recovered before you go though. Rib

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Thanks Rib. Yes have friends who've had hips done there.. They speak highly of surgeons and care they got. Maybe the warmth will delay any op needed. We found some 2 man mobility scooters so....

Timings just bad but at least I now know what I'm dealing with.



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RibvanRey in reply to Bananas5

Twin mobility scooters, tandem and side by side are available. You could check out road legal golf buggies too.

All these are only legal on private land in UK. Rib

What would you think a better, or bit stronger, pain med? Still have packing up to do.

Yes we have asked for extra meds. Tried for 3 months but David's GP said no. Only 2 months. So he has just put in one and will put in for the 2 in 2 weeks time!

I do remember on mainland Spain their strength of anti biotics was so low you needed about 30 to equal one of ours. Tenerife is a bit more clued up due to the large number of pesky tourists they get!! We have a nice GP lined up. Poor chapp!


Can I be head of the queue to come and nurse you post op??!! Pretty please 😎

Just take it steady with the packing Pat - you've been like a Duracell bunny since making the decision to go. Now your officially one of our tribe you must remember the pacing!!!

Now I get to return the nagging 😏

Big hugs, hope it's not too painful


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Bananas5 in reply to Curlygirl54

I am relying on you Miss Curlykins to supply the tea! Endless supply too. Last thing to be packed is kettle, mug and teabags!! Last in first out - house rule number one.

Now we can be 2 old nags together...not that I EVER nag you!

I can cope with the soreness in hip but its the sij which is the real grinding pain. Not all the time fortunately but when I bend at the right angle for it - in it kicks.

See you very soon.....



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Curlygirl54 in reply to Bananas5

Choking on my warm milk here!! On no you never ever nag me!!

You've got it coming gal!

Yes of course I'll be in charge of tea ( and cake if you behave yourself!!)

Hoping Davids's flare is settling and you're in not too much pain.

Big hugs



I'm afraid wear n tear comes to us all eventually. The warmer climate will help with your aches and pains so why not see how it goes once you've settled in. The move on its own is stressful enough without adding any extras right now. X

Thanks Dan. Lots of help there. I'll give my GP a ring and ask for the liquid.

There is no problem getting 2 months meds but David's GP said he would not give any more. Due to what he takes GP has concerns. What exactly he thinks will happen I have no idea.

It should be absolutely fine with just the 2 months but gave me a safety net. Probably me just being over careful knowing the inevitable flair up will come.


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deejames in reply to Bananas5

I'd say Daniel is correct about the Oramorph but get some sachets of Laxido or Movicol as well just in case. Your digestive system will be upset due to the change in water etc anyway.

I'm so sorry to hear about your hip and SI joints. I imagine over the years you have don't a considerable about of lifting as well probably at a usual angle as your body will have been accustomed to bending that way.

The warmth could well ease things a bit though. I do hope so.



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Bananas5 in reply to deejames

Thanks Dee.

Life is full of challenges. Just one more notch on the garden gate!!

Rain today making grass grow. Bet i will miss it!!



Hi pat hope the move go's well In joy the warm weather best wishes to david hope he gets out in the sun that should help him a bit

Big hugs to u

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Hey yogibe......where's my sympathy??!!


in reply to Bananas5

Sorry pat hope things get better for u hugs and kisses to u pat u are a special person

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That made me feel so much better!


Pat or anyone have u heard of a drug called tizanidine because my pain specialist wants to trial for 8 weeks if that does not work he wants to trial me on levetiracetam for 8 weeks does anybody know if they have any adverse effects. Thanks

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Post it up under separate heading. That way everyone can see it. OK?


Oh Pat, that's a real bu**er! im so sorry you're in pain with a great big move ahead of you! We've just moved the boy from his student digs and I'm wrecked! Personally, I love the oxycodone for emergency support (not that they ever agree to prescribe!) otherwise, it would have to be wine that has always got me through ...

This is the dark before the light in terms of getting that sun on your bones... Am sure the gentle warm waters of the pool will help you recover quickly from the op..

Thinking of you... Big hugs xoxox

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Bananas5 in reply to Boozybird

No op just yet. Will see how it goes the other end. If David feels better that has a knock on effect on me. I can actually sit. Yup. Sit!! Knowing he is hurting less and doesn't need help. Sit and do absolutely nothing!

Moving offspring is far more stressful. Been there done that. Never again!!


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Boozybird in reply to Bananas5

Haha! Yes, the wee blood suckers keep us on our toes! Do hope you are managing with all the moving Pat.. Lots of love xxxx

Hi Pat, sorry your not getting good parting news. Hope the tablets keep the pain at bay till you can get things sorted out there. Agree with you they should not blame these things on age not everyone who is older as to have hip repair, infact my mum had very little arithritic problem even at 97, but my dad and I had it from in our thirties now I like you have just been diagnosed with more chronic pain illness in the arthritic group.Good luck with the move, it is creeping up now look forward to hearing all your news about the move. xx

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Bananas5 in reply to katieoxo60

David in full flair up. Rather now than couple of weeks time. Poor lad. So sad that even the smallest thing he does to help is too much. Maybe I could send him in container by sea? More room than on plane!

As Curlygirl said...pace myself!! I am always telling others to do it.



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