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Please for your advises


Hi, i am fiwad and I'm 20 years old. About one month and one week ago at work i lift something heavy and then i experienced lower back pain i said it was nothing because i usually lift such. After the pain keeps increasing as i bend cough or sneeze i went and see a dr he gave me diclocare and soma relief for 2 weeks and yes it helped me but after it finished the pain came back, i feel it from my lower back through out my right leg and at times on the left. After 1 week i went and consult another dr and he gave me vitamin b1 b12, bco, ibuprofen and soma relief for 1 week and i didn't felt any improvement while using those tabs i went and see another dr he gave me 3 injections, diclofenac and prednisolone, it's my 3rd day of using this and right now I'm in bed laying on my back scared to sneeze cough turn get up, whenever i wanna get up i have to sit side ways then easily sit directly on my butt then straight my back if i lean my head backwards i feel the sharp pain. And nothing isn't helping me😔, i don't know what to do or what happened or if I'll get better i just loose hope. I can't understand what's happening. I don't know if anyone could help me give me some advice anything. I cannot even jump or try pull myself up or stretch the pain just sharply increase if i try to.

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phone 111 they are there 24 hours

Call 111 if:

you need medical help fast but it's not a 999 emergency.

you think you need to go to A&E or need another NHS urgent care service.

you don't know who to call or you don't have a GP to call.

you need health information or reassurance about what to do next.

it sounds as if you need reassurance and your also in lots of pain. wishing you well.

Hi I would think u would need some xrays hope u r feeling better take care

Fiwad in reply to Pjik

Thanks for your advice

Yes, you need to phone Out-of-hours GP and tell the person who answers your call ALL the symptoms you are experiencing now.

You have the option of calling 111 or - is there anyone who can take you to A&E? It may not be the best pace to be on a Saturday night but you should keep seeking medical attention.

Are you in England Fiwad ? NHS is 111.

If you are in Wales then NHS Direct is a different number.

No, I'm not in England

Are you in UK?

How are you feeling now?

Were you able to get any medical advice today?

Perhaps you could enquire about investigations ( xray , scan ) next week.

No, I'm from Guyana

Have edited my last reply.

Bridgenov in reply to Fiwad

Fawad get yourself to an osteopath they will fix you. Fill up on the medication until you see them but you need to go and get your back put back into place. Or a really good sports therapist, ring up the rugby or football club and asked them who are the sports therapist is. We understand your pain

Fiwad in reply to Bridgenov

Thanks for your advice.

Will let you guys know how it goes

I'm no Doc, but it seems like you have a slipped disc. This is a 'mechanical' problem where a ,'disc' of the spine is pressing on a nerve. I don't think medicines will help. The pressure on the nerve needs to be relieved. Maybe you could see a physiotherapist. I know yoga is very helpful in such cases.

All the best.

Dear Fiwad,

Firstly Well Done Indeed, on writing so well, in English! Ours is NOT, the easiest, of 'Tongues' to master.

I'm afraid that I know Nothing, regarding Health Care Provision, in your Country- so it's hard to comment. Do you have, anything like, a Doctors Surgery, Walk In Clinic, Medical Advice Centre or Hospital near, to where, you live? If so, can you access it? It does, seem to me, that you have been given a number, of different, Diagnosis/ Advice. Can someone, somewhere arrange, for you to have an X-ray? That way, any future Doctors, can See the problem. You Definitely shouldn't be, confined to bed, in such pain Fiwad- that's for certain!

Please do, let us know, how you Get On. I know that our Prayers, and very best wishes, are with you.


If the pain is going down your leg it sounds like Sciatica I would mention to your Doctor

Hi Fiwad. It’s how my story started. I got an MRI and I had an extruded disc in my back, the contents spilled on the sciatic nerve causing at first excruciating back pain and then the back pain lessened but the leg pain became bad and I also got numbness in my leg. The usual path is try medication for the pain and physio therapy. If this fails try epidural injections. If that fails try X-ray guided injections. If that fails they will operate, a fairly straight forward (micro) discectomy where they cut of the offending extrusion pressing on your nerve.

This usually settles it for 95% of people and as you are young you are most likely in that percentage.

( by the way I would stay away from osteopath or chiropractors )

Hi Fiwad you are certainly experiencing very severe pain. You need to ask a doctor for a referral for an x ray or a CT scan. You may have a broken bone. Wishing you all the best, Lola

How are you feeling today?

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