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Pain under base of skull bone which cracked

I moved my head left a few weeks ago and heard awful crack right near bone which juts out at base of head

It did this twice and I felt uncomfortable 2 days later was in hospital as couldn't move head and pain was terrible

Dr said had pulled a muscle and gave me codeine

Took about a week to get nearly better but still keep getting pain especially when watching television on settee goes down neck and shoulders and is so painful

Some people have suggested physio osteopath or chiropractor

Does anyone have any ideas please?

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Would allow plenty of time for things to settle down in area of injury before letting the osteopaths do their stuff.

Best wishes



thank you


I would be evaluated by a chiropractor. If you are not comfortable, you might want to ask your doctor for a referral to pho y'all therapy. There they can use tens, massage, hot or cold or even cupping to help relieve the area of pain and discomfort. Cupping does wonders for my back and neck. It is really painful at first but much better afterwards. I have a million trigger points all over and sometimes when my inflammation flares up my joints get locked and I can't move for days.


Physio would not bother with. Both Osteopath and chiropractor should be able to deal with with the possible cramp in the muscles of the neck and upper shoulder.

Alexander Technique should help you become more aware of posture and muscle control. Sleep is important as the fine tuning of muscle control is very dependant on getting enough sleep.

Hope this helps.



I have a neck and shoulder problem. I heat a wheat bag in the microwave and wear it around my shoulders and neck. It gives me some relief when relaxing. I also have a Tens machine but find the wheat bag just as effective for this area.

Good luck.



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