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I'd like advice on latest blood results

Hi, I don't ask for advice on the site very often but I am still suffering and I am at my whits end. I take Liothyronine 20mcg in the morning + 10mcg in the evening. The Endo has just added 25mcg of Levothyroxine. The results of my blood tests are EGFR 65 TSH 1.4. Free T3. 5.3. Free T4. 5.8. Vit D 48.6. PTH 9.2. He says that a lot of the way I feel is not down to my Thyroid condition. I feel so ill every day and I need to take a lot of painkillers to function. I am so depressed with it all. Can anyone help me with some advice. Thank you. Kath.

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Hi Kath

A very simple answer to your question could well be the fact that you say you have to take a lot of painkillers to function. Although you don't say what you take and how often, unfortunately pain killers that are stronger than Paracetamol or Ibuprofen cause tiredness and a general feeling of being unwell.

No drug company has come up with a 'useful' painkiller that doesn't affect our normal behaviour - the strong ones are just masking and numbing our knowledge of pain by 'monging' us out which makes us feel like we're wading up hill through treacle!!



I'd that is all the blood tests you had done, then they will tell you very little as they are really only about your thyroid and kidney function, and won't indicate anything else. You could try going back to your doctor and asking exactly what they have tested you for, and what else it might be.


Do you have your ranges too kathro ?


Thank you for your advice I know that strong pain killers can have an adverse effect on Thyroid but I am in so much pain. I take 2 Tramadol and 2 Paracetamol 4 times a day I have tried cutting down but I am so bad that I can no longer do anything I am in so much pain. My Endo thinks that my pain is not caused by my Thyroid and has advised my GP to test for other causes but they don't take any notice. I don't have any ranges I just have what I put on. The blood results I have put on are the ones the Endo orders for me to have done before I see him. I will see him again in 2 months and he has ordered a fasting blood test I think he thinks I may be diabetic. I am at a loss I feel so ill I can't be bothered to do anything. It's hard to even be bothered to go to the GP I always seem to come away no better feeling I have been badly let down.



Hi Kath - there's a very knowledgeable group of people on the ThyroidUK part of this HealthUnlocked forum - have you tried asking on there? I'm no expert but it looks to me like you're on a low dose of both T4 and T3. It may well be that you need to be on *higher* doses of those in order to control your hypothyroidism. I'm guessing you have hypothyroidism - is that correct? Hypothyroidism can be responsible for a lot of pain which is often put down to other things (like fibromyalgia, for example).

As I said, I'm no expert - but I really would recommend putting this post on the ThyroidUK forum and seeing what everyone there says. They've helped me a lot!


Thank you Caroline,

I am Hypothyroid and I have Osteo Arthritis in my shoulder and knees. My GP diagnosed Fibromyalgia but the Endocrinologist said it wasn't that it was a lack of Vit D that was causing me the pain. Trouble is I can't lose weight and I am suffering from memory loss and lots more symptoms of Hypothyroidism as well as all this pain. I will try Thyroid UK and ask the people on that if they can give me some advice.

Thank you.


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That sounds pretty much like me too, Kath. I was given a fibro diagnosis (and a ME/CFS diagnosis before that), but then started getting all kinds of other symptoms besides the pain and fatigue - hair loss, severe constipation, etc. I did some internet research and found out that just about all my symptoms could be explained by hypothyroidism. I also have OA in shoulders, knees, ankles and now hips - but my reading about the subject tells me that's common in long-term hypo sufferers too.

Apparently, in the UK, docs will only diagnose/treat hypo based on blood test results (TSH only, in most cases) - but not consider symptoms. According to stuff I've read, that means that an awful lot of people are suffering needlessly. My TSH is within normal range so as far as my GP is concerned I don't have thyroid problems and they won't do any more tests or refer me to an endo. I took matters into my own hands and went private - things are now starting to look a bit better for me health-wise!

So, yes, please join the ThyroidUK forum and check out some posts on there. You'll see you're not alone. Good luck! :-)


Hi Caroline,

Thank you for your advice I have sent off the form to join Thyroid UK.

3 years ago I asked to see an Endocrinologist and my GP said no so I went to PALS and they informed him he must send me. He did and I have been seeing him ever since. But he is no good to me and he has not made me feel any better. He is the one that says that my symptoms are not all down to Thyroid. The research I have done says other wise. I think that I must think about going private to an Endo who really knows what he is talking about.

I hope that Thyroid UK will be able to help me to find a really good Endo that can help me. I am more scared of living than dying because the pain I suffer has robbed me of a life I can't do anything any more and I was so active and I loved all the things I did.

I don't just rely on doctors helping me over the years I have tried lots of different alternative medicines. I always give them at least 3 months to see if they work. But no joy.

It's not easy is it when GPs don't take Thyroidism seriously. They think Levothyroxine is all you need and it will make you better. Haha I wish. I put 5 stone on over a short period of time about 14 years ago I have tried really hard to lose it but I have never lost an oz.

I could go on and on but I'm sure you know this story. I could be talking about you.

I will try the same route as you and hope things start to look better for me.



Hi Kath - quick response and I'm logging off soon. Don't forget to join the Thyroid UK *forum* here on Health Unlocked. There's no form to send - just search on here for "thyroid uk" and you can join the forum just the same as you've joined this one for Pain Concern.

Good luck to you! :-)


Go to the above link and look on the right hand side of the banner. You'll see the option to "Follow" the Thyroid UK forum. Click on Follow, and you'll be a member, and you can read and post about your thyroid problems as much as you want.

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I've just looked on your profile, and it is clear that you are already a member of Thyroid UK because you've posted there before. Did you realise that you were posting on the Pain Concern forum and not the Thyroid UK forum? They are different forums on HealthUnlocked and you need to be sure you are posting on the one you intended to.

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