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More Blood Test Results help please?

My Doc did a whole screed of Blood Tests, and now I've read a bit more about Hypothyroidism, some more of the blood test results are starting to jump out at me and demand my attention. Any help is much appreciated, and thanks in advance! :)

Initial Results

Free T4 12.6 pmol/L Range 9.0 - 24

TSH 2.15 mU/L Range 0.3 - 6.0

Free T3 4.1 pmol/L Range 3.5 - 6.6 and some more ...

I'd read to ask for additional blood tests to be done? One was:

ESR which was actually marked "HIGH" 44 mm/hour Range: 1.0 - 15 May I ask someone to explain that to me? It isn't marked 'no further action' but I've had no contact from my Doc.

Another blood test was CRP. Am I right that this means C-Reactive Protein? If so ~

CRP (High) 44 mg/L Range 2.0 - 10

Isn't marked 'no further action' but I've had no contact from my Doc.

Another marked high (not sure of the relevance)

Triglyceride (High) 2.58 mmol/L Range 0.84 - 1.94

The test for Lyme Serology was Negative, but with the nore: "No detectable antibodies ... Serology may take 3 to 8 weeks to become positive. Please send a second sample ... if clinically indicated. File note? No action required. I live my life surrounded by sheep on every boundary and had 3 cats at the time the test was taken! The Doc and I know how difficult it is to get a positive on Lyme but is taking "no action" when for more accurate results can take 3 - 8 WEEKS.

I'm going to ask her for another test. That's not good enough, is it? :(

Please help, I'm feeling really 'down'.

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Hi again the ESR and CRP are inflammation markers. If you've had headaches you should see an Eye Specialist to eliminate Temporal Arteritis (Giant Cell Ateritis ).

Re Thyroid function.

The other blood tests to ask for are Thyroid Antibodies but didn't you have them done last time and they were OK?

You could also ask for an Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid.

If you have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis then you would need your TSH to be lower and improvement on your fT4t.


If your antibodies are OK and your other results above being 'in range' then they would most probably not diagnose Hypothyroidism.

Make sure Dr knows all the symptoms.




Hi Mary ... for the life of me, I couldn't recall who had mentioned getting the ESR, all I had was a note against it 'eyes'! Thanks for getting back to me about that.

I've to see the Doc at 9am on the 26th, so am going to try to go to the Optician after that, in the hope that I don't 'crash' after seeing the Doc, and that the Optician isn't too upset if I don't make it! (Using 'pretty please?" prayer, lol)

As for headaches, I've had a headache for (almost) every day for the last 30 years. I say 'almost' ~ one day I noticed something different ~ and that was that I didn't have a headache. I've a long history of Migraines, which are getting worse/ more frequent.

I haven't, to my knowledge, had the "Thyroid Antibodies" tested, unless that goes under another name? In fact the full blood screen only happened when I mentioned to the Doc the last time I saw her, that I thought my poor old thyroid was suffering (that's the cleaned up version of what I said, without ever having used the F word!). :)

I already mentioned in my letter (after I'd seen the Doc) that I'd like to have my Thyroid scanned, and other tests.

Someone had mentioned to me, on here, that with TSH AT 2.15 my thyroid would already be "struggling" ~ not that that'd get me a Hypo diagnosis on the basis of my Thyroid Test, given the parameters currently in use.

So many Hypo 'symptoms' ~ so many 'symptoms' in common with M.E./Fibro, of course.

I think I've written it before ~ the blood 'tests' I'm going to request are: TPO Ab , B12, Folate, Ferritin, Reverse T3, Leptin, Vitamin A, Magnesium, and can't find the piece of paper where I'd noted a few other things.

Also the further Lyme as she and I had an 'heated exchange' about Lyme some years back, but it's another disease that it's difficult to get a positive with. She didn't follow through with a second test, even though I'd a clear 'bull's eye' mark on the side of my knee at that time and had been very ill, but I didn't know that it took up to 8 weeks to even 'try' to get a positive.

So many blood tests and yet there are countless illnesses where it's very difficult to get a 'positive'. The Doc even agreed that we both knew only too well that getting a Thyroid and/or a Lyme 'positive' was very difficult. And with my Mother's Hypo coming up negative/clear and she nearly died of Hypothyroidism ... deep sigh...

The Doctor has all the information of my 'symptoms' ~ be in no doubt of that! While I want the other tests done, I'd be just as pleased NOT


Hi again - Reading through this again - just picking up on one point:

' ......I've a long history of Migraines, WHICH ARE GETTING WORSE /MORE FREQUENT. ....'

Since when???

This is a new/recent symptom.



(DID IT AGAIN/ HIT THE WRONG BUTTON) We'll call this Part two?!

/... I'd be just as pleased NOT to have Hypothyroidism ~ but there surely can't be any other reason for me suddenly jumping up 16lbs in weight for NO (as yet) explicable reason.

Again, given my mother's 'history', I'll ask for a short trial of Thyroxine or whatever today's equivalent is.

Anyone else relate to what the other blood test results are / mean?

Thanks again, Mary ~ B x


Good job!


Hi Barbara

We've been round this so many times.

1) You said you had episode of double vision.

2) You said you have not had eyes tested by anyone in over 6 years.

3) You have raised C-Reactive Protein.

4) You have raised ESR.

You need to speak to GP immediately as emergency about this alone.

You need to be seen by Eye Specialist to have Temporal Arteritis and possible narrow angles eliminated.

Your GP knows your circumstances, and you can ask for patient transport even if you are seen in a local clinic.

If Temporal Arteritis and if untreated sight can be lost in one or both eyes. Or one can suffer stroke.



"I haven't, to my knowledge, had the "Thyroid Antibodies" tested, unless that goes under another name?"

They would only test for antibodies after a TSH result of over 6. At 2. 15 and T3 and T4 within range, it wouldn't justify getting the antibody test. But the good thing is you have a baseline so in future when you are tested again you will be able to see whether it is going up or down.

Raised CRP isn't a 'diagnosis' test result but only an indication, which could be simple inflammation from an infection that you don't even know you have, to something like Atherosclerosis, and any number of autoimmune and infectious disease in-between.

Triglyceride is a similar thing, so that could be anything from certain drugs to diabetes mellitus.

There are many other reasons for weight gain, and hypothyroidism is only one. As your blood tests aren't indicating that at the moment (my TSH levels were 8 and I had only had a modest weight gain) then your Dr is probably right to keep looking. I know it is frustrating when we have an idea what could be could be causing the problem, and they don't seem to be listening, but there are loads of other things that it could be that we won't have thought about it.

Medicine is as much an art as a science, and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what is going on. For instance TSH levels can change with both the time of day the test is taken but also the season. And you wouldn't want to be treated for something you don't have and have them stop looking for other things.

And sometimes they just don't know the cause, not because they can't be bothered or they didn't pay attention in med school, but because sometimes things are unknowable.

I hope when you see your GP next you can get a bit more of the puzzle sorted out. Then hopefully step by step you will start to feel better.

Just wondering, do you have a social prescriber or a wellbeing coordinator at your surgery? If you do I would ask to be referred to them, as they might be able to help with other things that the GP can't do.


After getting eyes checked you could ask GP for Thyroid Antibodies blood tests. You could also ask for the Ultrasound scan of your Thyroid but how will you get to Xray if it one &half hours away. If and when time comes you would have to ask for patient transport.

Please get eyes checked by specialist first.

Then ask for Thyroid Antibodies next.

If you do have Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis then you need to know.



Sorry I don't know much about blood test results but I am shocked your dr isn't willing to do another Lyme test for you, especially as you had the bullseye rash! I ended up going for a private blood test for Lyme disease, I didn't have the rash so dr only did the one around online as different offers available and you usually have to go to a local to you private hospital

there is also a more complex blood test you can have done for Lyme disease, I read about it somewhere but think you have to send your blood off to America I think....but might be available in uk now as was a few years ago I read about that

I do know a high esr result means there is inflammation in the just doesn't tell the dr where in the body it is so other tests should be done to locate where the inflammation is

Good luck .....I know it's horrible not knowing what's wrong.....I'm just waiting for appointment back to rheumatology, 8 years after they diagnosed fibromyalgia as something is not right and not typical we go again!


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