My 16 year old was just diagnosed with this condition in his left kidney last night in the ER and they sent him home on Percocet and antibiotics until he can see a urologist. They said its congenital and he has had it since birth they also said he has a 2.6 cm obstruction that is indefinable (non-identifiable) so it could be many things, and something about a stent and surgery..

Could you help me? I don't ask questions much because I usually have a pretty clear idea of whats going on but they are saying it can be a stricture or stone ect,... and it is completely blocking off his kidney function to his bladder,..

Should I be concerned,..like seriously concerned? I feel like I should tell them this is urgent and to fix it immediately and they wont because it is a Saturday

Thank you SO much for anything you can tell me.

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  • I suppose his right kidney is working ok? People can function perfectly well with one kidney so guessing the hospital feel he didn't need treating urgently. Now he will need tests to determine the blockage, a scan for example, so that appropriate treatment can be planned. As you use the words Percocet and ER, I'm assuming you are not in the UK so I don't know how the further treatment will be triggered. Best wishes.

  • Percocet is a narcotic and ER= Emergency room and no I am in the USA and there are no groups that I could find. This morning the pain is now moved to his other kidney also and I know this can be a bilateral condition,..my biggest concern was he was born with congenital heart disease also and I am afraid of the affect this could have on his heart. We knew nothing of the kidney problem until the other day.

  • I doubt very much if it is a stone that is causing the problem.2.6 cms is rather large for a stone and they usually give problems long before they get to that size.Also, at 16, he is rather young to bet getting stones.if I were you, I would speak to your gp tomorrow and ask him to explain what the condition is, what causes it and what treatment is available.In the meantime, have a look at the British Kidney Foundation website.It is a very informative site for kidney problems.I have been a kidney patient for 30+ years and currently have stage 4 kidney failure and this website has been very useful.I hope your son gets his problem sorted out soon.

  • Hi ALFIEP just read your sound advice to calciolara. I to have stage 4 kidney desease long term diabetic 36 years. Type 2 last 16 years on insulin. What brought on your problem with your kidneys. My blood now are within range. By cutting out pottassium high food etc what do you do regarding diet . From kisses wife.

  • Hi, I am also diabetic, insulin dependant type 2 for 30+years.When I was in my 20's I started producing huge amounts of kidney stones.I have passed over 2000 uric acid stones.I was put on medication which has controlled the problem for the last 20+years.During the time I was getting the stones, I was also getting attacks of gout, which is also caused by elevated serum levels of uric acid.Tocombat the pain from the gout, I was given large amounts of indomethacin, an anti-inflammatory which was horrendously toxic to the kidneys.Since then my kidney function has gradually deteriorated. I'm trying to cut out all the potassium rich foods and at my last clinic, my egf had increased a few points so perhaps things are improving slightly

  • Alfiep was replying to mj78, not me.

  • I agree about it not being a stone, I am just repeating what I was told. But he has had issues for about 4-6 months and the doctors could find nothing, all the same symptoms, they were thinking it was his pancreas. This morning his right kidney is also bothering him. Thank you for your comment I do not know how you have pushed through but I appreciate your time and will pray for you.

  • At 16 years old your son is young and fit and I'm sure a suitable treatment will be found as soon as his problem has been fully diagnosed.Some of the tests to make that diagnosis maybe unpleasant, and at times it just seems like nothing but tests.There are some very knowledgeable nephrologists out there ready to help your son, make sure he has their full attention to get him fit again as soon as possible

  • Hi mj78 - I've had major kidney problems, caused by Lupus, I've found the BKPA (British Kidney Patients Association) facebook page has helped me tremendously. So many wonderful people with renal problems who are happy to share the good and bad times along with their experiences. It's a closed group so just apply to join - this means all your convesations are kept within the community. Do go online and check it out - I'm sure you will benefit from it.

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