GFR DROPPED FROM 94 to 77 in 3-4 weeks??!!!

Is that something to be concerned about? I am! But doctors aren't! Theywon't listen to me, I'm telling them there's something horribly wrong with my kidney causing extreme pain everyday and I'm unable to stand for over a minute and they brush me off. I have 1.5 cm (it grew) stone in the renal pelvis that I thought was causing it but they said it's not affecting my kidney according to the CT scans. I'm worried with my new symptoms and decreased GFR that something is wrong. Idk if I'm over reacting or if I should be concerned. Help!

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  • Hi DLAZ,

    It is very sad to hear the new from you. As some of the doctor just not want to listen to the patients i also have some experienced about my husband he still could not stand up for long like you. Can you ask to see different advise?

  • Unfortunately with my insurance, I'm out of options as far as a second opinion right now. I wish. I hope your husband is doing better!

  • No, he still not better! I can understand how you are feeling when you are seeing the doctor. Try to go to emergency department like Foxgal said.

  • I'm so sorry to hear that. Does your husband have a diagnosis?

  • He had a scan, mri and blood test. he is still complaining about his back and still can'nt stand up

  • Google nephroptosis

  • Go to emergency room. Get referral for another doc. Save your own life - today! Good luck and God bless!

  • That's what it feels like! Trying to save my life while doctors just ignore the severity of my condition. If it's not easy to diagnose it doesn't exist! I'm going to the doctor today. Wish me luck

  • Hi, A GFR of 60 or above is considered in the 'normal range'. A GFR below 60 'could' indicate kidney disease. Below 15 indicates kidney failure.

    I am not a medic and this was sourced via google :)

    If your still worried you should seek help from a medical professional.

  • Thank you!! I know the range and all, just worried about it dropping so far in only a month! I appreciate the comment! Take care!

  • Hi again

    Was the Kidney Foundation able to help you at all?


  • No, I emailed them with questions, they answered some but I guess what's happening is considered urological. But thank you for providing the information.

  • Any point in calling the helpline and talking everything through. It was toll free wasn't it?

    There must be some Kidney support group over there who can help you in person, surely. Or just have to keep going to ER?


  • So here you don't see a kidney specialist until your kidneys are almost failing and since I'm in "normal range" they won't see me the urologist has to take care of it.

    It is tollfree but it's impossible to concentrate with kids(especially 3 year old) but maybe I should figure it out.

    I also wanted to say thank you for advising me to slow down on the ibuprofen, though it hasn't been easy, I've cut down to 2 a day! I've realized it doesn't take away my pain and I'm just poisoning my body.

    I also quit caffeine- I was a big coffee drinker and soda! You inspired me to go about things in healthier way. Since nothing stops my pain, I've been laying down and sitting all day and take Percocet in the evening. This is no way to live so I hope things take a turn for the better soon. I cry everyday this is taking a huge toll on me.

    The pain is spreading down my legs, feels like I did 100 squats or have been working out. I see my GP today and am hoping he'll do a supine and errect Ivp X-ray. Wish me luck

  • All the best for GP appointment.

    Why is the Medical Profession so slow to act when patients are in agony?

    I will keep you in my prayers.




  • Thank you so much❤️

    I don't know. It's devastating. My poor kids and husband. AND ME. It's a nightmare. I hope it's over soon. I wouldn't wish this pain on my worst enemy.

    You're amazing, thank you so much.

  • No -

    You are amazingly brave.

    You , your husband and kids have all been through so much.

    Don't forget to ask GP for a few Diazepam - but wait till the end of the consultation after asking about everything else. In case of negative response.

    And remember how precious you are.

    You do not deserve this pain.

    You deserve better.


  • Thank you, It's hard to keep it together, but I have to for my family. I just pray this ends soon.

    I'll ask him, he's such a jerk, but I'm bringing my husband with so he can yell at him if he doesn't listen or shuts me down. I'll update once it's over.

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