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Disintegration of the spine


David had his 6 monthly appointment at the pain clinic. Consultant wanted to see how much he has deteriorated since his last review. Made him bend forwards, backward, sideways and wave his arms as high as he could. Most proved difficult. all proved extremely painful resulting in his leg giving way. Down he went....very distressed. Even she was shocked.

CT scan from 2 months ago showed bad news.

His myelin sheath is disintegrating rapidly and spread from L5s1 right up to L3.. That explained so much of what he has been going through.

So...outcome is referral to neurologist for what? Not sure.. Plus she will give 3 injections to one side of his spine. That should help his coccyx

Result of all this has been one massive flair up. So very very hard foor him but as usual...lots of TLC and hugs from the Collies. And me

Pat x

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Good Morning Pat, sorry it is not good news about David but I am sure with your help and the consultant he will manage. Constant pain is not a good way of struggling on but there is only so much that the medics can offer. Hope all works out for both of you , take care will be thinking of you xx

Bananas5 in reply to katieoxo60

Thank you Katie.

We are both coming to terms with how this advanced disintegration will affect him. So like MS.

If the myelin continues at this advanced rate he will be paralyzed.

Vitamin D is excellent in helping which is one of the main reasons we moved here. So I will move him outside..permanently!


Hi Pat, I can only echo Katie's words and truly hope there are better times coming for you both.

Bananas5 in reply to soppysokes

Thank you my friend.

Prognosis isn't good but at least we can say hello to the sun every morning and when she drops over the sea... goodnight


Hi Pat. You always sound so positive. In the face of bad news in must be hard to find that open outlook. Maybe the sun does help. I used to get such a lift from the feel of sunshine on my face.

What causes the disintegration of the sheath ? Is David able to continue with the opiate withdrawal ?

Keep up the hugs and the positivity whenever you can but do give yourself a break, occasionally, to get pissed off with the fates.


Oh poor David. I amagine the pain must be horrendous. It's pretty frightening getting results like that as no one wants to hear that sort of news. We are all here to support you any time you need it. X

Bananas5 in reply to lowlife

Thank you my friend. Means a lot to me.


Thanks De. What does the saying go? Smile and the world smiles with you. Cry and you cry alone. You know me...exuberant and optimistic carrying David along with my love of life. Unfortunately some things get in the way you can't go through, round or over. so....sitting in the warm winter sun is the next best solution.

The break he had at L5S1 and subsequent operation over 30 years ago is now the cause of advanced disintegration and shredding of the myelin.. We always knew he would deteriorate but no idea it would be like this.

And yes he had a break in coming off Oxys but back on track now.. Sometimes it can be hard to accept a med really doesn't do anything anymore. It takes away that hope.



RibvanRey in reply to Bananas5

Dearest Pat the sudden news of David's sudden degeneration came as a terrible shock to Ann and I. We hope that there is something that can be done to slow down the progression of this latest evil.

As you so correctly said above, it is so like the MS, that my mum went through. Unfortunately back then there were no medicines. I do hope that there is something that they can do after all these decades.

Best wishes to you both, Rib

Bananas5 in reply to RibvanRey

Thank you my dear friend.

Will be in touch.


Hi Pat, I am not an old friend but have read some of your posts and comments elsewhere. You are such a warm and positive person. I am so sorry about your David's news. Good to hear you are somewhere warm. Wishing you and David all the best. Emma x

Bananas5 in reply to Emma2017

Thank you Emma. Old friends are just new ones in waiting!

Bit chilly here today as clouds keeping the sun away...only 22 c!


Emma2017 in reply to Bananas5

Well that's still a lot warmer than here; total cloud, damp and only 2 or 3 c . Good job you are not here.

Bananas5 in reply to Emma2017



Bananas5 / pat, I will pray for you and David. Thank you for supporting me and others with your comments. It means a lot.

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