All the painkillers I take aren't helping at all.

Hi, I'm new here. I suffer with Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and a chronic back problem. All cause me a lot of pain for which I take different painkillers, none of which really help me. I saw my GP recently after xrays on my knee which showed it will need an operation. I also told my GP just how much pain I was in despite the painkillers. However he said he couldn't change my meds. I tried to tell him just how difficult it was for me to get around and to sleep, again he refused. I asked if he could give me anything like a Cannabis Substance, he said certainly not. He asked if I needed any repeat prescriptions so I said Id like Rat Poison, he told me to CHEER UP. I could have screamed.

Ive heard that you can get a Cannabis oil which I'd love to try to see if it can give me any relief, does anyone know where this can be purchased please? I truly am in so much pain I am beginning to think my worth is not worth going on with.

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  • I think I've read on here, that it can be purchased at H &B. I've also heard it's quite expensive Try putting cannabis oil in the search box and see what comes up.

  • Is that Holland and Barrett? Thank you for your reply Rosepetal.

  • Yes, that's right, I think someone on the Fibro site a few months ago, found it helpful. She showed a photo of it

  • I actually found Cannabis Oil online in Gel capsules form so I have sent off for some.


  • Yes a number of people have tried it with assorted results. The secret is to gt a good one from a reputable supplier. Some of the less expensive ones are just diluted.

    You can probably get the best in the Netherlands who do mail order.

    We are lucky. We live in a country where cannabis is not illegal and medicinal cannabis is even better.

    But until UK gets its act together it stays illegal there


  • Hi sorry to hear that. If you follow the British Lung Foundation (you only need to do it temporarily) you will find lots of previous posts, many of them recent, about cannabis oil. I believe there is also a fb site too.

  • What medication are you currently taking? X

  • I take 2 doses of Zomorph a day, Co-Codamol, Pregabalin, Meloxicam and Robaxin.


  • Hi Heltadelta. How awful that you have been left to manage this pain alone.

    If these pain meds aren't helping at all - then will you be coming off them slowly. Some of the side effects of some of these may do you more harm that good. Well they are not doing any good are they? I believe you have to withdraw slowly from the pregablin. I was once given a few Diazepam as a muscle relaxant for pain. They become addictive after 7 days though. Would GP give you a few? Might help a little??

    I hope you find some relief from this awful pain soon.


  • Have you tired butrans patches.. I use them and get some relief. Xx

  • Hi heltadelta

    Sorry to read your in so much pain despite the painkillers!. Gp's can only prescribe a certain amount, a referral to a pain clinic could be helpful in coordinating all the pills to give better relief!. They can also prescribe different ones and run courses in pain management. Teaching new coping strategies and also physio is available a gentler one as well as injections if appropriate!. Might be worth a try. X

  • Hi. Ive actually just been discharged from the Pain Clinic after they tried an injection in my back which didn't work. Ive been on a Pain Management Course which I really didn't find helpful and I do 2 aqua classes a week to try to keep me mobile.

    Ive had physio, Osteopathy, seen a Chiropractor and also had acupuncture, none of which helped at all.

    Heltadelta. x

  • I'm sorry heltadelta that so much you've tried and done hasn't helped. It's soul destroying when you have so much giving you pain. I hope you find a solution soon. X

  • If you go on Facebook and ask to join the group called CBD UK USERS there is lot of information on there, I use two companies called LOVECBD and CBDBROTHERS for the cbd oil.

    I've sever osteoarthritis of the spine and have been using it for about 6 weeks now, I have got some relief, you have to start slow on it though until you fine the best dose what works for you, ask to join the group and you will find lots of information.

  • Thank you very much I will certainly give this a go. xx

  • Yes do, you will have to look at loads for research and lab reports, I wish you well with this, may be I will see you in the cbd group

  • Thanks very much for posting!

  • Hi

    You sound a lot like me. I have severe osteoarthritis in my left hip, moderate in my right, moderate in my lower spine, 2 herniated discs in my lower spine and fibromyalgia. I see the surgeons in 2 weeks regarding THR.

    I have been in severe pain for the last 4 months. I'm on max dose of gabapentin, 10 butrans patch plus 30/500 paracetamol and codeine and I'm still in a lot of pain.

    I too decided to try CBD oil...... I have a friend who swears by it. She had done a lot of research and so did i.

    CBD brothers it a good place to get it from, delivery is very quick. They are based in the UK and they actually supply Holland & Barrett. The one I recommend is the blue edition which is 25% cbd. Mine came yesterday, I got the smallest bottle which was just over £20 with postage.

    Hope this helps

    Take care


  • Thanks for that Judi. I am really hoping the Cannabis Gels help me. x

  • Firstly I'd suggest changing your GP if possible and reporting him for being rude, unhelpful and uncaring.

    I'd also suggest you ask for referrals to a pain clinic, physiotherapy and if possible hydrotherapy.

    I too asked my GP about medicinal cannabis but it's heavily restricted.

    I've tried the cannabis oil but couldn't get on with it. It tastes worse than Oramorph and the taste stuck around for hours. At least with Oramorph you can wash the taste away with a drink.

    I started smoking cannabis and it's the only this that allows me to ignore the pain from TMD. It also helps with the other pains I have, prolapsed discs that I've had for over 10yrs, muscle spasms, arthritis etc. I've actually slept all through the night a few times which has not happened in over 10yrs. I've only had one dose of Oramorph since I started smoking cannabis whereas before I was having at least one dose every day. Some of my friends have commented on how better I look and have only been supportive when I tell them the reason.

    I hope you find something that either stops the pain or allows you to ignore it.

  • Dont give up!!!! I smoke weed and take codeine based medication for my knee osteoarthritis and back pain. I also have no bowel control and possibly crohns so sometimes i cant take any pain killers. Weed helps alooottt but read up on combinational medication... you might just need the right balance of meds... ie paracetamol works best alongside ibruprofen... im only 29yrs and ive felt like giving up but dont. Just live to comfort yourself. Hot baths, massages, loose weight, good matress, physio, cod liver oil, omega oils, cinnamon and nutmeg, eat fish and everything fresh and organic NO PROCESSED also be happy do things that make you laugh and NO FIZZY DRINKS they add co2 to your body and contain formaldehyde which can give you joint pain. Lastly... love living... do things that make the pain irrelavent... much love natasha London.

  • great advice, sometimes we need reminding to be positive and dont continue on a downward spiral. I am hoping to come out of a dark period soon, and start enjoying things again. Balance is everything, be realistic and dont have unrealistic goals. struggled with back and leg pain for years, but things feel different now. tried all the meds but after most recent episode in November I cant seem to push on. new pains in legs and feet, dread the restless legs at night. the lack of sleep makes us vulnerable to lower mood and ability to fight the pain.But we go again, here's looking forward

  • Hi. My husband suffers with restless legs syndrome and finds drinking a glass of Tonic Water before bed actually helps. Its the quinine in the drink that helps.

    A friend suffers so badly that his GP actually prescribed Quinine tablets and he is painfree at night.

    It may be worth trying one or the other to see if you get any relief.


  • What a lovely outlook on life you have, despite the pain you are in.

    Heltadelta x

  • Appreciate the kind words x

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