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Bad day - coccyx and thighs - and now a headache!

I'm trying to get essential things done, but my headache is really getting to me - as is my coccyx. Not looking forward to the journey tomorrow, although it's shorter than most and Mark is an excellent driver - and I don't think we use the Dartford crossing this time!

The floor and sofa are still very untidy but improving! I have a few things to get ready for the show tomorrow. I need to cut Revel's nails and clean his tail - that way he is less stressed than if I do it tomorrow! I've sorted out 8 photos for the competition. I have to watch it because this morning my pain was almost off the scale. It improved, but is getting bad now.. I can't take an opiate now or I'll scratch all night - so it;s paracetamol and ibuprofen. I'm hoping my GP will give me meloxicam - it works well on animals!

I have a couple of animals with nasty abscesses. I went to the vet with one as treatment would require four hands! The nearly hairless ones seem much more prone to problems.

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Hello BOB here

All the good ones are up on the laptop at 10.30, I feel I must have a sorry life tapping the keyboard at this time on a Friday.

Tomorrow take your cushion with you, try and adjust the car seat so you take the stress off the lower part of your back, your cushion can be used in the car. If the cushion is too big for the car seat that is better still as it will give support to the legs while sitting and will straighten your knees and thighs. Try and adjust the headrest so the ear lobs are to the bottom of the cushion or just slightly above. The crown of the head should be very slightly above the cushion so the neck is fully supported.

Good luck with your Rats tomorrow

All the best



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