Back and Coccyx pain

Hi everyone, I have been suffering with chronic back pain for over 6 years now, I know the cause of it which is, deterioration of the lower lumber discs. Arthritis of spine, trapped nerves, and bulging discs. I just have to medicate it as I have been told that an operation would not help. The thing is now I have been having really awful pain in my coccyx, even when I am lying down. The worst pain is going from a sitting position to standing. I am on a lot of pain medication as it is so don't understand why this is causing a lot more pain. I haven't fallen or knocked myself as I cannot walk much anyway so use a wheelchair. I just feel " oh no not something else that gives me pain" At the moment my medication is Zomorph, 40mg morning & night, Duloxetine, Amitriptylene, Gabapentin, Clonazepam, at night and Zapain and Oramorph when needed which has been a lot lately. I'm just wondering if anyone could tell me what has started this pain in my Coccyx & what can be done to help it.

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  • There's this thing called referred pain. And I'm sure someone will be along soon to explain it. I've had coccyx pain for about 20 years since surgery for something else. I find I can only lie on one side when attempting to get some sleep. The coccyx site might be of interest to you

  • OK thanks you, will have a look. I'm also only able to sleep on my left side, but even that gives me pain after a bit of time.

  • I hope you haven't got a bed end as that doesn't help with feet pressing on it if you are able to stretch.

  • No just a divan bed,very comfortable though lol. This has just recently started. About 2years ago I had radiotherapy into the sacroiliac joint to see if that would help. Maybe eased a little but unfortunately the nerves grow back within 12 months and then your on a waiting list for at least 18months before they can repeat it. I just seem to spend my days laying down just to relieve the pain both in my back,legs and now coccyx. You start to feel "what's the point " just want to be able to do something on my own, but at the moment I need help with everything.

  • I fell a few years ago and dislocated my coccyx I went to see my gp who said I had nothing wrong with me this went on for 2 years. I had a mri scan which showed bulging disks plus other things the manipulated the coccyx and gave me a steroid injection that was fantastic but like you sill in pain you can get a cushion for coccyx problems hope this helps

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