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Headache, and lasting all day?

Hi, I have a serious question for everyone! I need serious answers so please help me!

Okay, I have a slight headache one the left side of my head by my temples. I've been stressed latelyso I thought it was just from stress. I went over to my boyfriends house for the day, and I will admit that we did have sex. It wasn't rough crazy sex, it was more make love sex. That's when my headache started to get worse. I thought it was just tension, again, so I ignored it. I also though maybe I might be having a small caffeine withdrawal, so had some coffee. The pain went away for an hour then it came back. My boyfriend tried to give me a neck rub to see if it would help but it didn't. I went home, and the pain is behind my eyes and still by the temple area kind of, but a tad bit higher.

I was thinking about taking an Ibuprophen 800mg but my anxiety is starting to kick in and I'm starting to get scared. It's not the worse headache ever but I will be honest it really hurts.

I looked up some things on this one website and I'm honestly scared out of my mind! Please help....

When should I worry?

Any ideas?

Please help!

I'm 18, take medication, have birth control, anxiety disorder, migraines, stressed lifestyle. Please help me...

Thank you for the concern.

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Is it not a migraine?


Hi My GP, always told me real nice makeing love type of SEX, is the best way to get rid of stress. So if I was you I'd go again girl. Worth a try. And don't worry about the Pain. --( in your head )


Hi Samibvb96,

You don't mention which meds you're on and what their for.

Many people with certain autoimmune disorders have terrible headaches/migraines as part and parcel of the condition.

The sort of headache you describe is the sort I have every single day - on some days it's worse than others. At one point when it first started, I was almost convinced I had a brain tumour! I laugh but it can be quite scary if you're new to it. I have Fibromyalgia, diabetes, thyroid issues etc. too many and boring to mention.

It may be worth your while checking with your local pharmacist and if possible, your GP. It could even be something quite simple like your teeth. Do you grind your teeth at night as part of your anxiety?

Anyway, try not to take too many paracetamols/ panadols. Mix it up a bit if you can tolerate it and your other meds allow - for example, apart from my naproxen, tramadol etc. I also take paracetamol, ibroprofen and codeine and find the paracetamol/ibroprofen combination - one of each, seems to work well for my migraines.

Wishing you all the best. Don't panic, just pop down and speak to your local pharmacist in the first instance and take it from there.

Hope this is useful.


Reykua, when I used to get those headaches that would land me in bed for 2 days at a time like you do, I was put on a beta blocker. It worked like a miracle. I do not know why a blood pressure medicine would work like that. My blood pressure was 88 over 57 yesterday at the doctor office and doctor said that it's perfect for me. I was a lot concerned that when sleeping it would fall lower and doc said no it won't so I left the office feeling a little stirred but thank God that the migraines are gone. I am still on the beta blocker.


Hi Yikes2,

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge with me.

You may be right. I've got an appointment with the Cardiac Nurse tomorrow and will discuss it with her.

I'm really impressed with your bp readings. I've never been below 127 over 87 so I'm really jealous.

Anyways, once I've had my appointment, my meds may be adjusted AGAIN and I might finally get some relief.

Will keep you informed.

Thanks again.


I hate to sound so simplistic but it may be your pillow. We could suggest all kinds of headaches and reasons that you have a headache. Probably all guesses will be wrong.

If it was me, I would try the pillow change and even taking a day to nap before reaching

for the medicine. I would make my room nice and dark, then blow a little fan to

circulate the air, take an ice cold washcloth folded to fit over your eyes, forehead.

Even an ice bag might help.. drinking a full glass of water or juice can help. Good

luck sweetie, I want you to feel better soon... keep in touch.


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