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Incredibly bad cramps and fatigue

Hi all, would really love some sort of reassurance right about now because I'm worried there might be something wrong with me but it feels difficult to actually work out what is going on.

I've had incredibly bad period pain and cramps for about the past week, and it's completely knocked me for six and I have never felt this bad from period pain (after having had them at a pretty bearable level for about 8-9 years). It's why I think this is so out of the ordinary, usually I can deal with things and a few painkillers and a hot water bottle will do the trick, but this feels horrendous and I've felt like fainting almost every time I get up. I'm eating and keeping hydrated (as much as I can while feeling bad anyway) but I'm feeling so incredibly fatigued and like my head, lungs and body are just finding things difficult. I feel both really heavy, and really light-headed. I've already fainted/fallen twice in the past few days and my sleeping pattern is now a mess.

I have mental health issues, and sure, I sometimes pass out in the midst of a really bad panic attack, but that hasn't happened for ages. I don't feel like I can pinpoint the pain in my brain and body as mental illness. It is making my anxiety worse over the last day or so though, as often I fear what is wrong with my health.

Anyone have any suggestions what this might be and how I could go about checking what it is? Is it CFS, reproductive organ issues, anaemia, some sort of deficiency, or just a blip?

It's starting to worry me, but I've no idea whether to go to the doc because I'm expecting them to just say 'oh it's just bad period pain, you'll be fine'.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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Hi hannah, it could be a number of things going on like a virus or deficiency so the best bet is to go to your docter who will most probably test your blood to see if anything shows up. Hope you feel better soon and try not to worry at this stage. Let us know how it goes. X


I'd say to go and get yourself checked would be where to start. Write everything down, how you've been feeling, symptoms etc and take it with you. Good luck, I hope someone can help xx


Oh bless you Hun , I would go & see your GP write all your worry so down , but you may be short of iron that can make you feel fatigued &I you might have a viral infection , have lots rest get outside in the fresh air , & make an appointment to see your GP. Good luck.


Hi all, luckily (and unluckily) my flatmate called an ambulance when I collapsed in the shower last night. They checked me over because I mentioned having a sore foot, and did all the ecg stuff and so on, but I said I'd rather stay home if all they could do at the hospital is give me rest.

I am going to see my GP first thing tomorrow with a copy of the ECG as the doc will be able hopefully to get tests done, and try and work out whats up with me.

Part of me does wonder whether I should have taken up their offer of going to the hospital but I thought bedrest and water and toast would be best. They did say to call back if anything happened though.

Luckily I'm feeling a bit better. Still pretty awful, but my doc is only a hop and skip away from me so hopefully he can try and help after a nights rest.

Thanks for heads up peeps, your suggestions definitely came in handy.

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As you have mentioned CFS, pain in your brain, anxiety, mental illness, anemia etc., I would be asking for a full thyroid panel of blood tests along with vitamin B12, vitamin D, iron, ferritin and folate bloods too.


It sounds like you might have Endometriosis- what you describe is exactly what I used to experience when I was younger - I ended up needing emergency surgery after nearly passing out from the pain. My doctor found a softball sized cyst on one of my ovaries and a great deal of Endometriosis throughout my pelvic region. Don't let the pain go on and on. You could potentially have issues that could affect your fertility if left too long. I hope you can find a compassionate doctor who will treat you with respect and take you seriously. Feel better soon.


Getting blood test done soon - thanks for all the suggestions by the way. There's been a history of endometriosis and ovarian issues in my family, so a part of me is holding out hope that if there's anything wrong it'll be caught a lot earlier than it is for a lot of people. I'll mention on the day of blood test what worries/possible things I think it could be. Pretty sure my doc doesn't think it's a thyroid thing since she checked for anything wrong with my neck/jaw, and I assumed that was what that was for.

Was sick very late last night, likely because I tried to give myself more food/richer food than my body was able to take - it's bloody terrible that I'm craving things but am practically living off crackers and ginger nut biscuits to keep the nausea at bay.

Fingers crossed all goes well. I've a pretty big fear of needles - not as bad as it used to be, but I'm praying it goes well and I don't faint halfway through.


A little worried and would love more advice. Bloods came back as normal from my doctors and I'm still ill, even if it's not as horrendous as it was. Kind of peeved that my docs aren't trying to follow up or investigate what else could be wrong with me.

I'm back at my family home, miles away from uni, and kind of unsure how to go about things. Should I get rechecked again at the GP surgery here? I really want to know what's going on because it's been nearly a month now and I'm still in pain and not doing great. I just don't have all the time in the world to keep arranging things and letting doctors poke and prod me and then just leave me to magically get better by some miracle.

I need to get a docs note to my uni soon too and don't know which doctors to go to about it, my uni docs aren't following up on me, and there's so much backstory to explain to the new docs.

I'm just really scared and worried when everyone is telling me I should be resting. I can't rest without knowing what the heck is wrong with me and getting fixed. I hate this so much.


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