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Whippets answer to a bad day

Whippets answer to a bad day

If Whippet finds life getting a little too much he buries his head under a cushion.

Myself I eat chocolate and listen to rock and roll.

And reserve cushions for propping up purposes. Mainly books.

Happy reading, what would we do without a bit of escapism?

I especially like something with a bit if humour.

I have just discovered Tibor Fischer. Not everyone's read but amused me no end.

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I agree we do need a bit of escape ism.But it don't take the pain away ,just gives you a small relief, and a smile helps a lot.x


I sing a lot...


I agree, reading is one of my lifelines. Along with listening to music. Which reminds me, I need to indulge and buy some new cd's!


If I sang I would probably be served an Asbo.

And I don't know which one i could do without.

Music or books.

Doesn't bare thinking about.

Happy listening.

Re nothing at all. I use very loud music to meditate with. But I have to take the car out in the spirit of good neighbourlyness.


Knitting. I am now on the third attempt at a tricky blanket I started 4 years ago. But that's on hold because I have decided to learn how to do socks. About a third of the way through my second attempt at the first half of a pair now.

People say of a lot of things, "Well it has to be better than sitting at home doing knitting." I say, don't knock it til you've tried it. Knitting is no longer the preserve of old ladies!


I can knit but I simply cannot follow a pattern.

Same with maps. I can read a map doesn't help me get where I am going through.

Or written instructions for that matter. No wonder I can't get the life in order.

Have an inability to keep to rules too unless i can see the point in them. Brings out the worst in me.

Happy socking.

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Meditation for me. I immerse myself in colour - think of pain as a colour and change it to switch the pain off. Psychodelic tripping without the drugs and unfortunately the hangover when I return to reality. Well worth it though.

Funny writers - Alexander McCall has a certain humour about him.


Hi Zanna I sometimes try a bit if escapism via color but have yet to experience the effect that i get with surrounding the body beautiful with music. Do you have certain colours that work for you. I am always drawn to orange when really down. I wouldn't look at it at any other time. I painted my bathroom with it once 6 months latter I had had enough of it.

I too like McCall.

Fischer has an offbeat humour that may offend some.

A dark clever alternative look at life that is refreshing.

I get stuck in a rut. Coming across something refreshing is rare. Life takes so much more energy when in pain constantly I keep my head down and just concentrate on left foot right foot. I have to fall over things before I notice them these days.

Stodge I am turning stodgy me thinks.


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