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Hi everyone - still here!

Hi there,

I am so sorry I haven't posted for ages or even contributed on here. I read everything every day so I know how you are all doing but didn't feel up to posting - for some reason - not sure why.

So what's been happening with me. I have completed third line chemo of topetecan which stopped the tumors growing but didn't reduce them. As soon as I stopped they started growing again so now lined up for 4th line chemo of carboplatin and gemcitabine. Hopefully this will reduce the buggers but if it only stops them growing well that's 6 months of no growth to look forward to. So far I have coped well with all the chemo they throw at me and plan to continue working throughout my next treatment. Fingers crossed it will do the trick this time - after all my onc said that carbo saved my life on my first treatment and it may do the trick again. Hopefully I will last a few more years.

I have been a little depressed as I have been catching every bug going recently and I have been getting some pain from my tumors which until recently I didn't have but other than currently fighting off a chest infection I do feel better in myself. I suppose we can't be jolly all the time can we and all the time I didn't have pain I could really pretend there was nothing wrong with me.

So what else have I been doing. Not too much due to the bad weather but I have roller skated at my sons roller skating party hanging onto the arms of two georgeous young men - that was a bonus!

I have played a spy game ducking, climbing and sliding through a big warehouse trying to solve the various missions with my children and my friend and her children. That was great fun but did I ache afterwards!


I treated the boys to be zookeepers for the morning as I had enjoyed doing this so much.

I am due to go horse riding on a beach when the stables can arrange a date for me. I used to own my own horse years ago but I have never galloped along a beach. I am going on a spa day of pampering Sunday with the mum of one of the children I look after and best of all we are going to disneyland Paris for a week at the end of April. The children are so excited but maybe not as excited as me!

I felt that my husband was missing out so his treat is to fly a 737 simulator which we are doing Wednesday. The good thing is myself and the boys can sit behind him as "passengers'

In the summer - chemo permitting - I will be feeding gorillas in Kent and going on a mini safari and African meal while we are there with the boys. We are also going to 'go ape' and climb through the trees on rope ladders and zip wires!

Tractor driving, tank driving and camel riding are still to be arranged. So health permitting they are planned for this year as well and who knows what else I will come up with!

Well that's my news update. I hope you are keeping well and can't wait until May to meet lots of you.

Hugs Jackie xxxx

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Hi Jackie,

You have been constantly in my thoughts, sorry to hear you are going through it, but glad to see that you are still you, I'm worn out reading what you have planned :-/ ;-) sending you and your family loads of love x G x :-) :-)


Thanks gwyn,

I think of you all as well but I don't know why but didn't feel able to post. Who knows I am probably cracking up but is there any wonder after what we all go through with this dreadful disease. I hope I will have enough energy to do everything I have planned!

Love to you and your family Jackie xxx


Think we all go through this unexplained period to. Like you I have and like you feel I am just beginning to come out of it.

You really are fantastic in all you do jackie. I am well impressed. Enjoy all your adventures all of you

Love Suex


Hi sue,

I hope you feel better soon as well. Weird place to be sometimes with all this but nice to come out the other side even just to feel sane again.

Hugs Jackie xx


Dear Jackie

It's really lovely to hear from you. I've been wondering how you have been getting on. I hope we can all cheer you up a bit. It's time we had an irrelevant and irreverent blog to have a laugh together.

I admire you so much for enjoying so many activities. You have a huge zest for life and fun. All your plans sound very exciting. One of my daughters took her children to Disneyland last October and they absolutely loved it.

Trips I've got lined up are two visits to London as a tour guide. I'm meeting up with French friends next month, and the following month with a friend from Scotland who's never been to London. I'll be revisiting places I haven't been for years and I've also booked The Tempest at the Globe which is very exciting. Soon afterwards I'll be back again to meet up with everyone at the Ovacome Members' Day.

Enjoy the Kentish apes. Sounds amazing!

Loads of love, xxx Annie


Thanks Annie,

I love the sound of the tempest. A couple of years ago I took the boys to London and we walked along the river and went past the globe theatre I said then I would love to go in but never got round to it. I see another adventure coming on!

I lived in London and did all the touristy things growing up but now am taking the boys there each year to show them. Have a lovely time.

Speak soon Jackie xxx


Good to hear from you, Jackie. Sorry the last chemo wasn't more effective. Hope the next round does a better job. All your activities sound fantastic. Carry on enjoying them.


Linda xx


Thanks linda,

You know what I feel happier already getting some lovely messages from my ovacome friends. Glad I got round to posting!

Hugs Jackie xxx


Hi Jackie

It is true that we can't be jolly all the time and given what you're going through, it isn't surprising that you haven't felt up to blogging. I hope things will get better for you soon.

Sounds like you have some amazing treats lined up and you thoroughly deserve to have a great time.

Love & best wishes

Mary xx


Thanks Mary,

Feeling more positive again so hopefully things will improve for me again.

Can't wait until Sunday for my spa day. I will be thoroughly pampered!

Hugs Jackie xx


Hi there Jackie ..

Good to see you back again xx and looking forward to our coffee and natter soon ..hope you are feeling better .

Love Jan xxxx


Yes really looking forward to seeing you. Penicillin seems to have started doing the job so hopefully better soon.

Hugs Jackie xx


Hi Jackie good to hear from you . I too have posted for while

What lovely things planned - were do you get the energy.

Hope this next chemo gives you a longer break and good you are coping well with treatment

Ally xx


Hi ally,

Lovely to hear from you as well. Sometimes I think we need a break then we can come back with renewed energy.

Hugs Jackie xxx


Hi there Jackie! It's so good to 'hear' from you again. I've been wondering how things were with you. I'm sorry you've been feeling down, it's this #€{>*# weather, I think. This winter has been never-ending! I hope you feel buoyed up by all the friendly messages in response to your post. I hope the spring comes soon too. ;-)

All your activities sound absolutely amazing. Your family must be so excited at all the events that you have been organising for them. I hope that your next chemo does the job for you. Sending you big cyber hugs (((xxx)))

Love Wendy xx


Hi Wendy,

All the lovely messages have really cheered me up. The boys are so excited about disneyland. Alex has it all planned already!

I already feel perked up and ready foe anything again - well almost anyway!

Hugs Jackie xxx


Wow, that's an impressve selection of activities - great to hear you have been doing lots of nice things and have more lined up.... now where has our sunshine got to??



Hi Sheila,

I am a fellow Norfolk resident. I am in south norfolk and go the the norfolk and Norwich for treatment. Fed up of the snow now. We need some sunshine to cheer us all up.

Jan76 is also a norfolk lady and we are meeting up soon at the big c if you would like to join us.

Hugs Jackie xx


Hello Jackie, thanks for this and sorry about my delay in replying - I don't go on the pc so often now the weather is cheering up a bit (sunshine again today though still that a very cold wind). I'm in South Norfolk too and attend the N&N. Wou8ld be good to meet up some time

Sheila xx


Hi jackie

I have recently started second line treatment of carbo and gem I have only had one treatment and ca125 has come down from 161 to 128 so hope you have good luck with is

Sharon x


Hi Sharon,

I hope this treatment will do the trick for me. How has the treatment been? Have you had many side effects? I have tolerated chemo pretty well so far so fingers crossed and the bonus is I won't loose my hair.

Hope the treatment continues to work for you.

Hugs Jackie xx


Hi jackie think you are right . The boys and the adults will love disneyland . We went to paris about 6 years ago and florida 3 year ago and we all had a wonderful time

love ally xx


Hi Ally,

I would have loved to have taken the boys to Florida but the insurance for me is so much and I didn't want to risk not having insurance. At least with France it is not so far to get home if there is a problem and I have got the eh1 cards to take with us.

I went there with some friends about 20 years ago when it first opened so it will be good to see what I remember and how much has changed. We are also going to Paris for the day as I have never been there.

Love Jackie xxx


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