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Hi everyone

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I have just been to see one of the oncologists she is based in Southampton. The first thing she said was how great I looked. My surgery was 3 and half weeks ago. She also said I could eat a normal diet. I still have microscopic bits of the disease but still have 2 chemotherapy’s left. I would go avastin and I could be on that for 2 years but so far she everything seems to be going well and I’m responding well. She said like everyone in here has said don’t read the statistics as there out of date and we are not a statistic. She mentioned women can live for years with this disease. She was so straight but lovely with it. Glad I got to see her. Sheenagh. X

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That's good news. Glad you saw her😀xx

That’s really good news and she sounds a very good and supportive oncologist 👍 xx

That’s really great news Sheenagh , you have done really well .Now all about recovery & getting on with your life.Big hugs Dee X

So pleased for you Sheenagh! And glad this doctor lifted you up and looked after you xx

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Hi Lyndy,

I am lucky I got see this oncologist as she is the top one from Southampton hospital. She said I would be closely monitored. We have oncologists in the Basingstoke hospital but it’s Southampton hospital that make the decision. I can’t say I’m impressed with my cns as they rang me last week and said have a blood test today which I did because my chemotherapy would start again tomorrow or Wednesday but the oncologist said no it was next Friday and to have my bloods done next Wednesday. So not quite sure where the cns is getting her information from or whether she was just guessing. Sheenagh xx

Great news , hurrah and onwardsJennifer

Great news 👍. So true about info being out of date on most statistics.

I love positive oncologists. My first one 20 years ago was like this and my doctor it helps so much. Have had first recurrence and think they are cautious now of what they say

Was that Dr Green by any chance?

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SEckett in reply to CallmeMum

Hi Callmemum

Yes it was Dr Green. Sheenagh

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CallmeMum in reply to SEckett

She's absolutely lovely, Cindy my mother in law had her we'd go on a Tuesday with my youngest see Clair (Dr Green) and Jo (McMillian nurse) they were both with us until the end and I couldn't have been more grateful for the help and care they gave her if you come across Mark the registrar he's okay after a while 😘 (sorry I only know their first names other than Dr Green).

You're definitely in the best care xxx

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Hi callmemum

I saw Jo on 2 occasions and she is fantastic. I also had a Mark Pickering who was at my operation and helped me through when I ended up back in the Princess Anne hospital with a sleepy bowel. I had only been out of hospital a day when I was taken back in. Mark was fantastic. Sheenagh xx

I'm really glad your appointment was so positive.It's just what you need to give you a boost.

Liz xx

So glad that you got some clear and positive feedback from your appointment. Go Sheenagh, you can do this! Healing wishes xx

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SEckett in reply to Morini

Hi Morini

Thank you. I’m feeling better in myself today. I had some very dark days after I saw the surgeon but feel much better after I saw the oncologist. Sending you love Sheenagh

Very glad to hear encouraging words! I also restart the chemo tomorrow. I’m still very aware of the inside of my abdomen after that extensive surgery 9/14, but it’s healing well. I wonder if the periodic twinges ever go away?Prayers for your continued fight!

Having a Dr who is supportive makes such a big difference, and makes you feel you have someone you can talk to who will be in your corner . I had known my oncologist for many years, when she treated my husband ,and I liked the way she handled things . When I walked into her office , the first thing she did was to give me a big hug and immediately I felt more relaxed and confident. Best wishes for continued success !!

You are on the right track.

Greetings from Maryland.

Gill,Mookie Fox.

Brilliant news for you!

Thats just brilliant, your Doctor sounds perfect, do glad you managed to see such positive Doctor. And there are lots of Ladies on here for over 10 year. Soo stay positive. Xxx

Superb news and superb oncologist. You are not just looking great, you are doing great. One step at a time xx

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