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Very slow rising ca125?

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Hi all you champs!

Didn't check in a lot after finishing my ops and chemo in April. But hope you are all doing as well as possible to be able to enjoy the holidays! Do the things you love to do with the people you want to do them with and gain some strenght for the new year!

I've been doing good myself and trying to live life to the fullest (I should, I'm 25). I'm not a person who worries but at my third 3 monthly checkup yesterday my ca125 came back at 17. I know it's very much in normal range and my onc said it changes all the time and it's ok. But after op and chemo it was 11..than 13 than 15 and now 17. I know it's not much but it looks like an upward trend and I'm low grade (slow growing) so I wasn't to excited even tho it was still all good...

So my question is if anyone ever had such a slow rise and reccured. Or if anyone had these small fluctuations upwards and it went a couple points down again instead of up? Just for the comfort. I'm on Letrozole since May witch should also hold it back.

Well, hope someone can share their thoughts or experience.

All the best and love


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Mine has gone up 2 points and then returned down (only 9 months post surgery and chemo) . I’m taking most of the COC protocol (Jane McLelland’s how to Starve Cancer book) as well as letrozole. My onc isn’t all that keen but can’t argue due to the reduction this time.

I’m reducing the letrozole to reduce the side effects for a bit too and will see how things go.

Fluctuations seem to be normal and ca125 picks up any inflammation.

Wishing you all the best

Alex xx

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Thank you! I'm living a bit more healthy for sure. Do some yoga and eat better. But I do drink, go out and eat crap as well. Otherwise the 'enjoy your life' what everybody likes to say makes no sence :).

Well good to hear yours went down again after a small elevation! I have no side effects from the letrozole besides the heatflashes I had allready because of surgery.

Be well and enjoy the holidays :)

Test results can vary depending on which lab checks them also equipment can vary other things can change your CA125 like periods, hormones and infections especially thrush and urine infections that you don't always know you have. Its good to keep an eye on the level and discuss any concerns with your oncology team especially if you begin to experience symptoms but in the meantime don't worry you are within normal range of under 35, go and enjoy your life. Merry Christmas and A very happy new year x

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Thanks Lyn!

I know you're right. I normaly am so calm. I just didn't expect the number to move at all, while I know it can. I'll forget about it until the next test and scan and going to dodge the winter and go to Asia for a month:)..

Thanks for your rational answer, needed that.

All the best!


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Asia how wonderful hope you have a fantastic time...........Carpe Diem!

Hello Esther... my daughters name is also Esther!

I know it’s easy to read stuff into the results of each test but so many things affect the ca125 which is really an inflammatory marker rather than a cancer marker... try if you can to accept its in the normal range and that’s good. We all get attacks of the ‘what ifs’ but all they do is steal your time xx

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You have a very good taste in picking names ;)

And yes, you're right! I think I just felt so proud and confident about my number being around 11 and 13 haha..

I'll try to forget about it and be my cool self again ,)


I so admire your spirit and attitude, much as I can understand you feeling a bit nervous with your Ca125 numbers but as others say - various other inflammations could cause it. Go and have a lovely time in Asia but do try and get some Health Insurance. Even if you can't get insurance for Cancer try and get it for anything else that MIGHT occur (like a broken leg, for instance) and be scrupulously honest. Tell them everything truthfully or they could null and void your insurance.

Right, lecture over, Esther! I just got carried away and thought I was talking to one of my many lovely grandchildren, LOL. Sorry!

This is the first year in 22 years that we haven't taken our caravan to live on a campsite in Portugal in the winter. For 13 of those years I've had OvCa. I've been so lucky.

Have fun, keep smiling and have a Happy, Solange 😊

Hi, I was on a zejula started in August, my Ca125 was 3 CTscan totally clear .. then end of September Ca125 jumped to 8. Then end of October jumped to 11. Had CTscan done which showed 4 small masses, 2 weeks later scheduled for return to chemo Ca125 was up to 51 😐. Started chemo November 15 ( 2 drugs)after 1rst treatment Ca125 down to 20. Then two week later had one drug only and Ca125 down to 10. Then yesterday had 2nd treatment with the 2 drugs .... what I’m saying is keep on top of it maybe see about getting CTscan in near future!

My ca125 had always been low highest ever, at first diagnoses was only 28

Hugs. Sue

The CA 125 Test can fluctuate. But what I have read about it is that it can go up if you have an infection or UTI or yeast infection. I had a UTI in October and was taking antibiotics. Then when I went in for my CA125 it had gone up 7 points from 6 mos ago. It still is in the normal range. But they are taking bloodwork again January 2 just to see if there is a trend. I was sort of worried at first. But I have decided to try to thwart worry. Because it does no good to worry. God Bless. And keep yourself .Try not to worry about all of this stuff so you don't scare yourself. I have been where you are. I am an Ovarian Cancer Survivor going on 4 years. But still have to get check ups. Merry Christmas I will say a prayer for your speedy recovery. Write again if you need support

I haven't had a slow rise and I don't know if you are a candidate for this, ask about intraperitenil chemotherapy , it's used in the US, I was fortunate to be able to do it , my ca125 has remained a7. I know different labs have different results off usually by 2 percent, variable. Best wishes. Liz

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