Extra birthday celebrations

Extra birthday celebrations

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I did my owl handling experience today.

I was fantastic! such beautiful birds. My sons and I flew 3 owls and as the guy running it was running two groups we joined the other group and flew 3 hawks as well.

One of the hawks landed on my head _ I was sooo thankful I wasn't wearing my wig anymore. That would have been a story to tell wouldn't it!

Back on my birthday high again but set to dip tomorrow as I have a scan which I know will not be great news but I won't worry about that until September.

Camel riding to book up next and lots of days out planned with both my children and the children I childmind. So much more fun to have before next chemo starts. Whoopee!!

hugs to you all love Jackie xxx

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  • Fab photo Jackie - one for the album. It's lovely to see photos on blogs. I did laugh at the idea of a hawk landing on a wig. It would have been a sort of hairy skid pad. What a surprise for everyone! ha ha. I'm so really delighted you're enjoying your birthday treats. Have you been enjoying the Olympics too? I've never watched before but have been captivated. It's something about drinking in every experience and enjoying it whilst we have the time and energy. Hope you post up a photo of the camel ride! xx Annie

  • hi Annie,

    my youngest son kept giggling and when I asked him what was funny he said he was thinking of the hawk flying off with my wig to make nice nest!!

    I am loving the Olympics. I have tickets for the Paralympics, swimming and goal ball, and can't wait to be a part of it.

    I will definately put a photo on from the camel ride when I do it.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi Jackie

    Fab photo, owls are stunning birds aren't they. Glad you had a good day- camel riding next huh, be careful- they're smelly and spit! :D( need to do the smiley workshop!)

    love sue. X

  • Hi Sue,

    Hoping to avoid that end of the camel!! Aparantly you dress up in some Bedouin clothes. That sounds fun.

    I will post a picture when I do it. Haven't booked it yet but will soon.

    Love Jackie xxx 8-) hope the smiley face shows!

  • Dear Jackie ..

    So glad you had a wonderful day xx

    The photo of you and the owl is brilliant ! Well done you ....

    Thinking of you today xx

    Will look forward to seeing the pics at our next catch up ..

    Have a great time with the boys with all that you have planned for the rest of the hols ..

    Love Jan xxx

  • Hi Jan,

    owls were brilliant. So glad we did it and we got to fly hawks as well. What a bonus!

    I had a lovely day at framlingham castle and Orford castle today with all the children. They were all really well behaved.

    I will have to show you lots of pics in September.

    Scan went okay. Never like having it because they have trouble getting the dye into my veins but other than that it is okay. Don't get the results until 5th September but I know it won't be good. Going to be an ostrich until then and enjoy my summer.

    Going to southwold maize maze tomorrow with 5 boys then onto southwold lighthouse and beach. Can't wait.

    Have a nice holiday and see you in september.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Hi there Super woman ......

    Glad scan went ok xx

    Get you out there and go for gold !!!!

    Have a nice icecream for me in Southwold today ..had one when we were there in June ...very nice ..going to be trying Dorset icecream soon .....

    Have lots of fun xxxx

    Love Jan xxxx

  • Hi Jackie,

    Brilliant photo you are expert at posting pics now... the Icecream farm I go to has owls and birds of prey... as well as goats sheep pigs and cows etc ..I love it especially the Icecream haha....I am glad yooooo oo uu enjoyed it tooooo oo woo you should have got a discount for advertising Toooo-Wittttt -Toooo- Woooo :-O :-O :-O these are my owl faces love x G x

    :-O :-O :-O :-O

  • I think this deserves a row of owls !!!!

    :-O :-O :-O toooo :-O :-O :-O whitttt :-O :-O :-O toooo :-O :-O :-O wooooo :-O :-O :-O

  • Hi Jackie,

    Love the photo - and the owl. Really admire you with your fantastic plans. Just don't let the camel spit on you or you'll smell foul!! I used to work at a Whipsnade Zoo, in my youth, and show the llamas, among other things, off to the visitors. They do the same thing and I always worried that they might let me down but thankfully never did.

    Best wishes, Solange x

  • Hi Solange,

    This is my fifth attempt at replying........I went to Whipsnade zoo on a school trip many moons ago........we have a very big zoo in Chester but it is expensive to visit understandable... as it must cost a lot to upkeep the animals love x G x :-O :-O :-O

  • I'll now be saying this in my sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :-D

  • Hi Gwyn, glad your perseverence paid off !! I've had problems galore with sending, lately - and also bringing up blank pages.

    I loved working with animals - I used to work at a small zoo on the IOW when I was a schoolgirl and then left home to work at Whipsnade.I loved the enormous spaces the animals had to live in there. Mind you, my attitude changed about zoos as I got older and I began to think it cruel to confine animals.Thankfully, they seem to be allowed to roam, more, and have much better living conditions, nowadays. They also help save endangered species, which is great. You're right about Zoos being expensive!!

    Solage x

  • Hi Solange,

    A young man where I worked (I finished last year) lives in the zoo..he used to work there, they keep some accommodation for the zoo keepers his partner is a zookeeper... I always thought it must be fun to live in the zoo..but noisy at night haha with birds squawking and all the other animals screeching, growling etc he knew a lot about animals... Love x G x :-O :-O :-O

  • Hi again, Gwyn,

    When I worked at the zoo there was a Hostel for the male keepers, if they wanted to live in. There was a funny old boy lived there in a shared dorm. He always had a chamber pot under his bed and didn't go out to the bathroom, much to the other chaps amusement. One night they played a trick on him and put Andrews Liver Salts in his pot. He got up to use it in the dark and of course it fizzled up like mad. All they could hear was him saying, "Oh dear me, oh dear me!".

    In the end, they couldn't contain their amusement any longer and all burst out laughing. Of course, the story was all round the zoo, after that ..

    Night night, I'm off to bed, shattered. :-(

    Solange :-)

  • Hi Solange,

    It sounds as though you had lots of fun at the zoo.. Haha and not just with the animals LOL....reminds me of the time my sons went camping and put cling film over the toilet seat haha... Love x G x :-D

  • I'm so jealous I always wished I had been a zookeeper. I love whipsnade zoo I've been there quite a few times. My camel experience includes taking a llama for a walk so that should be interesting.

    My husband brought me a zookeeper experience last year for my birthday which I loved. I spent time with monkeys, meerkats, lemurs, kangaroos and the giraffes feeding and interacting with them. It was brilliant.

    I have so much arranged this summer. As I childmind I am working 3 days a week and we are going all over the place. Today we went to two local castles and tomorrow we are off to a maize maze and the coast.

    I am also going to the Paralympics at the beginning of September just before I see my oncologist. I got the impression when I saw him in April that I should enjoy myself while I can - well I am definately doing that!!

    Hugs Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie,

    It was a lovely job. We all had our own special animals to look after, as well as the ones we shared. Two of my "charges" were a mother llama and her baby and I adored them, especially the baby. Once he was old enough his mother was returned to the llama paddock and I just had the young one. One day, we were warned that the Press were coming to take photos (something that happened fairly often) I spent ages grooming my "baby" in case he was chosen. He always looked beautiful with long, silky wool but that day he looked especially beautiful. When I eventually finished I tethered him to a fence while I nipped in to put the grooming tackle away. When I came out I couldn't believe my eyes - he'd jumped over the fence by a big flower bed and into a large ornamental flowering currant shrub. His coat was a tangled mess absolutely full of small flowers. He looked dreadful! Needless to say he wasn't chosen to be in the newspaper - we were out of site, desperately trying to get all the tiny bits out of his coat, when the press arrived. It took me at least two weeks to get him looking beautiful again - but I still loved him ......

    Love Solange

  • Sounds like a fun job Solange love x G x :-D

  • Hi Jackie,

    Children are lovely aren't they I used to work with children (finished last year) I used to take school children around a museum and tell them about the Romans.. it was fun and I used to keep a rubber mouse in my pocket and pretend it was a doormouse I'd get a volunteer to close their eyes and open their mouth, all the kids used to scream with delight especially when I riggled it a lot... it was great 8-) 8-) 8-) love x G x

  • Hi Jackie,

    I think they have now got the blog problems sorted....I hope all went well with your appointment please keep in touch love x G x :-O :-O :-O

  • Appointment better than expected as they usually take about 4 attempts to get the dye injected in and the radiologist did it first time. Just a bit of. Wiggle in the vein and sorted. Didn't feel like a pincushion. Won't know exact results until 5th September but I know they won't be brilliant. However not worrying about that until then as I have so much fun to have until then.

    I have got so much lined up with both the children I childmind and my own. Off to the seaside tomorrow - can't wait I love my job!!!

    Love jacks


  • Woooow I love the seaside especially with kids...glad it wasn't too bad..best to put it behind you untill the results are through...enjoy yourself at the seaside and I hope the sun shines...I tried that face it didn't work for me either hahaha I am going to do some with sunglasses.. Love x G x 8-) 8-) 8-)

  • Let's try again


  • I'm so excited I did one!!!!!

    I must practice now and master them all.

    Love Jackie. Xxx

  • Well done!! 8-) 8-) 8-) have you noticed I do three? One for you and one each for the boys haha love x G x

  • Jackie,

    I sympathise with you - having to have so many attempts to get a canula for the dye in. I have the same problem, with loads of attempts, sometimes the staff having to send for various more experienced people in other departments. I had a scan nearly two weeks ago and like you, it was so much easier than usual - only three attempts!! Couldn't believe it!!

    I don't know the result yet but know I still won't be given more chemo, even if I have more tumours, or the ones I do have have grown. At least I'll know what's going on in my body.

    I'm sooo impressed with all your wonderful fun things you have lined up. I wish I'd heard about these Zoo experience things earlier. I met someone who'd had one for her birthday last May and was so envious. Too late for me now - I haven't the strength nowadays. Still, I am having fun in other ways - I'm not moaning.

    Hope you get good results in September. Keep having fun with the children,

    Best wishes, Solange

  • Thanks Solange,

    I will keep you updated.

    Love Jackie xxx

  • Well done Jackie for doing all that you want to do. I am really glad your scan went well. Enjoy the rest of August.

    Lots of love X :-)

  • Thanks Cinderella,

    I have always been really busy and do loads of stuff but I am trying to squeeze in everything while I am still well enough to do it.

    Hopefully I will be able to squeeze in loads next year as well.

    Hugs Jackie xxx

  • Wow!!! it is sunny well done... enjoy love xGx 8-) 8-) 8-)

  • Hi Jackie hope you had a good day 8-)

  • I had a great day but now worn out. Not working tomorrow so a lazy day at home with the boys and hubby.

    We've just brought a new table and chairs for the garden so I think a nice day sitting in the garden is called for.

    Hugs Jackie xx

  • Hi Jackie,

    Glad it was sunny and you had a good time...enjoy your rest tomorrow love x G x 8-)

  • Unfortunately rest day canceled as my husbands mum is seriously ill in London so we need to go there. Not looking good. Not expected to live much longer after a stroke.

    I feel devastated. Firstly I found out today someone I thought of as a dear friend is having a barbecue saturday and has invited everyone but me. It wasn't by mistake she even told someone else not to tell me as she didn't want me there. I have no idea why especially as she came to my party. Bit of a kick in the teeth. Then this with Tom's poor mum. Talk about come down to earth with a bump.

    Oh well I know I can always rely on you and others on this site to be my virtual friends and to be there for me.

    Speak soon

    Jackie xx

  • Jackie what can I say I am so sorry, It must be such a blow for you, to be back down with a bump, there are a few on here that is having things bad at the moment and not OC related.. Please try not to let it pull you down.. You need the fight that you have already shown.. I know this is hard..my mother died of a stroke it was a terrible experience made worse by the hospital's lack of care...I can really relate to this..and I am so so sorry...

    The "friend" that has let you down..is no friend..and I know you are hurt as there is no answer to this..but walk away from this... it is not you..and you know life is for living..this person will live with her guilt...what goes around comes around..but please try not to harbour this as you will be the one that will go under..and what is important is "you" and your lovely precious family..

    I send you my love and will pray that God will be there for all of you as He is for me...I don't want to offend you but it is the only way I know how to deal with a crisis..and I truly care even though we haven't met... please take care love x G x :-)

  • PS...you can PM me if I can be of any help at all.. please try and keep me informed..I can offer support even if there is nothing else I can do love x G x :-)

  • Thank you Gwyn,

    Your kindness always perks me up - as do your poems. I am glad you have your faith and feel priviledged not offended that you pray for me.

    This so called friend has done something like this in the past and after a while of not being friends I thought we were over all that. This was about 3 years ago. As they say a leopard doesn't change their spots. There won't be a third time. It will upset me for a while but I will get over it and carry on enjoying my life.

    The only problem is I live in a very small community and this person is very popular so even though I wish I could be totally rude to her I will hold my tongue as I don't need everyone else siding with her at the moment.

    We are setting off to London later this morning. Not looking forward to it but I know in the long run it will be for the best as she won't suffer anymore. She is roman catholic so will have peace with god.

    Love jackie. Xxxxxx

  • Hi Jackie,

    I hope all goes well for you on your journey and afterwards when you arrive, it is a very worrying time for your husband I am sure...I am glad you don't mind me praying for you and your family and of course you mother in law.. perhaps her faith will help her... this might sound odd..but I am not at all religious... I am a Christian though and to me it is a choice and way of life..Religion I feel is something different ie..we can be religious in almost anything we do..but the way I see it being a Christian sets me free and doesn't tie me up..if that makes sense?...so don't pray because I have to but because I want to...

    sending my very best wishes to you love x G x :-)

  • hi

    just read ur mess..

    imso sorry, i hope and pray that things work out for u

    all the best

    shen xx

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