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Update: Last Sunday's fever resulted in 6 days in hospital

Dear ladies, especially those of you who replied to my last post with advice on what to do with a temperature (and thank you for your support). I did end up calling Queen Elizabeth Hospital, B'ham, to be told in no uncertain terms to go in. By then my temperature had risen to 38.5 C. I left the hospital yesterday, after 5 days of intravenous drips, fluids and a blood transfusion. It's still not clear what was wrong with me, as all the blood and urine cultures came up negative. In any case, am now home, temperature is gone, and I have 5 more days of antibiotics to take. I didn't get much sleep in hospital (does anybody?), and the combination of tiredness, high temperature, and antibiotics have left me feeling drained. But am so glad to be home, and hopefully on the mend. I had to skip Friday's chemo, and will now take a break until 15 February when I will start Topotecan round two. In the mean time, my husband and I had planned to go to Istanbul, for 5 days, leaving on Wednesday. Is this a really mad idea?


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If it's ok with your onc. then it's a great idea. Istanbul is such a beautiful city, I hope it will be restorative. Don't overdo it though - there is so much to see!

Monique x


I think it's a great idea what is life for if it isn't for living?... But check with your medical team first. I am so glad you've got your temperature sorted.... Best wishes love x G x 8-)


I agree with our wise friends. There's nothing like a little break away for bucking us up! So long as your team say it's OK. Glad you're feeling better now. You take care of yourself ;-) Have a lovely holiday if you decide that's it's going ahead 8-)

Love Wendy xx


Dear Francesca

I'm so glad you're now home and over the fever. It must be the week for holidays with Midwife Gill in South Africa watching wild creatures drinking at a water hole. How I'd love to visit Isbanbul - go for it - and enjoy! You must be so full of anti-biotics and nice new fresh blood that you'll soon feel on top of the world.

Enjoy Istanbul .... I'm looking forward to another blog and some photos. xxx love Annie


Thank goodness you went in - far better to be safe than sorry. Even if it is still a mystery! Re Istanbul: if you feel good, go for it. I think the restorative effect of holidays is badly needed when we all feel so battered by life!

Have a lovely time :-)


Sue xxx


I;m glad you are on the mend, always best to get in touch with the team with a temp so soon after chemo.

I agree with the other ladies that if you are feeling well the break will only make you feel better. Have a great holiday xx

Chris 8-)


Glad you're home from hospital now. I've had two hospital stays this year so can empathise totally! Sometimes it feels its one step forward and two steps back doesn't it? But glad you are feeling better. A nice break away would recharge the batteries, and i am sure your team must have said it was ok to travel so their advice is key to having a safe and restful break. So as long as you stick to what they say, are strong enough to resist the temptation to rush around sight seeing and will rest.... then no, youre not mad at all, just enjoying life!!!

Enjoy and send us back some sun.... Please!

Jules xxx


Hey! Go for it!! If you're feeling strong and as the other ladies say - don't overdo it - then enjoy your exotic break!! This we all have, is a b.....std!! When oh when will they find a cure or even a daily pill to keep it dormant??? I'm sure it will happen one day soon. In the meantime - we go with the flow and yes - go to a temple and wish for sun back here!! Enjoy!! x


if you feel well today then go for it, Istanbul is a beautiful city and well worth a trip. So glad you are feeling better now and long may it last.

Amanda xxxxxx


Glad you are feeling better. Go for your break while up can and enjoy every minute of it just to be normal and forget about chemo, ca125's. Enjoy that's what I am doing from Tues for a week.I shall enjoy every day rain or shine. Well I am hoping it wont rain.

Take care

Cheers Barbara


That was a tough time you had so glad to hear you're home. If you go for the Istanbul trip have a fantastic time and in any case be really good to yourself.


Linda xx


Hi Francesca

Glad you are feeling better after your scare. Always makes me laugh that hospitals are supposed to make you feel better, but you get so little sleep and it's hard to relax, always great to get home.

Have a fantastic holiday....the sun will do you good!

Love Linda xx


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