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Update. Still in hospital

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Just an update to let you know the latest . I am still in hospital following op on Tuesday. I am being treated amazingly well. I have been lucky to be on a small ward room where just me and 1 other are now until the next lot get booked in tommy evening.

I have found this very painful and been struggling to eat and drink due to spasms but that is now calming down with different meds.

I picked up and infection and my temp has been over 100f a couple of times. I have lost some weight too which is not a bad thing.

My diagnosis: it looking like stage 1c . My ovary was covered with nodules and the cyst was sweeping off the ovary. We need to wait for path confirmation but like some of you have mentioned knowing what is likely has been ok to take on board. If it is i have been advised about chemo being needed prevent any return.

I have been itching to let you know what has happened so here i am.

Lots of love to you all

Carol x x

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Hi Carol .. and love to you too. You sound like you're as happy as a person can be in your situation. It was a good thing to have understood beforehand so this hadn't come as a complete shock. I suppose you'll have to wait for biopsy results, if it is Ovarian, 1c means it's at the early stages so that's a very good finding. You never know .. You may not need chemo. I find being in hospital totally engrossing because people fascinate me. It's just as well because I've spent many times in there since the age of 22 due to gynae problems. I'm glad you're eating now and on the mend. Take care. Love Tina x x

Hi Tina , good to hear from you. I had a full abdominal hysterectomy plus my appendix taken as well as the offending cyst and have lovely neat cut that needed 28 staples to hold together :-) I did a sweestake with my friends to guess the number ofthem . Last night was the most comfortable yet despite getting up for a wee a couple of times which really kills getting up out of bed :-( I am def making progress.

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Hi Carol and good morning .. I first posted to you in the small hours. That's totally hilarious .. my hubbie wants to know if you won. Yes, it does hurt. Are you off all the tubes and the drip? Try not to lift anything. When I was in recently, I dropped a contact lens as I was taking it out. It was just before lights out and they were dimmed as were my eyes. Five other women got out of bed to search for it and Mrs Magoo (me). One had a torch attached to her head as she'd been reading a magazine. When the nurse came in, she asked what we were doing ... we must have looked a sight as I was holding my catheter bag and was still attached to the drip .. and I said that we were doing an official ward inspection. We couldn't stop laughing. She joined the search after trying to get us to get up though not on knees! Boredom and Vanity know no bounds. Love Tina x x

Hi Carol

I have been thinking about you and wondered how things were going. I'm glad to hear things are improving now for you and that at least you have some idea of what the state of play is now. I always found the not knowing the hardest part. When do you get your biopsy results?

I have been home a week now and apart from a small wound infection and feeling sore when walking I feel quite good. No real menopause symptoms yet either !

I'm glad to hear you re being looked after really well. I was glad to leave hospital but as Tina says they are fascinating places! Well hope you continue to improve. Take care.

Sending you a gentle hug!

Sue xx

Dear Carol

It's really good of you to think of posting up update. I've been thinking of you and wondering how it's all been going. The ward there is excellent and I thought you'd have a good experience there. Is the loud dinner lady still there? Voice like a foghorn and shakes you to wake you up so you eat and drink regularly! She used to make me laugh.

I'm sorry to hear you got an infection and that you've had some pain. Let's hope you'll be discharged soon. Nothing like recuperating in your own home and bed.

Let me know if you'd be up for a visit. xxx Love Annie

Good morning Carol. It does sound like good news - my own diagnosis was stage 3c, because two lymph nodes were involved in the cancerous left ovary, but the rest was more or less OK - a couple of small nodules were in the womb and the right ovary. There was no real evidence of spread to the momentum. I did flip a bit, because that was so much worse than I had been led to expect immediately after surgery.

But I then learned that because I had effectively minimal spread, albeit with lymph node involvement, and that all visible cancer had been removed during the op, my prognosis was a lot better than what's average for stage 3.

I am going to keep my fingers crossed that your diagnosis stays at 1c. That means a cure will be on the horizon - but, even if there's a little spread, a cure will also be on the horizon.

Hope this makes sense. I had a couple go glasses of red wine last night, this am I have a hangover…which I deserve. Best to you, Vicky xxx

duh, HU changed O M E N T U M to momentum… Not my literal, HU's… but the go rather than of, that is mine.

Hi Carol

It sounds like pretty good news so far. Hope the infection clears quickly. You will feel sore for a while and it is important to take your painkillers so that you can move around. Remember to take it easy.

Love are best wishes

Mary xx

Hi carol,

So glad you have updated us I was getting worried:( it is excellent in Llandoch, sorry to hear you've had a few problems, but good to hear your on the mend:) I bet you are glad its all over and he was able to tell you what to expect rather than having to do more waiting, it sounds like it early stage, which is excellent news if it can be in this situation, do you feel better in yourself now? I hope so......

Take care carol

Speak soon

Lots of love and healing

Andrea x x

Hi Carol, sounds like good news. Glad your on the mend. I too had my op in Llandough, I was lucky that they offered me an epidural for pain relief it was great. I was also luck in that I had no stitches to come out or clips, still had to be careful moving around. Hope you are home soon and that you will be able to join us in the new year at our support gatherings.

Best wishes,


Dear carol,

So glad to hear that you are doing ok. Have been thinking of you all week.

Ali x

Hi Carol, so glad to hear from you, been wondering how it all went. Sounds good news so far(compared to what it could have been), hope all goes well and you'll be home soon. Take it easy and look after yourself.

Love Kaz x x

Morning Carol, so pleased to read that you are feeling better, I fond that my body was a good guide to how I felt, the temptation to push yourself to do too much too quickly is hard to resist, but the more rest the quicker the healing process. Looking forward to the next update.

LA xx

Hi Carol,

Thankyou for the update, sending you best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Love x G x

Hi Carol,So pleased you are doing okay,I was diagnosed 1c in December2009,had surgery then chemo, and i have been lucky not to have a recurrence so far. Hope you are home from hospital soon ,Take Care,

Best Wishes Sue xx

Hi Carol

So pleased that you had your operation, Now you can focus on the future, it sounds good.

Hope you are soon home, thanks for letting us know.

Regards Barbara.

Hi Carol,

Thanks for the update. I hope that the infection and pain are very soon a thing of the past.

Sending you best wishes and a gentle hug.


Zannah x

Hi Carol, good to read your up-date. You sound very positive and upbeat. Wishing you a good recovery and hoping that it continues to be good news.

Love, Honey xx

Hope all continues to go well,pleased he ward is looking after you well xx

Sorry I didn't reply sooner, so pleased to hear from you and that you seem in good spirits. Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery -oh and I beat you! 42 staples for me! :-) Lots of love and gentle hugs, Jacqui xx

Hi Carol

Hope that, by now, you're feeling much stronger and maybe even thinking about going home. It sounds as if the results of the op are positive in making a good recovery, once you got over the infection. I hope so. You take it easy, get used to gentle exercise only..... and no lifting anything heavier than a mug of tea. ;-)

Keep us posted

Love Wendy xx

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