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Home at last after 10 long days in hospital. Picc line out, many different heavy doses of antibiotics and more to take at home. Along with blood thinning injections for next 6 months. Diagnosis was cellulitis and nasty infection In site of picc line. Doctor said if I’d left it a couple more days before I’d gone in could have been much worse as infection would have spread through blood. Phew! So back to chemo next week trying cannula again, not going through this again!!!

Thank you all for your best wishes xxx

16 Replies
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Thank goodness you went in when you did, and thank goodness you are safely home. Rest up for the next few days, and get ready for chemo again! Vicki x

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Samjane in reply to Yoshbosh

Yes it was good job!! Yep plenty of rest been done! Thank you xx

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Home 🏠 is good. Really pleased they’ve got you back on track. I hate having vein finding missions but if it’s a real problem ask for them to run an ultrasound on your arm it saves all the pin cushion problems. They did this to me on a ward after I said there was no chance of a vein in my left arm. Sadly I was right but it did highlight some in other places

Sleep well

LA xx

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Samjane in reply to Lily-Anne

No place like it! Yes they used machine while I was in and it worked!

Thank you xx

HI, Glad your home and on the the road to recovery, arfter you have had a break can you ask about a port as I said I've had mine for over 3 years with no problems,I feel like I'm at a service station go in get plugged in fill up and go.

I hope your treatment goes well Take care Lorraine xx

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Samjane in reply to lorraine71-Australia

They only mentioned one in my neck and not a port, don’t seem to do them as such here but I will mention if they struggle.

Thank you xx

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Welcome home Sam! What an ordeal you have been through. Prayers sent to you.

XX Carol

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Samjane in reply to caf132

Thank you xx

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My husband had two bouts of cellulitis. Never heard of it before that. Glad you caught it when you did as it can be quite bad (as they told you!) Glad you are home--recovery is so much easier there when you can actually sleep! Agree the port is very helpful and no more stress when its time to "get a line in". Mine is two years old and no issues. Wishing you a speedy recovery and treatment is smooth when it starts up again. oxox Judy

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Samjane in reply to Maxjor

Thank you, it’s horrible. I’d never heard if it before either xx

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I’m so pleased you went in when you did, it doesn’t bear thinking about what could have happened. I’m pleased your home and can soon restart your chemo, the cannula isn’t all that bad really so long as you drink lots of water beforehand.

Rest up and get ready to fight those little blighters. Keep well lovely ❤️Xx Jane

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Samjane in reply to Cropcrop

Thank you, ah never heard of drinking lots of water before, I’ll try that thanks.

I will rest up ready ❤️xx

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Glad you’re home - good job you trusted your intuition - hopefully a straight forward cannula an option and chemo goes ahead x

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Samjane in reply to Coldethyl

Thank you xx

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So glad you caught this before it got worse and are now home. Best wishes for rest and rejuvenation and very successful chemo.

xx Gina

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Thank goodness they caught it in time.

I have a friend who had cellulitis too and it could have turned nasty.


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