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Morning lovely ladies. Well this time last week I began to feel unwell, flu like symptoms. Shivering, shaking uncontrollably then pouring with sweat. Dosed up and rested but by Weds felt awful so got a gp appointment for the following day (Thurs). Gp said I had picked up an infection, gave me some antibiotics and ran some urgent bloods. Just going to bed that night when the phone rang, out of hours doctor to say my bloods were worrying and to admit myself to my local hospital immediately. By 5am they said it was a lung infection and I was put on intravenous antibiotics, endless blood tests and cannulas in and out as they struggled to find any decent veins after my chemo ended in January. On Monday I had my BIG oncology appointment to get my first scan result after treatment, fortunately it is the same hospital so they said Harry could push me over to the unit at 4pm. At 12.30pm in the middle of my lunch the oncologist walked in. I felt myself go scarlet and into panic mode. He didn't even pull the curtains round just stood at the end of my bed. He said he though it would be easier to come to me. He said he had looked at the ct pictures and he could see no evidence of disease, but he needed to read the radiologists written report that hadn't been typed up yet. Said there was a 6-8 week backlog but he hoped to have mine in 2-3 weeks and he would ring me at home. I didn't know what to feel or think when he walked got home last night after 5 nights in there, feel abit short of breath which I didn't do in hospital, still on oral antibiotics for the next 3 days. I guess its just rest and time. xx

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  • Absolutely - rest! I've experienced hospitalisation and it's not fun at all. You sound as if you've gone through a lot, but you're out the other side. I'd think of that 2-3 week wait for results as a time to build up your strength again. It'll pass quicker than you expect, and at least you're in your own bed! x

  • O dear poor you our veins do tend to run for the hills ... glad they sorted you out in the end all those needles ouchie... hope you start feeling better soon ,.. how disrespectful of your onc I often think they don't see us as a person just as a diagnosis they have to treat ... the ct result look positive result .. all the best for your recovery 🤗🤗

  • Hi , sounds like you had the same experience I had back at the end of January . I also picked up an infection and was hospitalised for six days in an isolation room . Pumped full of antibiotics . So wanted to get home and thought I would recover really quickly but it took quite a while and I'm still coughing to this day although I feel fine . I am also breathless that but that could be because I'm still having my chemo . Sounds like pretty good news for your scan . Fingers crossed for you that the radiologist report reiterate this. Take lots of rest to get over this nasty infection . 😘😘🌻🌻

  • Your experience sounds horrendous,but potentially a good result.

    So many viruses,bugs etc about,but yours sounded like it took a turn for the worst and I hope the anti bs get it sorted finally.

    I think our immune systems have taken a hammering,I am nearly 2 years after finishing chemo,but this winter has been a nightmare with 3 continuous colds and flu since October and only just been able to have the flu jab a week ago.

    Have decided to fight back with daily Tumeric,B12,Magnesium and Vit D,it can only help.

    I wish you well and hope you get better,

    Carole xx

  • Glad that oncologist couldn't see anything, I would hold onto that for now, rest and get better. What a horrible time you've had xx

  • Thank you lovely ladies.........good ex xcuse to keep out of the kitchen for a while!

  • What a horrible experience to go through and how dreadful to have to wait two weeks more for the results of your scan! I do hope things improve for you and that you get a positive outcome when next you speak with your oncologist. Warm regards Carole H 😊

  • Glad you've got home and its good that the oncologist cannot see anything untoward on the scan. having worked in the NHS myself, I have great respect for consultants as they generally are really good at reading scans themselves. Sorry you've got to wait 2-3 weeks for the official decision of the consultant radiologist though.

    Look after yourself and don't expect too much too soon. Ann xx

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