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Onc appointment


Had my latest appointment yesterday. I've been taking Letrazole for 3 months. Unfortunately, though some tumours are stable, others have grown a little, which is disappointing. The onc suggested I could try it for another 3 months, or go back on weekly Taxol, which I had about 4 years ago. At the moment, I've also been waiting for cataract surgery for a few months, & finally have an appointment for op onSept 4th. If I have chemo, the onc says the surgeon won't be able to operate till after the course is finished, which I guess will mean next year. I'm fed up with waiting to see really clearly again now, so I've taken the quality of life option. I stay on Letrazole for another 3 months, & have another scan in October to see what's happening then. Meantime I have the chance to hopefully get my eyes sorted, & also have a holiday at the end of September which we have planned. I feel comfortable with this decision, my husband is backing me up, & and the onc says she thinks it's a sensible idea. Di

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Hi i was on weekly taxol ,ihad it for 14 wks and my apoint came through for my cataract ,so they stopped taxol,got my eye done,april just had my other eye done,after 5 days of radiophepy. It' wearth a try ,if they can work around it good luck.shortie 38xx

Hi Di Sounds a good call to be honest. I think I would have done the same. Enjoy your hol xx

I think if you are comfortable having the cataracts done and a holiday before chemo then that is the way to go. No point in going to chemo if you can see very well anyhow and you will enjoy your holidays a lot better after your sight improves so I agree with you

I’m sure you’ve made the best decision, I would have done the same. I took Letrozole for 18 months and it gave some stability - Nicola

Good plan, Di. Enjoy the clearer vision and the holiday, then worry about the chemo later x

Hi Di16

I would go with the Letrozole having been on it myself.

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