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All went quite well today, onc wants a scan due to abdominal bloating and tenderness this could be due to scar tissue.

CA 125 still in the normal range 17, but due to the original spread to bowel and appendix at diagnosis she said non gynae organs would not normally affect the CA 125. Bloods very low mainly wbc so body is still fighting the chemo. So overall a good appointment.

Ellsey XX

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Pleased you had a positive appointment and that you will be having a scan to double check your abdomen. Hopefully not too long to wait for that.

It's always good to get an update from someone when they've actually HAD their appintment so thanks for letting us know.

Now hopefully a better nights sleep !

Take care

Clare xx

Glad appointment went well and good luck with the scan... keep up the good fight and build up your strength xx

That sounds a good result for today, Ellsey. A bit of a relief, I'm sure. All the best x

Hi Ellsey. Pleased for you :) Thanks for letting us know. xx Kathy xx

Hi Ellsey, great that you are getting a ct scan and ca125 in range. Good news. Xx

Hi Ellsey

Good appointment,hope you feel good and positive,you sound it,do some things for you and pamper yourself.

Lots of love

Carole xxx


I'm so pleased it went ok, good luck with scan xx

So glad for you ellsey, and thank-you for letting us know. And good luck with the scan, xx

Sounds good. Good luck with the scan. All the best! Helen

Really good news ellsey glad your getting positive results. Can I just ask about your onc saying ca125 isn't affected by non gynae organs I was told by mine it was highly unlikely my ca125 would not rise if I had a recurrence

Love Sue x

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I had some concerns that after my third chem my ca125 had gone down to 27, however during surgery they found spread to the appendix and the diverse bowl wall I was concerned that she was using ca125 to monitor me so I asked her yesterday would the organs outside of the gynea bits have any effect on my ca125 levels.

Her response was no they wouldn't and that I will have regular ct scans also, not just rely on ca125 levels. Hope I've explained it better for you.

Ellsey xx

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I too had appendix and omentum removed with some surface rectal cells plasma jetted. It's interesting how were told different by oncs mine said they would only do a scan if my ca125 was raised and I had symptoms. It's difficult to know what to believe when your hear different opinions from oncs. I'm seeing mine on Tuesday I might mention it

Wishing you well, Sue

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Thanks Sue

I believe it's because I am distended again but no pelvic pain. Still speak to your onc next week, I also had cells on the diverse bowel.

Ellsey xx

All good EB!



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