I had posted before about my wife who was taking Letrozole for 5th line chemo and it didnt work and had now been put 'under hospice/palliative care' only. WELL

We are going to try and give Carbo (plus another?) another go, just got to convince the Onc who we see on Friday to ok this. If they dont then we will ask for a referral to another Onc.

We know this is a last throw of the dice, but whilst we can throw so to speak - then lets do it.

Our current Onc doesnt think (didnt think) that Carbo would be any good because the new growth has grown from the residual that it didnt get rid of 11 months ago.

Whilst i can see that logic, at the same time many people have the same chemo again at a later date and it still works.....albeit maybe not so good. Besides we had Carbo (with Taxol) finished in May 2011 and then Carbo (with gem) started Dec 2011 (7 months after last carbo) and finished in June 2012.......and that time it 'worked' better than the 1st time, perhaps cos it was mixed with gem, perhaps not.

Our daughters are fully behind this and my wife, though not feeling great, is gearing herself up for one more fight, and for this i salute her.

I will let you know what Onc says etc etc

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  • I so admire your wife,s, yours and your families strength and spirit. I do so hope you get support from your onc on Friday, and that the next chemo regime is more successful. Love and best wishes. Ann x

  • Thank you.

  • I'm so sorry to read your account. This is such a difficult time for your wife and your family. You mentioned your wife was pretty poorly. Has the hospice managed to stabilise her and make her comfortable?

    I admire your spirit. If your wife is well enough to travel it may well be a good idea to get a second opinion as this may well be reassuring even if it's not what you want to hear. It's good for you all to know that you've tried every avenue.

    I've been thinking of you over the last week since your post. Sending my love and best wishes.


  • Hi Annie....thanks for your comments, as for stabilising, well yes and no, yes in as much as the steroids have made her feel stronger and given her some appetite, no in sofar as i guess without the steroids she would still feel very weak, not that she feels great on them.

    Not sure what Onc will say, i have emailed and we have the appt, i guess depends on how 'fit' my wife is come Friday and the Onc will go on that.

  • Good luck with it all. I shall be thinking of you Friday. It's the day a number of us are travelling to London to meet up for dinner the evening before Members' Day. Is there a sound-track you particularly like? This probably sounds a strange request but I'm putting together a playlist of friends' requests whilst we're dining. It would be really lovely to have yours too so your wife can be part of our evening.

    xx best wishes. Annie

  • Good luck for Members for sound track, well i will give you our favourite STEVIE WONDER - YESTERME YESTERYOU YESTERDAY.

    Bit of background to that, in 1969 we kinda eloped to London, i say kinda because we told people we were going, but off we went anyway with everyone saying 'its not going to last etc etc'..... Anyway, we used to go to a disco/club on the Kings Road in Chelsea called THE BIRDS NEST and around that time Stevie released this song and it was played alot, my wife (Christina) used to drag me (a reluctant dancer) up to dance, so its sort of our song.

    Now if you cant get that then THE LONG & WINDING ROAD (BEATLES) Or GO AWAY LITTLE BOY (MARLENA SHAW) will suffice.

    Have a great night. x

  • Just to let you know Christina's sound track and your song is on our playlist. We love a romantic story, by the way, so I'll share it on Friday. Oddly enough we didn't have any Stevie Wonder so Christina's song is a great addition and we're very grateful to her.

    I can let you have the whole playlist if Christina would like to hear it.

    Let's hope Friday goes well for you as well.

    best wishes. Annie xxx

  • Cheers Annie, the playlist would be great and i am glad we have added a bit of Stevie to the playlist x

  • Would you PM me an address to send the disc? x

  • Done x

  • HI sorry to hear all this news and sending thoughts and best wishes.

    What a strong lady and family you are. Keep up the fight

    Lots Love


  • Cheers Ally

  • Could it be worth asking for dose dense carbo? I read a report that dose dense was showing promising results. Carbo isn't the most taxing of chemos and you have absolutely nothing to lose. I wish you all the very best. Cx

  • Thanks for responding, yeah i read something about that somewhere and i think it is worth asking, as you say as for as tough regimes go - well Carbo isnt one of them. Though i guess thats easy for me to say not ever having had it.....

  • Hello

    I am so sorry to hear your news but I agree that you must try every possible option available to you at this stage. Keep strong and positive. I wish you and your lovely family all the very best.

    Best Wishes


  • Thank you.

  • Will be thinking of you on Friday, best wishes to you both and your family.

    Great choice of music xx

    Chris x

  • Cheers, and good luck with the Caelyx.

  • I salute you both. Think you are admirable and yes KEEP ON THROWING. glad to hear your wife is feeling a little stronger and keen for this try, especially if you are feeling there can't be many more, it's vital to keep giving what you have got while she feels up to it all.

    We will wait for the updates, hang In there


    Sue xxx

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks x

  • Sending best wishes to you both. Good luck.

    Thank you for sharing your lovely Stevie Wonder story. We will be thinking of her when it is played on Friday night.


    Mary xxx

  • Chhers Mary, i am sure Christina would be bopping around when it came on and still trying to drag me up to dance.....x

  • Good luck mate, hope you get what you want, rgds Paul

  • Cheers Paul.

  • Hi, i am going to "vision of hope clinic" (uk) for blood tests to see what will kill my cancer, yes my cancer, not one size fits all, good luck my thoughts and prayers are with you xxx

  • Good luck and please let us know how it went x

  • Good luck for Friday, got everything crossed that you achieve your goal.

    Annette xxx

  • Thank you x

  • I just want to wish you the very best of luck with your Oncologist on Friday. I do hope Christina gets another chance of chemo - and if not - a second opinion. It must be sooo hard for you both, and your Daughters.

    Love to you all, and best wishes for Christina to keep fighting,

    Love Solange xx

  • Thank you and YOU keep fighting as well, ok. x

  • I'm doing my best - with all my family's help.

    Solange x

  • Just to say all the very best for Friday. If your wife has the energy then a second opinion might be worth doing. Also to say, in case means anything to you, that I have been praying for you both since your last blog and will continue to do so.


  • Sarah, it does mean something - and thank you so much x

  • Lots and lots of good wishes to all of you. Keep fighting for what you both want, my heart goes out to you all.


  • Thank you....and ditto for you EXCEPT as a fan of the other (best) side of North London all i can say is COME ON NEWCASTLE & UP THE SPURS X

  • Lots and lots of good wishes to all of you. Keep fighting for what you both want, my heart goes out to you all.


  • Lots and lots of good wishes to all of you. Keep fighting for what you both want, my heart goes out to you all.


  • Good luck to your wife. Thinking of her. Sending lots of love to you all.

    Eileen xxx

  • Cheers Eileen x

  • JUST AN UPDATE.......As expected our Onc doesnt think she will gain any benefit from more chemo and the downside will outweigh the (IF) positives. My wife is going to think about it over the weekend and decide if she wants to go for a referral or not.

    My gut feeling is always to fight, but its not me and i will respect her decision either way, at the end of the day only she knows how she is feeling and if she is able to go through more chemo.

    I, we, thank you all for your responses, nice words and best wishes. Have a good weekend.

  • Hi, trying to think what I would do with Sandra in same situation. I know Sandra would say leave me alone she,s had enough, me I be tempted to carry on in the hope it works. Nothing to lose but everything to gain, she would only need a couple to see which way its going, even try something different like cyclophosamide. These onc,s ard not always right. Your just a number to them. Let med know how you get on. Rgds Paul

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