Mum's latest onc appt

Mum's latest onc appt

Well Mum went for her appointment with the onc today. Got all the way to the hospital and the computers weren't working so no results. Said they'd ring but nothing yet. She finished 6 of 6 2nd line Caelyx on 21 July 2015. Watch and wait for three months - Oct, CT scan, tumours had stayed put and even shrunk a bit and CA125 down from around 250 to 159. So today was the next three month check after another three months of watching and waiting. She had a blood test a couple of weeks ago so I assume today's results would be from the blood test and the CA125 would be the indicator of what's next on the menu!. So all on edge of seats waiting for tomorrow. Mum feels well though and the nurse felt her tum and said it felt fine. So, remaining positive! ps. Photo was taken on 4 Oct 15. X

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  • Beautiful photo,love the smile,a very determined lady I see.Im finished 2nd line also.I think the fear of the results are dreadful for all concerned.Hopefully she will have good news and it's as it was the last check-up.Ur mum has had a few months without treatment which will help build her up and get rid of some of the toxins.

  • Yes Annie, she is a very strong and determined person! I feel guilty sometimes because I seem to get into more of a state than she does! I only discovered how to start a new post and insert a photo tonight! Yes, the fear of the results is awful isn't it, for the person going through it and family. It's been great for her system to be chemo free for six months. And for a break from the numerous trips to hospital. She is willing to have more chemo though if needed. She's such a fighter. She was diagnosed on Christmas Eve 2013 and I'm so amazed and grateful that she's still around. I just didn't know what to expect. Best wishes and hope things go well for you too. Jane x

  • Happy belated birthday and many more to your lovely mum.

  • What a lovely photo ! all the best for positive results xx

  • Thank you. x

  • Lovely photo :)

  • Thanks. x

  • Lovely photo Jane! She looks so young!

  • Thanks Mary. She amazes me. I sometimes forget she has cancer!! Just discovered how to create a new post and insert a photo!! X

  • Hi Jane, I am a young 72 year old I was in the hospital for scan results today my last chemo finished April 2015, so I am also on watch and wait he said the tumours had increased in size but very little so the longer I go between chemo the better. Your mum looks so well and happy in the photo, I'm sure having a caring daughter like you helps her. Love to you both Bridie xx

  • Hello Bridie. I never see Mum as old! Have you just had one course of chemo? Mum got the news of recurrence in Jan 15. She was told she had a small amount of cancer near the pancreas and lymph node (not sure which one!). She didn't hesitate to have more chemo and had the 6 Caelyx finishing on 21 July last year. But, in Oct the tumours had actually shrunk a bit and hadn't attached themselves to any organs. So three months watch and wait. Her CA125 was around 250 after the last chemo then after three months watch and wait it had gone down to 159. She rang the nurse yesterday and the CA125 has gone up to 202 but I wasn't particularly alarmed by that considering she's had no chemo since 21 July 15. So she has to ring the onc next Tuesday. She feels well and the nurse checked her tum and things felt fine. I can imagine it must be good to have the break from chemo. It must feel odd not having all those trips to hospital. There are so many aren't there!! I live over 200 miles away from Mum so I go down as often as possible and try to coincide trips with hospital appointments but she has lots of friends in the village where she lives. I hope you are able to continue with the break from chemo. Sounds like you are in a similar boat to my Mum. I'll copy your message to Mum in an email. She isn't on the Ovacome site herself but I copy messages to her.

    Love to you too. Jane x

  • Hi Jane you sound so much like my lovely daughter Nicola, she keeps me young. I have had 3 rounds of chemotherapy since diagnosed in July 2012,this is the longest period of time I have had without chemo. I have 2 nodes R side peritoneum and also R lung, my results are they have all grown but by very little. The CA125 is not a good indicator for me so I need the scans or symptoms. Living with cancer has been very up and down for me, but I have learned if I change the way I think about it, it helps the way I feel.Keep in touch if I can help with my experience just let me know. Love Bridie xx

  • Hi Bridie. Mum's CA125 was 14 in Oct 2014 at her first three month check after all the debulking etc then three months later in Jan 2015 she had the news of the recurrence. Such a shock. So, she had that 6 month break but then started the Caelyx not long after the news of the recurrence. Why isn't the CA125 a good indicator for you? Now that Mum's CA125 has gone up from 159 to 202 I wonder what is next. It must feel strange being on watch and wait and having such a long break from chemo and not having all those hospital trips for a while. I got an email from Mum this morning and she says her way of coping with the cancer is to go into cloud cuckoo land!! I think many people must go into some sort of denial especially during the watching and waiting. Anyway, keep me up to date on how things are going for you. Mum has to ring the onc on Tuesday morning to see what she needs to do next.

    Bye for now and keep positive. I saw a post about a lady who said she found relaxation helpful to try and clear the mind. I've tried Mindfulness and I must say it was so relaxing I think I went onto another planet. Must do it more often!! I might get Mum to try it next time I'm down. Jane x

  • Fab pic 😀

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