Hi all,

I had my appointment with my Onc post debunking surgery yesterday and came out with a big smile on my face.

I start back on Carbo / Taxol next week, she is going to change my plan from 3-4, to ensure that we get any microscopic little buggers lurking around, but my response to chemo and surgery has now left me macroscopical free and she is confident I will not need to go on the Avastin as discussed earlier in my treatment plan.

I will if everything goes well after the next lot of chemo go on watch and wait, although a little bit nervous of the next steps I am also thrilled that by mid Oct my treatment plan will come to an end and that in her words my response to the treatment has been fantastic. So onwards and upwards.

Elsie xx

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  • Good luck Elsie, you're just a couple of months behind me! Helen

  • That is good news, good luck

  • So she's going to give you 4 rounds, rather than 3, is that correct?

    I think I've had a similar response to you so far - the debulking removed all the big areas successfully and safely, and now only microscopic bits should remain. I am desperate for my last 3 rounds of chemo to eradicate it (aren't we all?!), but I never thought to ask if 3 is the definite number.

  • Hi she said 4 but will continue to check CA125 and will reassess.

    Ellsey xx

  • Good news Elsie, wishing you the very best for your next lot of chemo xx

  • Woohoo, great to hear good news! Love it! Onwards and Upwards indeed, hope you u have a great weekend! Love Kathy xxx

  • Fantastic news Elsie! Really encouraging... roll on October 😊 Love Michelle x

  • Fantastic news. Keep that smile. X

  • Brilliant news, roll on October.....

    Mandy, xx

  • Woohoo Ellsey!😁😁😁😁😁


  • That's brilliant. Has raised thoughts in me. I've had similar results to you with chemo and surgery but only have two rounds of chemo after surgery as I'm on a trial and can only have 6 lines in total. I had 4 prior to surgery as I had to wait for a specialist at another hospital to operate. So is two after surgery enough? That said ive got 14 more sessions of Avastin every three weeks so I'm sure that will be my answer. Sorry this has turned to me. I really just wanted to say woop woop to you xx

  • Really good news for you, all over by Christmas. Best wishes x

  • Wonderful news! Onwards and upwards as we say. Plan that holiday and live life to the full xx

  • So happy for you Elsie. Lovely to hear your good news story. It gives us all hope. Long may it continue.


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