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Raised ca125 very scared

Hi I don't know if anyone can offer me some advise but I feel like I am loosing my mind

Went to the doctors as I had passed what appeared to be a polyp whist on my period it looked like a sac filled with blood? My doctor advised that he didn't know what it was but it was not right and sent me for a scan the scan came back with a haemorrhagic cyst on right ovary with solid component classed as complex and a endometrial polyp he referred me as urgent to the hospital

Hospital gynaecologist didn't seem bothered about the cyst said they needed to biopsy the polyp but didn't seem worried was more interested on putting me on birth control to help heavy period that I have had all my life loosing big clots And flooding I asked if she though I had ovarian cancer and she said it was not likely

I then had a call the next day advising I needed to go for a hysteroscopy which I had done but the doctor doing it said he could not reach the polyp? And there looked like slight thickening if the lining it could be two more polyps growing he was working out of another hospital and advised I would go to his hospital my normal one in a few weeks to have another go however took surrounding tissue to test to give an indication

The same night I went to me doctors who advised me that me ca125 that the first doctor didn't even want to take is raised to 42 !

I am freaking out can sleep eat not coping well my GP told me I need to call the hospital first thing Monday morning and tell them my ca125 is raised and ask them what they are going to do

I was on a heavy period when the ca125 was taken not sure if this effects it and really confused as the wether a endometrial polyp is classed as having endo?? which most people are saying can raise the level or if the haemorrhagic cyst can raise the level?

If anyone can offer advise I would be really great full

Thanks Carrie

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Hi Carrie

Please try not to panic...a CA125 of 42 is very slightly raised ( this can be due to infection or inflammation any where in the body) the level can also fluctuate with the normal hormonal ups and downs in your body....so just take a breath.

Your GP is right to say this should be investigated but this is not code for 'you have OC'. The test can be an indicator....particularly if it is going up and up over several weeks but yours isn't...it's just one slightly raised test.

Ofcourse you are worried but please look after yourself..maybe a walk or a nice distraction of some sort. Tomorrow..yes ask what happens next but you should also get yourself some support..Overcome or Macmillan have professionals you can talk to. Keep us posted too...hopefully everything will work out well for you...sending you a hug. Lyndall


Thank you so much Lyndall for replying I've been doing more research today and I've found out that being on your period can elevate your results but it's just horrible this worrying will make the call Monday and see what they say xx


As a pre-menopausal woman whose mum had ovarian cancer, I had a CA125. It was slightly elevated & I was sent for scans - a terrifying time. All came back clear. However, GPs don't seem to be very familiar with the test and my own research taught me that CA125 varies for a pre-menopausal woman according to time of the month. In addition, you clearly have something that needs addressing. CA125 picks up on any infection or inflammation and so hopefully it will be something that can easily be resolved by your gynae. Best wishes


I can't add anything to what Lyndall has said, she's totally nailed this. I just want to add my best wishes and big hugs, please keep us in the loop ❤️Xx Jane

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Thank you ladies it really is nice to here from people that understand hugs really appreciated :) it's amazing how in a single day your life is turned upside down can't help but worry

I think you are right everything I have found out has been from the internet via websites and discussion groups not my GP

Thank you ladies will keep updating xxxx


Lyndall is right........try not to panic. there are all sorts of reasons for raised CA125 and 42 isn't that high above the norm. Don't go on the internet; you'll just frighten yourself more. Talk to the Macmillan or Ovacome helpline if you feel panicky but try and be gentle with yourself and have some treats to take your mind of it until you really KNOW. Take care. Eleni xx


Thanks you Eleni,

You are right took my mom out shopping to try and take my mind off things. Spoke to hospital today well to the gynaecologists secretary expressed my concerns apparently I have been booked in for a myosure procedure with one surgeons for the polyps that they said would not raise my ca125 but the cyst is with another doctor and she would advise of my test results. Waiting again but nothing I can do I suppose but I've never felt so ill :(

Thank you for messaging it really does help xx


Hospital called today they want me to go In Friday to discuss options re surgery said they expected my ca125 to be raised due to thyroid cyst etc but seems a bit rushed don't no if it's worrying or time to take a breath xx


Normal ca125 is 0-30. I would get to an oncologist gynocologist, possibly a surgeon for another opinion. Best wishes


Hi again. It is reassuring that they are moving swiftly.....it's the waiting around which adds to the fear I always feel....Trust that they will do what is best for you whatever and that we're here for you when you need us. Eleni xx


Thank you Eleni you are right just not knowing and waiting for the worst is horrible hopefully will get some answers Friday just have this feeling in my stomach I can't get past suppose it's just being scared.

I will try and keep Busy till then

Thank you ladies for your support !!! Xxxxx


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