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Raised Ca125.......


Well today I saw my consultant after a rise in my ca125 last month from 11 to 29. I was having bowel issues as well, I have a Stoma after a perforation during chemo last year. My abdomen is still swollen but the consultant was happy it’s bowel problems, inflammation and not cancer related. Ca125 has dropped from 29 to 22 so going in the right direction. Stoma is working ok with laxatives been given softeners as well. Also saw the dietician and now have a much better knowledge of foods that my irritate it. I have a history of chronic IBS, my sister has ulcerative colitis, and my mum also had diverticulitis with a burst when she was in her early 50’s. I feel very relieved tonight. I have a ct scan within the next month and a follow up in 6 weeks with more bloods to see what’s going on.

Thanks to everyone who replied to my initial posting when I was in a state of panic.

I’m celebrating with a glass of red tonight - not sure if that was in the dietitians book!!!

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Enjoy your wine . You look fantastic . Hope all goes well for you 🌸🌸🌸

Thank you and all the best to you too x x

Not sure the dietician would approve of the plate of chips either lol but who cares life is for living!! Enjoy your food and wine in the sunshine x

You look fab and it’s a great pic got everything crossed the rest of your tests go well and you can breathe easy again xx

Take care xx

Eriksendi in reply to BeeWild

Chips ok, I think it’s the peas I shouldn’t eat!!! I’m sure the wine’s not on the list though x x I’m on a low irritant, high fibre diet!! I’ve been eating all the bad things like raw onions, salad, tomatoes, beetroot, raspberries, strawberries !!

Hi Eriksendi,

What a fabulous photo! You look really great! Well....red wine does have flavonoids to help antioxidise our bodies (that’s what I say lol!).

Pleased your CA125 has dropped a little...mine is always around 20.

All the very best for your scan. Enjoy the sunshine ☀️🍷🌸

Hi Diane, It is a nice photo and please to read your 125 is going in the right direction, now all the best for your scan ..take care Lorraine xx

Thank you. When I look back at this time last year, I wasn’t sure I’d be here. Being able to eat and being hungry again is a massive bonus. I lost over 3 1/2 stone from diagnosis to my big op!! Of course, I had no hair as well also last Summer so that’s a bonus too!!! I hope this helps the new ladies on here showing that you can enjoy life again in ‘the new normal’.

Great photo, and I count red wine as one of the best medicines!

That’s great news. Enjoy your wine in the sun. Cheers.

Hugs xxx

🍷cheers to you

I’m pleased it’s all good. Fluctuations in numbers is common. It’s continual rise that’s a warning.

The only things I have to avoid with my stoma is sweetcorn as it doesn’t break down and peppers, they give me stomach cramps. I think everyone is different with their food options though.

Great news

LA xx

Eriksendi in reply to Lily-Anne

Thank you LA. It started playing up about 7 weeks ago. My stomach is very swollen, full of air. Stoma working ok just changed from laxido to sodium duccosate to help it along. Just 1 capsule a day doing the trick. Hoping to be able to stop them if I can get diet right.

Glad to hear the Ca125 has dropped back a little! It’s so hard not to panic when things aren’t right but it sounds like you are getting sorted especially with a glass of the best medicine!! Enjoy !! X

Gorgeous photo, you look lovely. Enjoy your glass of red, I’m sure it won’t do you any harm and it’s an antioxidant and one of your 5 a day (my excuse and I’m sticking with it). Good news on the CA125 long may it continue to drop. Keep as well as you possibly can be ❤️Xx Jane

So glad to hear! Glad you have the wine to celebrate. Also glad the panic has gone away. A very lousy feeling. This picture shows a much better feeling! oxox

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