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Im scared

Hi following on from 3 years ago my cyst fianlly shrunk and gynae said i was heading i to period for 3 years then i went to see tummy doctor for occosinal diorrhea and he did a scan and sent a letter yo gynae to say he has spotted a adnexal cyst that had increased in density and that there was new cystic compnants.he asked the gynae whether he thought this needed looking into .this letter was dated the 9th december..

I heard nothing from the gynae so assumed everything was ok.then on monday i started bleeding and went to the dr and he said i better refer you to the hospital .

Then he did a ca125 test and that has come back at im worried that all this shows i have ovarian cancer im so so worried my son and hubby need me ...

Any help or advice appreciated.....

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First of all take a deep breath and try not to worry about the unknown. My husband just found out he has stage 4 lung cancer. We are on our 60' s so our children are grown. Try not to look to tomorrow and embrace each moment today. Through Faith, positivity, and prayer you will get through this. If you need someone to talk to let me know and I will give you my number. Each day, remember: the Lord will get me through tomorrow so push worries to tomorrow and each day becomes worry free and you can get through whatever is given to you. Praying for you!

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You don't say when your new appointment is but try not to dwell on it to the exclusion of everything else. You are absolutely doing the right think by going back to your GP with your new symptoms. Ovarian cancer has symptoms that are often mirrored by other more benign illness but must never be ignored. You said because you hadn't had any feedback from a letter dated 9th December you assumed everything was ok. It is always better to chase these matters up, for letters do go astray, documents are misfiled, someone might think someone else is dealing with it, etc. No-one will mind you phoning your GP or your gynaecologist's PA, or whoever is appropriate, saying that you haven't heard anything about "x" and you are wondering what's happening.


Hi Amanda, I can see why you are worried one thing that must be said a rise in your ca 125 doesn't automatically mean cancer. It can be an indication of infection or something else might be going on.

Your GP has refer you to the hospital thats excellent because they will be able to look further into this.

Seeing a letter went a stray & this has been going on sometime keep in touch with your GP. So if a appointment for the hospital doesn't turn up soon you can push this further.

Please let us knew how you get on I will keep my fingers cross for you take care Cindyxx


Thaks everyone my appointment is on monday afternoon

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That's good. Write downall your questions and take a not pad to record all replies. If you can also take someone to listen and write too.

Don't leave your appointment with unanswered questions or concerns- take a deep breath and ask what you need to even if you think it's 'silly' . If you don't do this you'll end up outside the door wishing you'd asked.

On my first meeting I had 2 pages of questions and things for clarification!

Thinking of you

Clare xx


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