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Hi 2016 i went to y gynae because i had a cyst he did loads of tests and said that the cyst was fine nothing sinister and that i just had a little lining on uteus .i suffer from pocs and at this stage had not bled for 2 years .he said that he was now assuming i was in the menopause and as there was nothing sinister no futher tretment needed and to go and enjoy life which i have been doing ...

Fast track to 2nd june started to bleed now i thought is this from the pocs or should i do something ?? So i went my dr and he fastracked me to the hospital the gynae i saw said the cyst still at 5cm and looks the same and the lining a little thicker ...she dosng think anything sinister but wants to do a hysteroscopy .. she said my ca125 was raised to 47 so she needed to check things ,now my question is can everything start to change in a year ?

Does having a raised ca125 mean that its ova cancer ???.

And if it is im scared im going to die ...

Sorry for the long post ...

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Hi Amanda

Please don't panic...your Doctors are doing all the right things for you- they start by ruling out the worst case scenario. Most of us have been through the 'waiting for results ' stage and it is really hard not to project forward to disaster. Don't forget that you can get local support from Macmillan even though you don't have your results...hopefully when they come through you will be able to say ' thanks I don't need you now ' .

Please avoid Dr Google at this stage..there is so much disinformation out there xx Lyndy


Hi Amanda. I know how scared you must be feeling right now. A CA125 can rise for a number of things. Please try not to panic and stay off google because you won't achieve anything except to drive yourself mad! Try not to overthink what may be going on until you know for sure , hopefully it still won't be anything sinister. This is going to sound bit of an odd thing to say but we all die, just some are forced to face their mortality. Having said that I am in my tenth year with OC so no it doesn't mean you are going to die. I hope you get your tests and results soon. Try not to worry about something you can't change, worrying will mean that you are miserable, probably won't be able to sleep etc. Do let us know how you get on. Kathy xxx


Thanks ladies i will met you know


Amanda, I understand how scared you must be, so I would try to just breathe. I have pcos also, and typically patients with pcos have a weird ca125. Also, the pre-menopause normal range of ca125 is up to 200!

Are you on any medication to help your pcos? Metformin, birth control, etc? Those medicines can help get rid of cysts!

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My bloodtest showed after 34 was abnormal

Never been given anything for pocs


You are right that under 35 is regarded as "normal" for the CA 125 on blood test results. That means that most healthy women have a CA 125 under 35 but some women may just naturally have a higher count than that. Having a CA 125 over 35 does not automatically mean that you have ovarian cancer. Many conditions (such as menstruation and benign ovarian cysts) can cause it to be high so it is regarded as an unreliable marker for diagnosing ovarian cancer. You obviously have a good doctor who is being pro-active and doing the hysteroscopy to find out exactly what is going on. I hope you get answers soon because I know it is impossible not to worry. xxx


Hi there Amanda, As usual, the fine women on this forum have great advice. They are terrific! Let your gynecologist complete her work up. CA125 can be raised for many reasons unrelated to OC. Let us know what your Gyn. tells you. She sounds careful and responsive to your situation. This is Good! We'll be here waiting to hear from you. Tesla


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