Hi all,  I was diagnosed with ppc last year. I had debulking surgery and also was in hospital with a blocked bowel. My ca125 was 2,700. It then went down to 90 then again down to 19 then went up to 30.  when I saw my oncologist yesterday he told me it had now gone up to 50. Also my poo as a nasty smell to it. So he has booked me in for a scan in four weeks. I am a bit worried that the avastin I am on is not working. 

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  • Hi Juliett, everyone seems to be missing today I see you havent got an answer yet so I will try and help a bit.   The 125 could be gone up if you have some kind of infection you dont know about.  However it is good your oncologist is on the ball and has arranged a scan in four weeks.   If it was urgent you would have one well before then. He is being wise and proactive and the scan will give a clearer idea of what is going on for you.   I also have a scan about that time.   So after my sons wedding, I will be cross and cranky thinking of what is in store, then I wait two weeks for the result.  So at the moment finished with Avastin in October after two years of it.  The Avastin did work for me but it was stopped because my onc is now capping it after two years.   So try and do something nice in the next few weeks to distract yourself,that works for me usually.

    Thinking of you 

  • Thank-you suzuki,  I think it might have been an infection as now my poo is like normal , and not smelling like something rotten. 😷😊

    Keeping fingers crossed about the scan for you. Enjoy your son's wedding 💒. Love and hugs juliexx 

  • Thank you Juliette 35,  I am glad things are settling down at last,  This has happened me during Avastin and while drinking scan drink but I carry around immodium in my handbag just in case.   Although it has subsided since Christmas after finishing up Avastin.  

  • Hi Juliette, am I missing something? Have you completed  six cycles or what have you of chemo already?  Coincidentally my wife also had small bowel obstruction soon after the first chemo.  She  was/is a high grade stage 3C case of PPC and has completed debulking and three rounds of chemo out  of six. 


  • Hi, yes I have had six cycles of chemo,  I started last Year with the chemo and my last one was around December..I too had bowel obstruction soon after my first chemo.  I am stage four of this horrible disease.  

  • Dear Juliette, que sera sera, whatever will be will be so please keep the faith and cheer. The very fact that your CA 125 levels have fallen drastically should mean that you are on the right track. Chin up lady and let me see that wonderful smile of yours. 

    My wife , poor thing,  had to go through an infection in the IV port due to which she was running high temperature for first two months until we had it removed just before her third chemo. This IV Port of Sorrow as I call it, also paralysed one of her vocal chords due to which her voice is hoarse and she has speech discomfort to the point of not being audible.  

     Along with the debulking she also had hipec and a peritoneal port implanted since her chemo is administered through IV and also though the peritoneal port. She is heading for chemo no 4 this Thursday with hope and prayers on our lips.  


  • I would like to wish you and your wife in particular the best of luck for Thursday, and I hope things will improve as time passes

  • So sorry to hear about the iv problems and the trouble with her vocal chords. I feel like I have had it easier as so far I haven't had any infection 's.and things seem to have gone straight forward up to your wife 

    You did make me smile ☺ at what you said at the beginning of your reply. I go for my avastin this Tuesday. I pray that everything goes well on Thursday for your wife. 

  • Thanks Juliette and wish you a comfortable Tuesday.  I have a question for you lovely ladies.  Is the efficacy of Avastin indeed remarkable or recorded  after six rounds of carboplatin and paclitaxel? 


  • I don't really know yet,  I have only been on it since October. My c125 as gone up a bit to fifty from thirty but my oncologist seems to think it might be due to an infection.  So he as Put me down for another scan in four weeks time. So am praying it will be just that. 

  • My cancer progressed on avastin but very slowly. I had 20 months before I needed treatment again. I hope you get a good break but 50's not very high. It may go down again.

  • Thank-you Lesley keeping my fingers crossed. 😊 

  • What type of treatment did you have, had you to have more chemo? Xx

  • Yes, I'm on cisplatin now cos I reacted to carboplatin. Not nice but I'm halfway through now.

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