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I need some advice please. My mum has been on the icon 8b trial having carbo with weekly taxol ( taxol at a reduced dose) After surgery it was suggested that she should go onto Avastin as there is cancer still there. If she opts for this drug for 18 weeks she has to come off the trial and have three weekly standard treatment. I don't know what to suggest as mum has been coping well with chemo but this maintenance drug is good isn't it? Anyone had a similar experience or have a view? Thanks


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  • Hmmm..I would definitely encourage you and your Mum to get as much information as possible about the two options. Avastin did work well for me but I had a good reaction to my original chemo and was already NED.

    Avastin works by preventing new blood vessels forming..without them tumours won't survive..that's the idea but but..I've come across a few ladies where the Avastin doesn't work or only works for a while..so don't make a snap decision would be my suggestion. Are you sure she couldn't get it at the end of the trial??

    xx L

  • Thank you for your comment. I did ask if she could get it after the trial but it wasn't an option. I find other ladies experiences so helpful in making a decision as it's real evidence, if you know what I mean. I'm really pleased it worked for you x

  • Hi

    Am on 3 weekly Avastin at present . Just had no 6 of 18 . No problems so far. Had 4 Chemo surgery and 2 more chemo NED after surgery but as diagnosed stage 4 was recommended Avastin for maintanance so started with last chemo . And was glad I was offered it .

    How many more chemos does she need to finish the trial ? Would ask if she can finish the trial to complete her chemo and then start the Avastin .

    Not sure where your mum is being treated but can you get a second opinion ( maybe the Christie if Uk ) to help you make the descion .

    Best wishes for your mums future treatment love Kim X

  • Thanks for your comments. Mum has had 3 cycles surgery and about to start 3 more. The option is either standard treatment with Avastin or trial and no Avastin. I think we will go with Avastin and come off the trial. Just hope mum can cope with the higher dose of Taxol x

  • I think that is a good idea can your Mum finish the trial and then start Avastin, it actually makes more sense

  • I agree but it's not possible. Thank you for your reply the help on this site is invaluable xxxx

  • I was reading about Icon 8b for my mum and wasn't it a trial for Avastin anyway? From what I remember, it was a three arm trial where two of the groups get Avastin so if your Mum is being offered the Avastin regardless, then that's great :)

    Also, I read from a reply above, that you were concerned about your Mum taking a higher dose of Taxol - it turns out that cumulatively, the ladies taking weekly Taxol have a slightly higher dose of Taxol than ladies on the 3-weekly dose so I'm sure she'll be fine on it :) [The secondary purpose of the icon 8b trial is to see if having the same amount of Taxol taken once a week spread over three weeks is better than having it once every three weeks] I hope I'm making sense - it's been a long day!

    Wishing your Mum all the very best - and you too! I know it's not as hard a battle for us as daughters to fight as the amazing ladies on here but I understand the struggles you're going through :) stay strong x

  • Thank you. I do understand your point and yes you are right she gets Avastin now where she wasn't entitled to on the trial. I just wanted the onc to let my mum carry on with weekly taxol as opposed to 3 weekly as I was worried that she wouldn't be able to handle the dose. That wasn't possible and I just needed to make sure I was doing the right thing. My mum doesn't really understand as it is all still too much of a shock. Thanks for your help. Xx

  • I had weekly taxol in 2014 as part of the ICON8 trial (not ICON8b) which was to determine the best way to administer the taxol alongside carboplatin. I was fine on the weekly taxol whereas those on the three weekly were not as good, having said this my three weekly carbo were not good at all so I would assume that having both drugs together on the three week dose could be particularly unpleasant, there is a cumulative effect, the effects of which become more debilitating as the treatment progresses. The weekly trial does give a slightly higher total dose of the taxol but on a reduced individual dose so much kinder to the lady receiving it or at least it was in my case.

    ICON8B is a randomised 3-arm, Gynaecologic Cancer Intergroup (GCIG) phase III trial investigating the combination of dose-fractionated chemotherapy and bevacizumab compared to either strategy alone for the first-line treatment of women with newly diagnosed high-risk stage III-IV epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer whereas Avastin is offered for Platinum-Resistant Ovarian Cancer (prOC)

    Avastin, in combination with paclitaxel, pegylated liposomal doxorubicin or topotecan, is approved to treat platinum-resistant recurrent epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer in women who received no more than two prior chemotherapy treatments.

    You need to know more before you decide on any changes in your mums treatment, as I understand it she is already receiving the Avastin (bevacizuma ) in the ICON8b trial but I'm a layperson not medical. Ask for some clarification before you make any decisions. Your mums oncologist should explain everything in detail before a treatment plan is to be changed.

    I hope you get some clarification soon with this, I am sending big hugs to both you and your mum ❤️Xx Jane

  • Not everyone on the ICON8B trial gets the avastin. One of the arms is no avastin and I would guess this is what Chris' mum is on. Adding avastin to her treatments would move her from one arm of the trial to another and make the trial results invalid for her so I guess that is why the Oncologist is saying she will have to come off the trial and go to three weekly treatments.

  • Hi yes this is the reason why mum has to leave the trial. Thanks x

  • I have a better understanding of this now from reading the posts. So how many treatments had your Mum on the ICON TRIAL if she was near the end of treatmentI would say yes go for the Avastin.

  • Hi she was half way through. She has had 3 cycles and surgery. She needs 3 more. I'm sure they will reduce the dose if the taxol makes her ill so think she should opt for Avastin. Hopefully she will be symptom free for longer x

  • Avastin didn't work for long for me. I'd stay with the trial, but you need to get plenty of information first.

  • I'm sorry it didn't work for you for that long. I thought that for the 18 cycles mum would be symptom free. Anything after that is good isn't it? I'm just grateful there are many options and combinations and lots of ladies on here have different experiences. Thank you xx

  • Yes it is good. I persuaded my oncologist I could stay on longer than the 18, and it came back after that. The rules have changed now though so they wouldn't extend it now.

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