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End of trial drug imgn 385.. start of weekly taxol


Hope all you ladies are ok.. well ive done 6 cycles of a clinical trial drug immunotherapy phash 3 imgn 385.. and its stopped working for me.. so now have to go on weekly taxol.. feel abit deflatted but i think we all do when we have to stop having treatments that stop working.. so my pleasure now is taxol if it is a pleasure lol.. any ladies on weekly taxol to offer advice please... i had it first time after surgery and it did help.. but it was 3 weekly then back in 2015.. sending u hugs xxx

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Hi Trace . No knowledge of weekly Taxol but just wanted to wish you good luck on it x I am sure ladies who have been or are on it will be along soon to give you advice. Kathy xx

I have a friend who was on it and she said it was very doable on the weekly basis in terms of side effects and how she felt. I would ask if you could combine it with Avastin however as that increases its efficacy.

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Thank you..xxx

Hi Tracey I’m on weekly taxol as part of the CEBOC trial for my first recurrence and have had 7 lots to date. To be honest it’s been fine and I’m still working full time apart from Monday’s which is chemo day!

I’ve used the cold cap this time and have kept my hair which is a bonus x

The only issues I’ve had are a bit of a sore tongue and I got a mouth ulcer this week but gone after a couple of days and using difflam and bonjela! I’ve felt a bit tired in the early evening but think that’s to do with the heat we’ve been experiencing ☀️☀️

So for me it’s been very doable and my bloods have held up up to now and it’s smashed my Ca125 levels they’ve gone from 1993 to 345 and now this week they’re 54 so I’m very pleased!

Good luck with it xx


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Thanks guys for your support i work full time and enjoy going to work as it does help me.. my ca125 as gone to 3800 in the last 2 cycles of the trial drug so we knew that it could have stopped working... i start weekly taxol on 1st august consultant asked to have the brca blood test yesterday.. so fingers crossed hope it works for all both sending hugs xxx

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Tracex : I have it three-weekly right now, so can't really compare. Wish you all the best on the weekly Taxol. Maus

BeeWild : 54... awesome, Bev! Xx, Maus

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I’m very pleased Maus and relieved!

Hi Tracex,

Very sorry but just had to finish watching the football before I answered. Now I’m very sad.

I am 2nd line and started on just Carboplatin weekly, but had an allergic reaction to that so I went on to Paclitaxel, also weekly.

I can’t really give any advice, I can only tell you how it is for me.

I was told that I was having a third of the 3 weekly dose I’d had 1st time around but having it every week, so it’s the same amount spread over 3 weeks. On that basis I thought I’d start to lose my hair at 6 weeks as it happened after 2nd dose 1st time around, but it started at 4th week.

It is causing abdominal pain which my Oncologist says does indicate that it is working .

I am due my 6th dose this Friday and my last on 17th August. I’m not one who suffers much with nausea or vomiting. I’m very heat sensitive now and have a bit of a sore mouth - and scalp. The fatigue is as normal. I hate taking the dexamethazone every week, it keeps me awake all weekend so last Friday I asked if I could take just 2 tablets Saturday and Sunday instead of 4 and that was a bit better. I’m not keen on having Piriton every Friday either, that sends me to sleep until about midnight on Friday, when the dexamethazone kicks in. The rest of the week is ok.

My haemoglobin and platelets dropped at first but they have come back up now. Neutrophils can drop as well but I’m ok so far.

Have you been told the trial drug is still affecting you? I was told chemo is accumulative and Taxol will be topping up some of the original drugs.

RonLitBar says to ask for Avastin with it, if you’re in UK and had it 1st line you won’t get it again. I suppose you could still ask.

Good Luck, let us know how you get on with it.

Iris xx

Good morning Traces yes I am on weekly taxol. Had no 7 yesterday. It is alot easier to tolerate I think. The only side affect I have had is some joint pain last week, but it has eased now.

Good luck and keep in touch.

Maxine sending hugs xxx

Hi I’m also now on weekly Taxol ( the last chemo Carbo caleylx didn’t work..:-( ...) I also had it way back in 2015 but 3 weeks on a week off. This time it’s 18 straight through. I am glad I’m inbit and hopingnits workibg! I’ve found it way easier than the Carbo Calyx so I am losing my hair now but with the meds they’d give me - no sickness!! Yay! So feeling v tired now ( only about to have no 5 today) so sure it will get a little more so each week but really this is fine conpared to others : good luck and so hope this works for you🍀🤞

Hi.Im on weekly Taxol and Avastin everyother week..Ive had 9 treatments up to date.CA 125 has gone from 700 to 234...I have nose bleed from Avastin,but handling the Taxol pretty good minus the (hair loss) for the 4th time.Ugh!..I find weekly treatment a bit of a bummer. Blood test Fri.And chemo on Mondays.I feel Im always in the hopital.My doctor said if I need time off and a break,that missing a week to do this would not effect treatment.Not sure how many treatments i will ne doing.Im also waiting to see if Im a candidate for a clinical trial in 2 weeks.in Toronto...Good luck with your treament...Lynn56💙💙💙

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