CT scan after chemo

Hi ladies,

Just got CT scan results after finishing chemo my Doc is happy with the results but one thing bothering me.She said results are same as CT results about two months back (during chemo)The tumour was reduced from 18mm to 6mm.That 6mm is still there in this scan. She is saying that such a small scar might stay there for ever. I am a bit worried.I am on Avastin at the moment.Any comments please.



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  • I cant make any useful comment other than to say no change is better than growth so..... but I just wanted to reply as it's always good to know other people have read your post and care. Sorry I can't be more helpful.


  • Thanks so much for your response Netti.

  • Hi Shabs, I'm sorry I can't give you any advice on this other than to say please try to get some clarification from your doctor as you need to have the information to be able to know what your situation is to move forward, I am sending love and big hugs of encouragement and like Netti says no growth must be good? Take lots of care ❤xx Jane

  • Thanks so much Jane.I asked her and she said as residual growth is so small so nothing need to be done and continue Avastin.


  • I was on Avastin only for a year and a half and by the time I was done I got more reduction so try not to worry, That was in October 2015 and I am drug free since so try not to worry.

  • Thanks so much Suzuki,I am much relaxed now after all comments from you all ladies,thanks a lot.



  • SZ123, Congratulations for your scan showing stability. That's a good thing, but I'm confused. Is the 18mm tumor now turned into a 6mm ball of non-malignant cells? Wouldn't you need a biopsy to confirm that? If it's an 18mm tumor shrunken to 6mm tumor why doesn't your doctor remove it? Have you have any surgery at all? Forgive me for being nosy. I would want a more clear answer too. Tesla

  • Hi Tesla,

    Yes 16mm tumour shrunken to 6mm.My Doc said it might not be cancerous.I am on Avastin and she thinks it's very small scar and might stay there. She will do another scan in 3 months.


  • Shabs, makes sense to me. I had SIX "nodes" or suspicious areas on my CAT scan after completion of chemo and TAH. The doc told me he sees this frequently and he strongly believed they were not cancerous. I had a colostomy reversal and he biopsied all six areas and there was no sign of malignancy. So, that may be what's going on in your scan. Tesla

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