CT scan... the date!

Hi Ladies... the date I've been waiting for my CT scan after surgery in Dec 2015, after chemo which finished in June and I'm still on Avastin until 7th March...is set for 20th Jan... Pow!! OMG... in a way I'm pleased it's finally arrived but in another way I'm just a tad apprehensive... I doubt I'll be given the results until my next Avastin date on 24th Jan but even so it's nearing the end of my treatment plan and the last scan I had was before surgery...tbh I don't know what to think! Anyone else felt like this? Love Michelle xx

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  • I was actually wondering how I would feel today. Had 11 avastin and 6 to go. I think I will feel that another security blanket has been removed and wait for what's next. On a more positive I can't wait to finish avastin as I feel terrible at the mo. I'm hoping euphoria of finishing treatment will be the way forward. Well done you in completing this mammoth journey xx

  • I had #15 of Avastin on Tuesday... I spoke to my Onc Dr about reaching end of treatment and I did say I felt I was leaving my comfort zone as this has been my routine for a year. I'm on low dose sleeping tablets and only sleeping about 4hrs ish.. she asked if so had depression.. I said no apart from being emotional with everything that's happened considering I didn't have any symptoms.. I was then told I'm suffering with anxiety which yes I believe I am... hardly surprising! I can't wait to finish treatment as it's just awful, I'm now experiencing pains in my left hand, numbness on my lips apart from being tired, aching, croaky voice, runny nose to name a few! Yes it's a bloody tough journey and I intend to have loads of fun times this year to make up for feeling so ill.. Big hugs to you too almost there! xxx

  • Hi Michelle, I am not too far behind just had #10 of avastin, like you I feel so emotional, I'm going through the paces but don't feel it's really happening to me !! I was just saying to my husband this morning I seem to have a different complaint after each avastin, lol, can't wait until its complete it would be nice not to have something to complain about,😁😁, wishing you well

    Take care

    L x

  • Aww hi L.. it's awful but I keep telling myself it's making me better.. Most days I'm ok as ignore it as much as possible plus have a busy job to take my mind off stuff.. still counting the days though! Take care and all the best for you xx 💐

  • Hi Michelle,

    Haven't been on avastin and finished chemo 21 months ago,but am emotional,slightest thing can set me off,get depressed but have so far kept off pills,(maybe they would help).

    I have watery eyes,pains in 3 toes and I was told we all suffer with post traumatic stress disorder after cancer,so we all suffer together.

    Loads of other things,(won't bore you),but still glad to be alive,feel guilty that sometimes I'm not more grateful,but it depends how my day is going.

    I think we all appreciate what we are all going through,like no one else does,you are right, it is a tough journey,but congratulations for getting through,be proud of yourself and best of wishes for 20th Jan,


    Carole xxx

  • Hi Carole still pains after 21 months? Poor you.. how do you cope.. will this go away eventually do you know? PTS makes sense not thought of that.. I plan to hit the gym at some point to vent my anger when I'm not so tired lol.. will keep you posted on results 😬😬 Take care Love Michelle xx

  • I think that post chemo and still on Avastin, the brain is still a bit dulled for the want of a better word. You have been through a lot so it is hard to take everything in, I am sure your scan will be okay and the Avastin worked for me so it will do the same for you, I felt finished chemo and still on Avastin, so strange, I felt I wasnt a patient in fact of course I was, again I felt I wasnt a worker and felt estranged from everything. My occ health doc told me I wasnt ready to go back to work part time and she recommended me shorter hours after another few weeks sick which I did and then I reached retirement age. That was a huge goal post to achieve. So my advice is take your time resuming your normal work, Best of luck with the scan

  • I agree suzuki. I returned 26 days after my last chemo to teaching. From September till November I felt ok but I've slipped back rapidly. So much so I've managed to get my former job pension early. Hospital counsellor put me onto that one. I've got to work till March but may have to go sick. I can hardly talk with avastin let alone teach. Anyway I'm going to have a bit of a rest then supply teach a few days a work which will top up my pension. I'm sad but feel immense relief. I've never had me time as a working, studying single mum of two children. I've got all sorts of things I want to do. I've always fancied painting lessons so why not. I'm am grateful to be here but fed up feeling ill and that gets to me. I bet we all face friends with a big smile but have these battles in our heads about everything. We don't give ourselves enough slack. We are amazing. Is that a trumpet I can hear? Lol x

  • I agree with all you have said and we do expect too much of ourselves. I smile about the voice, I had that and of course started a choir but I managed to get on someones nerves and she moved as far as possible from me. When Avastin was done, and my voice became more like me, I was told I had quite a nice voice haha. I dont really but the sound was obviously annoying to people, I bought some Jakemans cough sweets in the chemist and also used Neil Med noses rinses which did help alleviate some of the symptoms.

  • Yes post chemo my brain is so much slower... at work I do feel a bit embarrassed as Im trying to think where things are and what's happened previously plus loads of other things. It's a strange feeling to have nearing end of treatment and when starting you just can't believe how many months away until finishing! I plan to delay going back to work full-time for as long as possible.. I couldn't do it at the moment.. I'm just about managing 5 hrs a day! Will keep you posted on the scan results... take care xx

  • Everything crossed for positive scan result Michelle! Well done on getting this far along in your treatment plan! Onwards and upwards in 2017! Jemima xx

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