Not gone away results of ct scan

Ive had results of my ct scan today.. i finished chemo nov for reccurrance went through 6 cycles of gem/carbo had 3 reactions with chemo.. my ca125 was at end chemo 90.. my consultant says good news on my scan has lymn nodes not changed in size since last ct scan last july .. but why have my bloods gone bk up to 400 im thinking well chemo didnt work for me but she said it did it kept me stable but how am i supposed to stay positive i feel ive gone through chemo for nothing.. have to go back in 4 weeks to check ca125 and if rose again will go on caeylx once every 4 weeks said cant have chemo straight away as body wudnt take it as only finished last course november... hope all you ladies are feeling ok sending u hugs xxxx

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  • Thats a lot of news to take in all at once Tracex. I can understand you feeling that you have gone through chemo for nothing but your Onc seems to be saying something else. maybe try to hang on to that? Hugs to you xx

  • Hi when I finished my first line chemo I was told that I had spots of cancer in my chest, on my spline and around the King film of my organs, I was devastated, I was then put on 4 weekly Caelyx after my 3month check and yes my Ca125 was rising and ct scan showed it was active, I know how you feel right now and it can all be overwhelming can't it but I did get my positive vibe back and so hopefully you will to, it takes time to get your head round it all doesn't it. Take care xx

    Sending you a big hug and positive thoughts your way.



  • Hi. I know how you are feeling. I also finished carbo/gem last Nov for recurrence and it didn't really work for me either. Mass only shrunk by 1cm. It was a real blow because I went into it believing that it would work like the first time. Oncologist gave me a break over Christmas ready to start weekly taxol beginning of this month. It was very difficult to get my positivity back but I have to believe it will work this time, or what's the point? You have had a setback. You too will get your positivity back. I wish you luck and send you lots of hugs. 🌻🌻😘😘

  • I'm really sorry it wasn't better news for you. The other ladies have put it far better than I can, so I'm sending you a bit virtual hug (((hug))). xx

  • I'm so sorry to read this wish it had been better out come as chemo is such a battle to get through... enjoy your rest and come back fighting... sending hugs support and positive vibes 🤗

  • So sorry your results weren't as good as hoped for, keep strong try not to get too despondent and go forward with your fighting spirit and show this b@#%¥+d cancer who's boss. Sending you big hugs of positivity and lots of love ❤xx Jane

  • Like the others so sorry results not good but there are so many different combinations of treatment that can be tried and we all react differently to them. I am sure they will find right one so keep fighting, be positive as there are so many positive stories on this site. xx

  • Thanx to all you ladies for replying to me i am going to stay positive onwards and upwards cus ladies this monster aint going to beat us... just another question ive brought some tumeric capsules do any of you lovely ladies take these love and bigs hugs to you all xxxx

  • Hi Tracex I wouldnt think its all bleak, yes a recurrence is a huge blow but once you have a plan in place to get rid of the beasts hopefully it is enough to send them into oblivion for a long time, I found my first recurrence difficult for many reasons, mainly my gynae onc didnt listen to me or my gp, So it is good from that point of view to know where you are at. I was floored initially but I picked myself up and put on a better attitude and today I am stable. So there is hope

  • Hi Tracex, I'm sorry you've had this result from chemo. I went through 2nd line chemo last year from Feb to August. In Sept I was given results of my post chemo scan. Like you I felt disappointed with my results, I had 11 tumours going into treatment and was disappointed that at the end I still had 5. I had hoped for NED.

    I looked at the positives, I had good results with 6 tumours, the 5 that were left had reduced in size and my bloods had shown improvement. I have had a blood test since then and the blood test result has gone up. It is very difficult to try and move on but I have managed to do so, for the most.

    The chemo did keep your disease stable for the time you were on it so that is a positive. I've never had the gemcitibine so i don't really know much about it but I do know that prior to starting treatment last February I had lived on watch and wait for 18 months whilst my bloods kept rising, try your best to stay positive. Your Drs have a plan for you, that's another positive. Can you do something to distract yourself for a while, a hobby for instance? Please keep strong. Ann xx

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