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CT Scan


I had my CT scan 23rd December. I was fitted in for the scan I know it's been Christmas and that will delay results. But how long normally for results?

I'm not due back to gynaecologist but I am waiting for an op date for cysts out. I have been told he may have to take out the overy as well.

I have a pre op date next wk. I was told that if any thing showed up on the CT scan I be called into hospital.

So I just wondering how long does it take for the doctors to look at the scan results??

I just hate waiting...

Everything else so far has been quick from the first scan in Nov to where I am now. But still I think the not knowing is worse. I'm hoping the saying 'no new is good news' is correct in this case but as been Xmas the gyneacologist might not have even seen the results yet!

I keep telling myself to stop being silly it's just cysts and all be ok. But there's that voice in my head saying 'what if?'

I am back up the hospital on Friday next wk so I know if I don't hear I can ask then.

I not looking forward to an op I have had treatments with gynaecologist before but never surgery.

I'm the one in the family who gets things but not surgery. My family have surgery etc I'm the one in the family who normally waits anxiously with my Costa coffee in the waiting area or long corridors. I'm the one normally who darts around the hospitals waiting for others. It will be strange waiting to be the one going in and having anxious faces looking at me!

I really just want my CT results!!

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Hi TraceyC1,

In my experience it can take well over a week for results of scans and you have to factor Christmas and new year into the equation as well so hopefully you will get your results when you see your gynaecologist next week and you can always ask, they understand how anxious this time is for us.

We all have the 'what if' voice, try not to listen to it as what may be nothing could become something in your head, keep it quiet until you know what you're dealing with.

I know the waiting is rubbish but they will deal with it as soon as they can.

I don't know how old you are but do you still need the ovary? If not it could be best to get rid so there won't be any recurrence of cysts?

I hope you get good answers to your questions and that there's nothing to worry about. Take lots of care, sending big hugs of encouragement ❤xx Jane


Hi Jane

Thank you

I do have both overies I have had cysts before but never caused any problems. These ones sadly are causing me problems. Left overy being my main problem two cysts aparently. There not as large as some people's from what I read on here. In fact in comparison there small.

But the gyneacologist a softly spoken man said they had to come out. He only looked about 10 years old lol I must be getting old when I start seeing people as kids!

I'm soon to be 42.

42 tomorrow is my birthday I was supposed to have my pre op tomorrow. But I changed it as we off out some where a surprise my husband won't say where we all going. My daughter has tried to find out she's only 10. And keeps hugging me she lots one set of parents already and I trying to tell her mummy is ok. But she picks up on every thing such a smart 🍪 cookie. Bless her.

So I canx the pre op got to go now next wk now instead.

My husband says let's wait and see all will be ok. I just don't know that's the thing once I know I can then plan and cope in my head.

And I seem to b upsetting my mum she's grieving my grandad died. So I want to chat to my mum but can't and my sis been unwell. So I feel v alone my husband doesn't want to talk about it. And I have a few friends but who wants to keep listening to me woffle on about this?!

So thank you for replying to me. I want to know but don't want to know as well. I'm a very mixed bag of emotions at mo.

😐😩😀 these r my main faces lol x


Firstly, happy birthday for tomorrow, we Capricorns are strong ladies, it's my birthday today 😊🍷. So we celebrate and whatever is planned for you tomorrow enjoy it and embrace the fun.

If you want to message me away from this page you can via messages in my profile, I'm more than happy to listen, I know where you're coming from cos I've been there so understand.

Take care and enjoy tomorrow, big hugs ❤xx Jane xx

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Oh Happy Birthday 🎉 for today. X

I will raise a glass of red wine to us both xx

Thank you I new to this so I will try to send you a message or two lol 😂


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Hi TraceyC1,

It's rubbish, the waiting, isn't it? Have a look at the ovacome.org.uk website under 'resources' There are some good info sheets on there and a helpline number and email. It's completely normal to be all over the place, emotionally, and I can understand your family being worried. That's why it's good to come on here and say whatever you feel. No-one judges, everyone helps. It may be best to have both ovaries out. Talk to a helpline nurse or CNS to ask what they would advise if it was their sister going through this. Just wanted to wish you all the best.

Love Wendy xx

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Thank you Wendy.

One of my friends said "why not let them take the lot?"

I admit it's never worked properly lol but I don't know. It's diff I suppose if they said they have to come out rather than me saying take them.

I did ask few years back for them to take it all out. I got told by my GP I was depressed lol. I wasn't I was v angry 😡 as I couldn't conceive and felt it was very unfair so wanted them all out. & as periods have always been so heavy to me I wanted it all gone. It didn't happen according to my GP I was depressed!! What ever happened to being allowed to be angry ?! But the anger passed.

I suppose it ok to ask him to take them I think the only major worry then wil be the menapause. I heard it can start after surgery or perhaps I have that wrong.

I suffer or have suffered with hormone imbalances since age 22. So to get hot flushes etc before I need to from menapause is not some thing I keen on.

My moods now can be a challenge at times around and during menstral cycles. I find red wine really helps chill me out lol not on prescription though and GP is horrified I don't stick to one glass lol

But seriously if the take the overies then I will deal with it. It may be they only take the one. It be the left one I suppose. I will have to think about it.

I do think CT scan will show up my hernia I not been to the doctors. & I know it's a hernia I had it since birth and it causes me problems. I held off going round to GP for lots of reasons. Plus I have a painful lump in my stomach left side near my belly button. It's pea sized and hurts can only be felt when my stomach bloats right out at night. Bloated in day worse at night. Lump under skin my GP said it was probably a fatty tissue lump but didn't know why it hurt to touch. So I think perhaps that will show up on CT scan. If any thing to worry about I will know soon enough won't I?

Thing is now any little lump or bump I comvinced it's some thing bad.

Sorry I do ramble on once I get going.

Tracey xx


Glad you replied, Tracey. I was told I needed a hysterectomy at about age 40. I was still hoping we could have children - .we never did. I wished I had taken the surgeons advice then. I was diagnosed with OC at age 52. It may be a good idea to record all your symptoms on the symptom tracker on the Ovacome website. You can print them off to take to your appointment. The menopause after surgery wasn't as bad as I thought. Hot flushes can be managed but they often offer HRT to younger women. I had implants for 2 yrs after surgery and felt great. I'm sure they helped me to get over the surgery etc. They'll help your moods too. It's so wonderful not to have the flooded trousers deal too. Wearing white jeans in the summer is wonderful!! Get all the advice you can though. It will be worth your ringing the Ovacome helpline. The nurses there are so experienced, sympathetic and fab!

Let us know how you're doing


Wendy xx


Hi Wendy

I will ask on Friday about options

He did say if he saw any thing nasty he would remove it while I in.

We /I couldn't have kids. I managed to convince my hubby to adopt. So we skipped nappies for a fully grown kid age 5.5 with attitude. Now 10 yrs old. So life has been interesting.

I'm due on any day and my body not happy at all. My daughter playfully hit me on the bottom as kids do. But I have and keep having to remind her not to do it. As I not comfy down below the whack isn't met well on my body. But she doesn't understand that. & I have this strange drawing kinda of feeling when I stand up as well as usual menstral cycle discomfort when you know it's coming or looming lol.

I rarely wear white in the summer as fear of a flood. I wear jeans and the darker the colour the better!


I will ask more questions on Friday

And thank u xx


All the best for Friday. Your ten year old must bring you lots of pleasure....and some stress too, no doubt. I was a primary teacher for nearly 40 yrs, so I know the joys and the problems of children, even if not my own.

Hope things go well on Friday

Love W xx


Hi Wendy

Life can be stressful with my little missy for lots of reasons. She's had such a difficult start already. & now being v clingy to me.

I was told that all the fertility treatments I have had, has made me a high risk of overian cancer.

I've been in a strange mood today so now trying to perk up. We got plans next two days so should keep me busy.

It is hard being told at 40 u needed a hysterectomy. I can only imagine how that felt.

I've now decided on red wine and monster munch!!

Diet is out the window... I so bloated I wondering why I bothering to diet now any way!



You enjoy that red wine! 🍷😉

I know from seeing various families in school and lately from friends in our hospital support group, what a challenge adopting can be at times. Also, how lovely it can be in those special moments. Im sure you're doing a great job.

Love Wendy xx

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Hi Love,

No point me telling you not to worry,we have all been there and an hours wait is too long in my book!

It's difficult to say when you will get the results because of the holiday, but I would definately ask when you go to the hospital on Friday.

The only way I cope is to keep myself as busy as possible,treat yourself to things that make you happy,be with people that understand and love you.

Don't forget that you may be worrying needlessly and think of how you will look back on all of this if that is the case.

If you have a pre op next week then,go for that,it will be a breeze,at least you know you are having an op to solve the problem and the operation will be fine,I've had a radical hysterectomy and am here to tell the tale.

Just deal with one thing at a time,deep breaths and you will be fine,

Love and best wishes,

Carole xxx

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I think the only thing we do well when having a scan and waiting for results is worry, we are all brilliant worriers. I wish you well with the results, I know it is a pain waiting but unfortunately there were the Cmas breaks and New Year break so hopefully your appointment will go well,

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