Clear cell CT scan tomorrow post chemo

Hi all

Ive got my first post chemo CT scan tomorrow followed by an appt with the oncologist next week.I am feeling very positive and very well ( if a bit nervous) as my Ca125 was in the 30s after chemo round 5 so hoping its gone diwn even more after round 6. As my OC is clear cell is there anything specific that i should be asking the onc next week ? I did hear that clear cell does not show up very well on scans ........but that may be hearsay? If anyone has experience to share i would be greatful, thank you

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  • Cant help with info but wanted to wish you well with your scan....hope its a brilliant ourcome x

  • Hi, I can't help much either with any information but just wanted to wish you luck. Love Kerry xx

  • I cant help either, but I am sure someone will be able to. If you're not sure about anything, you can always ring Ruth on the Ovacome helpline. All the details are on . All the best with your scan :-)

    Love Wendy xx

  • I'm clear cell too. I haven't heard that about scans but it may be true. I seem to recall yours was caught at stage 1 so I'm assuming they're fairly confident that all the cancer was removed at surgery. That being the case the purpose of this CT scan is really to get a baseline. Should you have any further scans in the future they will be compared with this one to look for any changes.

    It will be 2 years come September since I had my surgery and I'm healthy and hope to remain so. Hopefully your story will be similar. All the best for your appointment.

    Linda xx

  • Hi Linda

    Thanks for your lovely message i am hoping that my journey will be the same as yours in terms if a good result and i really hope that the thing has been got rid of at the surgery stage. Its lovely to hear your success story ! Thanks again for your support and big hugs



  • Best of luck today xxx

  • Thankyou very much fir your replies and good luck wishes - really glad the day has arrived and heres hoping forva really good result ! Take care everyone and all the best



  • Hope all is good big hugs Amanda xxx

  • Hope all is good big hugs Amanda xxx

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