Fibroids,Ovarian Cancer??

Hi this is my first time here, I found this site as I have been trying to find out information on my symptoms.

I am 50 years of age.

Last year I had extreme pain in my stomache and could hardly pass a stool so my husband took me to emergency they did a blood test and gave me some buscopan and sent me home it didn't ease the pain. I went to see my doctor the following day she sent me for a CT scan that was in September the results said the uterus is normal in size with two left ovarian cysts with a diameter of 30mm, but the circumferential wall thickening involving the mid third of the sigmoid colon with inflammatory change and was sent for a colonoscopy. It was diagnosed as diverticulitis.

Since then I have been constantly bloated am having bouts of indigestion, I feel full soon after eating and my periods have become irregular I have had an ultrasound and it came up clear and I have had a CA125 test the first 2 came up 22 the other 19 so not high the doctor said.

My period has come approx every 2 weeks since December the blood sometimes is very dark and starts off light for a few days then its heavy for a couple days.

I have been having constant lower back pain since November. It is always there and when I sleep it seems to go down to my hips and there's also a constant mild cramp in my abdomen.

I finally have been referred to a Gynaecologist and am booked in to have a hysteroscopy, D&C, +/- polypectomy, cystoscopy .

That is 3 weeks away that is the quickest they can do it.

In the meantime I have all sorts of things going through my head and worried what the possible diagnosis could be.

Has anyone else gone through this? and what can I expect from this procedure? Has anyone else had similar symptoms and found out what caused it?

any information would be much appreciated.

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  • Hi, I'm sorry your having these problems. Its good that you've got a date for surgery. I'm not a doctor so will not try to tell you what's wrong, all I will say is what my own consultant said to me when I asked him if he thought I had cancer - I won't know until I open you up!

    Try not to get too worked up in the meantime. Be a glass half full girl as a south African work colleague said to me when I was waiting for my operation. I know its difficult to stop all these questions going around in your head but your not doing yourself any favours. I do hope your outcome will be good. Take care and don't forget to let us know how you get on. Ann xx

  • Really sorry to hear you are in this difficult place. Not knowing what is wrong is probably one of the scariest times. However, there is every chance you will have a good outcome so try and keep your mind from going down all the possible eventualities. Ask your doctor to clearly explain the procedures to you and what they will check for. If all is clear then great but if you are still getting symptoms ask them to keep you under monitoring and what other causes there could be for your symptoms, don't let them discharge you until you feel your problem has been properly diagnosed and treated.

    Wishing you best result and let us know how you are,

    Madeline xx

  • Diverticulitis does provide the symptoms you mention, ways to ease it are to avoid things with pips, like raspberries and tomatoes. I had it for some years, since my 20's and it showed on my histology when I had part of my bowel removed.

    A low CA125 and no other symptoms does sound to me like this is the case. The only way to be certain though is to have the cysts removed and a histology report


  • While I had to wait for my surgery for 5 weeks, I wrote down my concerns and took them with me to review with the drs. This help me feel like I was being some what proactive about my concerns and kept me focused on recovery and what was needed. Not to dampen things but be mentally prepared to have to possibly wait another couple of weeks for the histology report... No one prepared me for having to wait that long for the results... I would have family and friends calling daily wanting to know and I had nothing to tell them for 2 weeks.. that was harder to deal with than the actual recovery from surgery.

  • Loads of good advice from the ladies,can't add any more,just wish you all the best and try(difficult) not to worry,you sound like you are being taken care of,


    Carole xx

  • I want to thank you all so much for your replies and support. I will get back to you once I go through my procedure. fingers crossed :)

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