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Ovarian cancer diagnosis

After experiencing increasingly severe leg pain over quite a long period of time, combined with symptoms that until speaking with my G.P I hadn't really associated with ovarian cancer I was knocked sideways by being given a C125 blood test and referred to see a gyn. oncologist within 10 days - I go on this coming Monday.Have just had a call to say the blood tests were all negative, which is good news but I am now getting increasingly concerned after reading several blogs/website info etc. The leg pain is now so severe I'm literally unable to walk without severe pain - have been given Tramadol, Diazepan and co-codamol so feel like a zombie.I'm 56, not had a period for 7 years but over the last few months had occasional spotting and what felt like menstrual cramps.Also after going from being reknowed for my ability to drink countless cups of tea during my working day without having to constantly visit the loo am now experiencing bladder weakness.I was hoping that someone out there might be able to identify with how I'm feeling and wether this is common? My employers are very good, but I'm really concerned after reading so many instances of women suffering for months without any diagnosis being reached.I'd really appreciate if any one could advise what I should be asking the consultant too - thankyou.

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Hi Kaz . It is common for ovarian cancer to mimic the signs of other issues and be vague and this is usually why it is diagnosed late . It is good that you have a referral and that CA125 is normal . The issues you have maybe due to other things . I would be expecting that the specialist will wish to do a pelvic ultrasound scan and then take it from there . Sometimes it helps to jot down any questions on a note pad as they come to mind and take with you for your appointment .

Hope all goes well



Hi Kaz,

I can only echo what Ally just said... I wish you all the best love x G x :-)


Hi Kaz

Welcome to our little club , I'm pleased you found us but sorry that you need us.

The fact that your CA125 and other tests are normal is really good news and it is so good that you are seeing a specialist so soon. Anxiety makes our pain perception worse , so this may not be a sign of anything untoward.

The doctor you see will be well used to assessing patients and hopefully giving patients a diagnosis or a likely diagnosis. Gynae oncologists really know what they are doing , so I'm sure you will be in very good hands.

Try to stay as busy as you can between now and Monday , get some exercise and lots of treats ( at least daily) will help lots and lots.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Charlie xxx


Hi Kaz

Sorry you are going through this worry but you've come to the right place to get some support. If I were you I would ring the nurse helpline at Ovacome. The number is 0845 3710554. The nurse is always very practical, knowledgeable and reassuring. They have all experienced OC themselves so know what it feels like to go through the diagnosis procedure etc. it may, of course, not be OC, I hope so, but if it is it sounds as if you will be diagnosed early, which is good. It took me nearly three years to be diagnosed and treated and that was 10 years ago. I am still well.

Another thing that you may ask for is a Trans vaginal ultrasound, which is nothing to worry about and a good way of the radiologist being able to see what's happening internally. The Gynae specialist will probably examine your abdomen. If you have to have an exploratory op, I would also ask if there is a Gynae/oncology specialist that you can see. I know this all must sound really alarming, but it's best to be prepared.

Do let us know how things are going with you. I hope things go well with your appointment.

All the best,

Love, Wendy xx


Hi Kaz, why don't doctors recognise these things beforethey geet too bad!!! It's about time all ladies over 50 were scanned for OV as a matter of course. I don't reckon CA125's as being very accurate actually - mine wasn't!! You really need an internal ultrsound - that is the only way to see if youhave an ovarian cyst growing. Push the oncologist for what you want ok- and good luck for Monday!!


Sorry for the dredful typing mistakes everyone ...... having one of those days!!!!


Do feel free to give us a ring at Ovacome to discuss this further. The number is as above.

Best Wishes



Dear Kaz

I can't add more to the other lovely comments you've received above. I'm hoping all will be resolved next week and your worries will be over. It's a harrowing time so keep posting to us and we'll do our best to help. I think it's a good thing to jot down questions you want to ask but each of us is different. I felt better just taking one step at a time and absorbing the information slowly. To be honest I found the oncology nurses more informative and reassuring than the specialists.

Let us know how you're getting on as we'll be rooting for you next week. xxx Annie


Thanks so much to all of you for your helpful advice and support - can't tell you how much it's appreciated! I'll definately call the nurse before my appointment, and have decided to take up a friend's offer to come with me as I seem to suffer from a total inability to take in information when you confront me with anything medical - I've taken the few days until my appointment off as holiday so have been hobbling and pottering about at home - I'll let you know how it goes - and thanks again to all of you x


I have had a very small ovarian cyst diagnosed a few years ago. I (thankfully) have had no problems apart from "women`s problems - leaking on coughing/cold weather etc). I also have the Mirena coil fitted (due to be replaced this year-on advice from local gp/nurse) and again, no problems. But I do now have a breast lump - found only on Friday, and quite painful! Needless to say, Monday morning I shall endeavour to see my gp. Can stress be related to this painful problem - I have had more than my fair share of that of late!


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