im convinced i have ovarian cancer

Hi, I am 40 years old and have been suffering for quite some time with ovarian cancer symptoms,really bad ovary pain all the time, constant constipation for about the past 4-6 months,irregular bleeding which ive had for so long its just normal to me now. tired all the time, backache, losing weight except for around my stomach which is always big and round,needing a wee all the time, and i mean constantly,so bad its ruining my every day life, had 2 rounds of antibiotics for water infection that hasnt improved at all but water sample came back today dont know why im still constantly dying for a wee. had an urgent referral to gyneacologist whos booked me for a scan which is in 3 weeks and also put me on the mini pill, he said it would either make my symptoms better or make them worse but theyre just the same.had CA125 done on monday and results came back normal, when i asked doctors receptionist what number the CA125 was she said 15, so im thinking well thats good as its not over 35. but im still not convinced as i have so many symptoms, im sick of being in pain all the time and constant needing to run the loo for a wee, 15 mins later im back desperate for a wee, its affecting my sleep and my work coz the toilet is my best friend and the constipation is driving me round the bend.

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  • Babycakes- its very good that your are having a comprehensive check. Good sign your CA125 is low. Scans will reveal a lot more clarity for the doctors. It is possible you have a cyst or mass that is not cancerous causing the same symptoms. Be diligent as you are until you have very clear findings. But also know you are just as likely to NOT have cancer. Is it possible you are pregnant? There really can be a wide spectrum of reasons for your symptoms. We are with you no matter what you find out!

    🌸🌺🌼 anne

  • Thank you, I am hoping it could be just a cyst of some sort, im definately not pregnant as i was sterilised 8 years ago, and sex life is non existent really as too painful to even go there. just got to wait now and see what my scan reveals, hopefully nothing too serious.

  • Hang in there babycakes, hopefully your symptoms are not oc and is just another woman's issue. Good you have the gynae appointment bookec, try not too worry and know that we are all here no matter what the results are. Hoping for great news in 3 weeks, take care and be strong. xx

  • Thankyou Perthgirl, fingers crossed its nothing too serious and as you say hopefully just another womans issue.

  • Ultrasound scan is important and will give more detail. It's hard waiting however you are on the right track for tests.

    Don't let this be brushed aside.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • Thank you for your reply clare, I just want to get to the bottom of whats going on, I got the impression the gyneacologist was dismissing what i was saying to him he was just saying irregular bleeding and i was saying youre not listening to me, i was trying to explain to him that the irregular bleeding is not my main concern as ive had that for years, its all the other new symptoms ive been having for the past 4-6 months. but he was very arrogant and kept cutting me off and talking over me, i felt he was reluctant to even give me a scan and also didnt even examine me. so i went back to my doctor the following week and she ordered the CA125 test plus other blood tests. the waiting for the scan is hard and this will be the longest 3 weeks ever but at least im getting somewhere, even if it is slowly. i just hope they can see something as ive heard some peoples scans came back okay and it turned out they did have oc and it was missed. I know im scaring myself silly as i think all these symptoms i have is so not normal for me and all point to oc.

  • May be worth writing a letter about your experience via PALS to the hospital. It's just not good enough when we are not listened to and talked over . I had that with one of my oncologists so letter sent and apology received. Other ladies may not have felt in a position to write but we need to be heard and taken seriously . Glad you went back to your doctor,


  • Baby cakes, Have you had a colonoscopy?

  • No hun havent had a colonoscopy.x

  • Camera inside your intestines, right up left side across tummy and down right hand side. Probably better to do a quick Google search.

    I had a sigmoidoscopy in Jan which is camera in, up left hand side of intestines and then the lovely consultant continued right across - did more, nearly the whole colonoscopy! That procedure shows any issues in your intestines etc and is fascinating to see on the tv screen! You get gas/air pain relief.

    Mine was clear but showed I now have very twisted intestines after surgery - consultant said "Blame your surgeon"!!

    That told me that whatever was going on at that time was NOT IBS or colitis or diverticulitis etc. I was not going to accept being told I had one of those without proof.


  • I get very angry when I hear that doctors are dismissive esp gynaecologists.

    Fortunately for me my doctor listened to me and I was treated within 4 weeks.

    Hopefully the new guidelines out will change their attitudes.

    Take care and I hope all goes well for you x

  • do you have someone with you when you go for appointments? It is useful so you can concentrate on what you want to say while they note down details. If you don't have a partner who can do it you can take a family member or a friend.

  • Ive been on my own for last 2 appointments but ill take my mum with me next time.x

  • Take someone with you to your appointments and you can always ask for a second opinion. Are you taking anything for your constipation? Ask your GP for some movicol.

    There are lots of less serious and easily treatable conditions that have the same symptoms as ovarian cancer. You say you have irregular bleeding and you have had it for a while but have you ever had it properly investigated? This can be a symptom of an underlying gynaecological issue such as a problem with your cervix etc

  • I have been taking senna for the constipation and the irregular bleeding really all started about 8 years ago when i was sterilised after having my last child but it hasnt ever really been investigated, ive had smear tests over the years that came back clear. but a doctor years ago said it could be a symptom of being sterilised and would prob go away on its own but it never has. I bleed after sex aswell which is also too painful so i just dont have a sexlife at all now, which suits me fine ( sorry for the tmi).x

  • That needs investigating then as it could be many things. Pain during sex and bleeding after could be a sign of infection. I wouldn't recommend senna it cause the bowel to contract and this can cause more pain. I would recommend movicol or lactulose

  • yes i agree i dont really like taking senna, ill try movicol or lactulose instead just scared as i work in a shop so dont want to end up having any embarrassing accidents, prob best wait until i have a day off, thanks.x

  • I would just work on getting all the tests I need to rule out certain diagnoses. Your ca125 sounds good though. So you should look at the positives here. But I would definitely have it checked out. There are so many things it could be and may not be a cancer diagnosis per se. In my case I did have cancer but it did not spread. Similar symptoms as you but my tumor was pressing on my ureter going up to my kidney connected to my bladder. This is what was causing me to urinate a whole lot. Practically around the clock. But keep us posted. You may be just fine after you have tests. The thing that helped me greatly was to get an overall abdominal scan then they can rule out the big things.

    God Bless

  • thank you, I am pleased the CA125 looked positive but its just so hard not to worry with all whats going on and what youre saying about the urinating constantly thats exactly the way mine is and i mean constantly, ive just finished another course of antibiotics strong ones aswell and my symptoms are still the same plus water sample came back satisfactory so just dont know what is causing this needing to urinate so urgently and so often, its driving me mad.x

  • Hi luv,

    The CA 125 isn't accurate for everyone.

    I would Definately take your mum next appointment with a diary of symptoms and questions you need to ask.

    Don't be fobbed off purely because it needs to have be gotten to the bottom of as you still feel unwell,

    Wish you all the best,

    Carole xx

  • My CA125 was not raIsed above normal and was stage 2. It was only picked up on the Transvaginal ultrasound. So pleased you having that too

    Good luck

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