Can ovarian cancer be missed on an ultrasound scan??

I have been having strange symptoms for four months first I had very bad cystitis, then my periods started being very heavy and lasting sometimes for 13 days then they were coming every 2 weeks, I am also either constipated or have loose bowels with cramps and an ache in my side and back which does not go away and has gradually got worse. My doctor sent me for a colonoscopy which was fine, they think I may have irritable bowel but this pain wouldn't go. I was sent for a scan which showed fibroids, my doctor said they were small and needed no further treatment. But I still went back to GP as my periods are still heavy and the pain is still there even when I have sex my ovary area really hurts. My mum died from a Ovarian cancer, I did mention this to my GP but he says my scan was fine, but they couldn't even visualise my right ovary. He has referred me to a gynacologist but only because I think he was fed up of me going back to him!!

Am I going mad??

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  • Hi!

    You're not going mad! Maybe it will put your mind at rest a bit if you check out the Ovacome site,

    On there, under resources, there are numerous fact sheets and details of a support line and email. These are staffed by qualified staff, who are nurses. There is also a symptom tracker, under BEAT ovarian cancer with Ovacome, where you can record symptoms and it may give you a clearer idea what is going on. You can record and print out results to take to your Gynae appointment. There is a lot of info on there. I hope it will help you.

    All the best,

    Love Wendy xx

  • Hi Wendy thank you I will xx

  • You are not going mad. The gynaecologist will understand your fears and hopefully be able to show you that all is OK. If not, I very much hope that you have caught the dreaded lergy (my term for cancer) is at an early stage, when it can be treated and cured easily. It might be worthwhile to ask about testing for the BRCA 1 & 2 gene mutations. Best wishes, Vxxx

  • Hi Thank you for your reply, I am seeing Gynocologist next Monday so hopefully my mind will finally be put at rest. Thank you x

  • I completely understand your anxiety and worries. I also lost my Mum to ovarian cancer and since then, every little twinge or tummy ache makes my mind work overtime. My ovaries failed ten years ago and I am just about to have them removed. Peace of mind is worth so much. Your doctor will understand your fears and will help to put your mind at rest and if he is worth his salts, he shouldnt mind investigating further for you. Best wishes. xx

  • I really hope so because I have not had a good night sleep in ages, every night I wake up early hours because of the pain. I have now had 13 day period and when I am able to have sex with my husband it hurts so much in my ovary area. I really want a magic wand to take it all away xxx it is getting me down now xx

  • Hi I saw my gynocologist yesterday and he is adamant that I have IBS so even though it's not great news it's not OC so I am relieved, he is going to follow up on my vaginal bleeding and take a biopsy from my uterus as well as fitting the merina coil.


  • Pleased you had such good news today , presumable your ca 125 is normal too. Good luck with the biopsy and mirena coil - they often work miracles ! Xx

  • Hi I forgot to mention I had the CA125 blood test today, my consultant wasn't going to bother with it but I mentioned that as my right ovary was not seen on scan I wanted my mind to be put at rest so he agreed! I still feel the IBS diagnosis is a bit strange as I have a constant ache in my lower side and back not cramping .... I do get IBS from time to time but this pain is different, however he is the doctor :-))

  • Thank you Millie for your reply. I did feel my doctor thought I was wasting his time and I was close to tears driving home but you are right I know my body and I know something isn't right xxx

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