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Hi I have just joined because my mum died from ovarian cancer!

I am now worried because I have been having strange symptoms for the last 4 months, it started with cystitis, heavy periods every 2 weeks, sometimes lasting 12 days or longer, an ache in my back and left side which has got worse over time, I wake in the early hours with it. I am also exhausted. My doctor sent me for a colonoscopy because I was having diareah or being constipated but that was fine. I then had ultrasound scan, my right ovary couldn't be seen and I had a fibroid which was small so the doctor isn't concerned. However this pain and my periods are getting me down, I have pain in my ovary area and when I have sex they hurt! My mum died of ovarian cancer, I told my doctor and she has finally referred me to a gynocologist ...... I'm feeling lonely and worried.

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Hi there...and welcome. It might be a good idea to go back to this post and resubmit it so it's only visible here since you have some personal information you may not want to show to anyone outside of this community. I was very sorry that you lost your mother from Ovarian. If you only have one close relative who had the disease, you only have a slightly increased risk from having it too. Some people have the BRAC1/2 gene, but it's not the usual thing to have this and although it's likely that for other people there may be another type of a genetic link, these links are within the statistics already. It's easy for me to say don't worry. It's hard not to, I know. First of all, I'd go to the symptom checker on the Ovacome site. You put in your symptoms, and you can get a print out of the results. A good thing might be to take those results to your GP and ask what he/she thinks. Also, if you're still worried after speaking to your GP, if I were in your position, I'd call Ruth at Ovacome on 0845 371 0554. Well, take good care. Love Tina x x


I actually misread your post .. And I can see you're already referred .. That's a move forward x x


I understand how you feel. However, you've done the right thing. I hope your fears are groundless, but welcome to our community. Best wishes, Vxxx


Of course you are feeling lonely and worried, but it seems that you are getting the investigations you need. If it helps; your symptoms ring no bells with me in terms of ovarian cancer - I had no symptoms despite advanced disease. Have you had your ca125 checked (quick blood test and cheap)?

It might help a great deal to talk to a Counsellor too, as your Mother's death and it's expression in how you feel is likely to be making all this much harder for you.

Very best wishes,



Hi, so sorry to hear that your mother died from ovarian cancer and to hear of your symptoms. You are doing the right thing to get them checked out by a specialist. Hopefully all is well and your symptoms are down to something else but whatever is going on still requires investigation.

I have the BRCA 1 mutation which I inherited from my mother and grandmother. It is not common - 10-15% of ovarian cancer is due to the hereditary BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic faults - but it may be worth investigating.

Sending you very best wishes



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