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I've had the big op, six cycles of Carbo and Taxol, and am on Avastin. I say my onc today to get scan results. I expected to be told either 1) NED or 2) it has spread all over, go away and don't bother us any more. However, it managed to be between these poles. She is 'happy' with my scan, and can't see any evidence of cancer, but there is a small shadow on one of my lungs, she has no idea why. Don't worry, she says, we;ll do another scan in three months. I expected to feel elated, but no such luck!

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  • I sooooo know that feeling I had mark on my liver .... it was there before looks benign so why would I tell you about it .... well because it's my liver ???? Sometimes I just despair 😩.... Sounds positive for you tho keep your chin up 🤗🤗

  • Hi Rachael

    I also have two nodules on my lung which have not done anything since I finished chemo a year ago. Apparently people carry these things around all the time without knowing! Enjoy your time now you have finished...the good feeling will creep up on you xx

  • Not exactly the result you were looking for I know Hun but try and take the positives if you can xx

  • Not the NED result you wanted but then again not the bad one either so surely that's really positive? They will monitor you and another CT in three months shows they are taking care and she said not to worry so do try not to worry. Take lots of care ❤xx Jane

  • I think the past few months have been so stressful that it will take a few days to get my head round being mostly OK. The lung thing is the only downside, otherwise NED apparently.

  • Hi

    All of my scans showed little shadows on my lungs but my onc thought it was just old damage: I suffered from severe bronchitis as a child so it seemed to fit. Not had any problems to date, so that is about five years down the line.

    Try not to worry


    Anne xx

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